In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Elder’s Moon, 1117


    • A graveyard a few towns over was ransacked.  Bodies were dug up and remains were strewn about.  The oddest part though?  When they gathered the remains back together, all of the skulls seemed to be missing.
    • Scarlet Scarves have been seen leading expeditions into the Whispering Woods in the direction of what is believed to be the source of the infernal attacks.
    • Two more Agorians were found hanging in the woods outside of the Oake’s Farmstead.  The Oakes are not suspected of being involved.
    • There will not be a New Calendale Chronicle printed for the Elder’s Moon due to a series of unfortunate accidents culminating in the main printing center of the New Calendale Chronicle burning down.  Mary Beth Charity has been seen apologizing to the owner of the building, Lorton Ranite.
    • King Leopold is considering cancelling The Tournament of the Two Rulers, which is supposed to take place during The Solstice Moon.
    • The investigators into those responsible for the murder of the late Baron Orsiv Istivan have recently unearthed important and potentially damning information.
    • A noble from Vondara has reportedly bought the late Baron Istivan’s land from his remaining heirs.
    • Lonnie Lester has been tasked with tracking down the Red-haired pirate captain of The Wife’s Fury.
    • Several townsfolk claim to have been attacked by a large brown-furred creature as they walked along the roads.
    • Local Romani suspected in string of thefts.  It is believed that there is a Kelonian with red fur leading this group.
    • The Collective of Krev is in final talks with King Leopold to begin operating in an official capacity managing legitimate bounties and the hunters thereof.
    • A traveller, who had arrived from the northwest, claimed to have been saved from orcs by a large creature made of some sort of metal.



Rumors for the Laughing Moon, 1117


    • Former inquisitors have begun disappearing.  Some believe they are planning another attempt at takeover, others believe they are being killed in retaliation by those who lost loved ones to the Inquisition.
    • The Wife’s Fury was seen once again off the coast of Dunford Bay, freshly repaired after the damage she took during the conflict with the former inquisition.
    • Followers of Erathal have been growing in number.  As word of his legitimacy spreads, a group of monks appear to be among his most devout followers.
    • Mary Beth Charity has been seen joining the cause of those defending Kobolds but was quickly expelled after she accidentally fed one chocolate, killing it. (And simultaneously discovering that some Kobolds are violently allergic to chocolate.)
    • Agorian body found hung in town square with a parchment pinned to his shirt bearing a symbol of a dead lizard missing its tail.
    • King Leopold reportedly furious that Erathal’s legitimacy was confirmed.  Anyone among his staff who begins to follow him is being immediately dismissed from their duties.
    • Some local Mages’ Guilds have been hiring local groups to assist in the defense against mysterious blind creatures that have unparalleled control over magic.
    • Lonnie Lester, recipient of a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms, recently saved two children from a house fire that claimed the lives of their parents.  Lonnie has agreed to take the children under his care and intends to raise them as his own.
    • There has been much going on in the estate of recently deceased Baron Orsiv Istivan. Many members of the local carpentry guilds have been seen working on the estate.
    • Magistrate from next town over offering reward for vandals that drew untoward things about him in paint on the side of his home. (Apparently, the subject matter was about the size of his arse!  Frankly, I’m surprised they got it all on one side!)
    • New Calendale will be host to Solinarian Senator in preparation for the Tournament of the Two Rulers which will take place this summer.
    • The Dwarves of Khazram Modam have recently forged a treaty with the Orcs ending their long disputes and paving a new era of peace.
    • Day of Wishes respected as a single day of peace between the Dark and Light Fae as the respective soldiers of each group met together to take part in brief festivities.  Hostilities resumed at midnight.
    • There have been several mysterious, but savage, murders committed within the barony of Dunford Bay. One woman who claims to have escaped from one of the murder scenes says that a man wearing a sack over his head committed the crime.
    • During a recent mining expedition, a large set of tunnels and caverns were unearthed.  The mining group in charge of the expedition is rumored to be looking for the assistance of several groups in clearing them of any hazards.
    • The Storm up north has finally calmed. Some claim to see the outline of towers where the storm once raged.  The skirmishes have not shown any sign of letting up.


Rumors for the Love Moon, 1117


    • Still much contention between the Church of Leondarr and Church of Jeredith after attempted overthrow led by the now condemned Jeredithian Inquisition.
    • Twin Kingdoms predicts new era of economic growth as King Leopold passes new laws to make it easier to establish guilds.
    • With the thawing moon approaching, there has been a noticeable increase in the presence of Fae Skirmishes as their conflict continues to take place within the Twin Kingdoms.
    • Mary Beth Charity slipped on a patch of ice and fell down a flight of stairs in front of the local marketplace.  During her fall, she managed to knock into a scholar transporting a beautiful ceramic figurine said to be crafted from before the unification.  The scholar dropped the satchel carrying the figurine and it was destroyed beyond all repair.  Mary Beth was unharmed.
    • Local guard still searching for the person who committed those horrible murders at a local homestead.  Did you hear they found those bodies headless?
    • There have been sightings of men and women preaching the faith of Erathal to all those who will listen within the city walls of Vondara and nearby towns.  Despite some opposition from the nearby populace, they don’t seem to carry weapons.
    • The King hasn’t been seen in public since he was attacked.  I know someone who’s a cousin to one of his attendants.  They said he’s completely crippled.  He can’t even walk!  Not even the best of the Attalians can do anything.
    • Lonnie Lester returns to New Calendale a hero after being presumed dead.  After his commanding officer was killed and his fellow soldiers routed, Lonnie stumbled across a group of green militamen  (some barely 15 years old).  He quickly took charge of them and lead them to defend a hideout housing 50 women and children from an attack by the Jeredithian Inquisition. Lonnie’s quick thinking and bravery saved all of their lives.  Lonnie is to receive a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms in recognition for his heroism.
    • Prized trading vessel of the Twin Kingdoms, The Avalon, has completed a record setting journey to the Island of Ippon, completing the journey in only seven weeks time.
    • Incidents of odd vandalism have been occurring lately.  Chair legs are being rigged to fall apart with any weight upon them, oil is being left upon floors for people to slip upon.  There have even been incidents where annoying, but ultimately non-fatal, traps have been set in individuals’ houses.
    • Former Archduke found dead after the palace was retaken from the forces of the Inquisition.  New Archduke rumored to be named soon.
    • Duncaster’s reconstruction begins after being cleared of goblinoid infestation.  After a small amount of conflict over area rights, Twin Kingdoms soldiers have begun assisting in the reconstruction.
    • The Church of Viralee has closed its doors on scholars constantly asking for any inquiry on this new god, Erathal.  The High Librarian, Denel Alora, has issued a formal statement declaring that the church’s stance on this being shall be made as soon as the situation comes further into focus.
    • Oddly enough, similar to the situation with Sigmund nearly a decade ago, there have been no orders from the nobility to attack or harm these scattered individuals who claim to worship Erathal.
    • Several Agorian shopkeepers and other business owners have had their homes broken into several times over the past few moons.  In nearly all cases, they were robbed and vandalized, but nobody was injured.
    • The Lawbound, from The Krev Collective, apprehended a fugitive from their country who had escaped to the New Calendale area.  They have also been instrumental in assisting the local nobility in apprehending other fugitives from the law.  It is believed they will soon be in talks with the king himself about expanding operations in the country.


Rumors for the Spirit Moon, 1116


    • Local Mage found dead inside of his home.  No objects seemed to have been stolen, but there was evidence of a break in and fight.
    • Farmers attempting to rebuild in wake of Inquisition attack.  Not all of the farms were destroyed, as the brunt of the attack seems to have been focused near certain town centers such as The Scroll and Dragon.
    • Solinarian navy ships seen battling ships under Inquisition control in Dunford Bay.  The Wife’s Fury was seen on fire.
    • Mary Beth Charity wore a stark white dress to Eva Jo’s wedding.  Eva Jo was furious at Mary Beth all evening.
    • Several noble families have been missing since last Moon.  It is believed they were eliminated as many of their estates in Vondara have been seen burning.  These nobles were believed to have shown fealty to Leopold.
    • As Leopold and his troops have been making their way to the capital, many nobles have been rallying behind him forming the Army of the True Crown to combat the Usurper Dalton.
    • More and more of the destitute have been seen screaming about the coming end of days.  The church of Sindar and Attalia have been taking these people in, trying to treat them and get them back on their feet.
    • It is believed that as Leopold advances, the Usurper Dalton has murdered Prince Regus as he has not been seen in public since the coronation ceremony.
    • Agorians carry a terrible disease called scale-plague.  Prolonged, close exposure can sicken you greatly.
    • Despite all that is going on in the western side of the Twin Kingdoms, Larigmoore has seen an unbelievable transformation as the reconstruction efforts have continued.
    • The sounds of fighting have been echoing through the Whispering Woods, accompanied by strange bursts of light.  It is believed the Fae have stepped up their conflict to a frenzied point.
    • Lonnie Lester missing, presumed dead after battle with inquisitorial forces.  He was last seen bravely rescuing several of his fellow soldiers.  He will be missed.
    • The Church of Razabaoth has been looking to hire a local carpenters guild to begin construction of their new Church in Duncaster.
    • The Dwarves of Karak Kazad have been celebrating a huge triumphant victory as they have unearthed a large section of the mountains long lost to them after the Tragedy of Clan Darkhammer.
    • There has been a strange sighting of several large silver beings seen gathering materials in the forest up north.
    • Sindaran cleric accidentally shot with arrow while trying to defend Kobold from angry mob.  He is not expected to live through the night.


Rumors for the Harvest Moon, 1116


    • King Leopold turned himself in a few weeks ago, it’s only a matter of time before the inquisition drops the hammer on this forsaken place.
    • King Leopold has been gathering forces in an underground tunnel, preparing to catch the Inquisition forces from behind.
    • Families grieve upon hearing news of loved ones killed in Inquisitorial prison.
    • Three Cows were stolen last Fiveday’s night from Ludwig’s farm.
    • The Inquisition has been paying off some Sea Elves to maintain their blockade even beneath the waves.
    • If you know the right people, you could pay someone to smuggle you out of this blockade.
    • Inquisition preparing secret weapon to wipe New Calendale off of the map.
    • Mary Beth Charity accidentally squashes Edmund Tavalier’s prize pumpkin when cutting through his property instead of taking the long way around it.  This will be the first time in 20 years the Tavalier family may not win the largest Pumpkin contest at this years’ harvest festival.
    • Both Inquisitorial and Leopold controlled forced are giving wide berths to any Fae (light or dark) they come across in the woods, neither side wants direct involvement in their conflict.
    • Forces from outside of the port blockade have been reported as attacking Inquisition-backed ships.  Wife’s Fury sighted amongst them.
    • Unusual amounts of wraith activity are being reported near the edge of the blockade.
    • Lonnie Lester seen wearing town guard uniform, looking completely cleaned up.  He is sad his wife is gone, but he feels he’s doing himself and the community a service by serving under the one true king.
    • King Regent Charles Dalton seen near the perimeter of the New Calendale blockade.  Rumor has it if there’s going to be a direct assault, Dalton will be at the head of the charge.
    • Local Youngster Timothy Horton has been going around town looking for his misplaced wooden sword with initials carved into it, he has been offering a reward if found.
    • Crazed man arrested near docks claiming to be a prophet.  He kept repeating things like “All things must die.” over and over again, forgoing even the most basic forms of taking care of himself.
    • Agorians have been known to infiltrate local communities by first stealing the women of men of influence, or at the very least destroying their relationships with them.  After that, they worm their way into local government in order to take it down from the inside.

Rumors for the Shield Moon, 1116


    • Former King Leopold’s crimes know no bounds.  It is believed that he murdered several others during his reign.
    • Terrible sickness in Larigmoore finally under control. With reconstruction efforts finishing Larigmoore will be completely restored.
    • A seafaring explorer claims to have found the shipwreck of the famous lost ship known as “The Shining Star”
    • A disturbed woman with bone white hair was stalking about the woods muttering “Madosa.”
    • Agoria closes its borders to ALL outsiders. Many believe they are preparing for an attack.
    • Mysterious Island said to have appeared South of Rythos.
    • Barbarian Tribes have begun attacking Romani camped outside The Elemental Maelstrom. The Tribesman claim that the storm has wiped out several tribes and the Romani have been fueling the storm.
    • Lonnie Lester reportedly giving up drinking after latest bender involving a horse. Seeking means of getting his life back together.
    • Strange problems have been occurring with portals. Portals have been taking mages to wrong locations and some have entered them to never return.
    • Marquis Fontaine has been seen personally paying his respects to widowed family members after massacre of stationed guards at Ravenwing Prison.
    • Several groups travelling through the woods have claimed to have been attacked by werewolves. Surviving clerics claim to be unable to perform their prayers.
    • Mary Beth Charity banned from Dowinger’s Dress Boutique after smoke seen rising from the shop, the store will be closed for the next few months while they replace their entire inventory after the fire.
    • Despite a brutal conflict thus far, all factions of the Fae have mysteriously gone silent.
    • The Dwarves of the Dragon Spine Mountains have recently agreed to terms of peace with the Hiveborn of the Dragon Spine Mountains. They have ceased fighting over territory and have formed a trade agreement between the two races.
    • Despite Peace agreements recently some dwarven expeditions have gone missing. Investigations have yielded no results at this time.
    • Mysterious crimson haired woman seen at the helm of the ship, “The Wife’s Fury” leading daring raids against merchant ships and shore towns. A reward is offered for her capture.


Rumors for the Blood Moon, 1116


    • Commoner from New Calendale area spreading seditious rumors about the Jeredithian Inquisition. Supposedly, they’ve captured him and an accomplice, and are planning to sunder their souls.
    • Chronicle Offices destroyed by blue-eyed wraith. It seemed to be looking for something. Offices to be repaired and rebuilt within the coming moon.
    • Farmer Lawrence insisted that an actual Troll came to his defense when he was attacked by a bear. His wife still isn’t sold on it.
    • Mary Beth Charity seen being dragged away from Baron Ravenholm’s manor, insisting that she had every right to be there. What could that mean?
    • Agoria recalls its delegation to The Twin Kingdoms in light of the new, lesser sanctions on legal Necromancy.
    • Official within the Razabaothian church given leave to assist in the retaking of Duncaster from large Goblinoid force.
    • Infernals have been sighted in the Whispering Woods, gathering in a certain area.
    • Famous stage troupe, “The Jingling Jesters” had a performance people will be talking about for years at the coronation of King Dalton.
    • Everlorn Taverns to grace local mages with his presence in the coming days.
    • King Dalton taking initiative in assisting with the rebuilding of Larigmoore, and the recovery of The Twin Kingdom’s Mercantile Strength by lending various merchanting caravans Twin Kingdoms Guardman free of charge in order to ensure their safe travel.
    • Elemental Creatures, the likes of which have never been seen before, have been sighted all around the perimeter of what Scholars have begun to call, The Elemental Maelstrom.
    • Local drunkard Lonnie Lester arrested for trespassing on Brandley Dawson’s farm after guards discovered him on his knees, drunk, begging a horse that he thought was his wife to come back to him.
    • Strange metallic creature saved a merchant from a pack of hostile gnolls on a road near Dunkalter. The man tried to repay the creature, but it said, “This one is glad to help.” and marched off into the woods. The man said the creature’s smile was terrifying.
    • Jeredithian Inquisition to name new Lord Marshal soon.
    • Delegation of Lawbound from The Collective of Krev meeting with King Dalton within the next few days.
    • Several Local Clerics of Sindar have taken interest in a recent outcry to protect Kobolds from being killed.


Rumors for the Elder’s Moon, 1116 – (May 20th Event)


  • Jeredithian Inquisition investigating local officials of New Calendale for abuse of power and possible corruption.
  • Farmers seeking aid from Nobility after fields razed by strange fire spewing insects.
  • Feared pirate ship The Plunderers Bounty  seen sighted near coast of Dunford Bay.
  • Mary Beth Charity while walking the local market knocked into a cabbage cart sending it careening downhill crashing into statue of local hero, Barristan von Astrea.  The statue was destroyed beyond repair.
  • Church of Razabaoth is in negotiations with the Twin Kingdoms to erect first church of Razabaoth on this side of the World.
  • Ipponese emissary ship reportedly several days out from Dunford Bay Harbor.
  • Agoria reportedly furious with the Twin Kingdoms while Sekhem applauds the Twin Kingdoms on its positive use of undead. Tensions are high.  It is rumored that delegates from both countries are said to be visiting The Twin Kingdoms soon.
  • Ship found floating crewless. The ship bore signs of a boarding party fighting, but curiously only foodstuffs were found to be missing from the ship’s hold.
  • So called “Dwarven” master weaponsmith Tharidin Embersbeard has been arrested for selling fake mithril sword to Dunford Bay militia quartermaster.
  • Many locals of Dunford Bay complaining about horrible recurring nightmares asking for aid from Church of Arrawiel.
  • There has been a large increase in infernal presence within the Twin Kingdoms. The threat has caused them to move up new Scarlet Scarf Exams to the Blood Moon of 1116.
  • The Larigmoore recovery process is steadily improving thanks to Twin Kingdoms Forces and a company from New Calendale.
  • Powerful explosion rocked the Mages’ district in Vondara, leveling a small building. Thankfully, the building was nearly empty at the time, and only a few were injured.  Journeyman Mage and Alchemist Aberfark Lazbark was found to be responsible for the failed experiment that caused the explosion.
  • Jewelry Store owner Crestin Dellinger reports that his store was attacked one night as he was closing up shop by a wraith.  The Wraith reportedly tore apart his store and stole a few rings before disappearing.
  • Several Mages, displeased with the current leadership of the guild, have petitioned for an audience with King Leopold to discuss the potential formation of a secondary Mages’ Guild.  They are of the belief that if many merchant trading companies can exist, why not many Mages’ Guilds as well?
  • A strange howling has been heard in the woods at night.  All who have heard it insist it does not sound like Gnolls.  Some animals have been found torn apart.
  • Everlorn Tavers made appearance at Emperio’s Tomes and Scrolls in Vondara, signing copies of his newest Limited Edition auto-biography titled, “Born Great, The Everlorn Tavers Story.”

Rumors for the Elder’s Moon, 1116

If your character ended last game in Larigmoore, they may have heard the Larigmoore rumors (but should not have heard the New Calendale rumors.)

If your character ended last game in New Calendale or was NOT present at last game (and therefore, ended in New Calendale), they may have heard the New Calendale Rumors. (And should not have heard the Larigmoore Rumors)

Larigmoore Rumors

  • Some soldiers have been overheard voicing concerns that the Licensed Necromancer currently in control of the undead is simply using the Twin Kingdoms military to wipe out any rivals to his power before he turns on the populace. Some are even going so far as to say that he used enchantment magic to enthrall the Twin Kingdoms official that gave him permission to control them in the first place.
  • Some believe that there are spies working for the necromancers among those gathering for the upcoming assault against the center of the city, and that the entire thing will be one elaborate trap.
  • Some soldiers have simply been disappearing in the night. It is unclear whether or not these are deserters or if something worse is at work.
  • Some are supposedly making a killing (in coin) as a result of all of this conflict in Larigmoore. What if they’ve been causing conflicts like these in order to benefit?
  • The efforts of those assisting in Larigmoore have not gone unnoticed, and those efforts are going to make the reconstruction as a whole much smoother once the undead menace has been eradicated.
  • An official from the mages’ guild supposedly confirmed that the Necromancer at the center of this may be a remnant from Mahotuk’s army.

New Calendale Rumors

  • The Elemental Storm in the north seems to have stopped growing in size, though none save for the Romani have been approaching it closely.
  • Local dockmaster killed by strange creatures that came from the sea. (Though it was emphasized that they were NOT Sea Elves.)
  • The Jeredithian Inquisition recently took command of a small guard outpost nearby New Calendale, declaring it to be a new Field Outpost for the organization.
  • Jebediah to be hanged for the murder of his wife and her lover Hugo.
  • Strange metal creature seen walking through the woods northeast of New Calendale. It fled when approached, and seemed to be heading north.
  • Emerald Scarf Exams reportedly cancelled last moon because of several individuals caught cheating on the exam. All exams thrown out. Retest to be issued soon.
  • Citizens concerned that Aldorin ambassador is merely scout for invading Aldorin force.
  • Local drunk Lonnie Lester claims a blue-eyed wraith appeared in his house, tore it apart in a seeming attempt to find something, and left. Most believe he was simply drunk and angry since his wife left.
  • While Mary-Beth Charity was visiting Linda Sue’s home, Mary-Beth Charity accidentally knocked over a lantern. Most of Linda Sue’s home was burned to the ground. The Church of Attalia is accepting donations in labor, materials, or coin to assist in the rebuilding of her home.
  • Insane farmer seen wandering the area, claiming to be herding invisible sheep.
  • The town of Duncaster has been massacred by unknown forces. All that are left of the people who lived there are bodies. The Town Hall building believed to be where the massacre took place was covered in blood. Among the bodies, a parchment bearing the words, “ We shouldn’t have gotten involved in their war.” could be found.
  • A dangerous peeping tom was spotted in the area of The Temple of Attalia.