Making Spell Packets

Spell Packet Construction Guide

To make spell packets for your caster character all you’ll need is:

  • Lots of Cloth – In any color you want, though lighter ones are easier to see and find at night, and against forest back drops. Orange is wonderful.
  • Birdseed – The kind without sunflower seeds.
  • String – Baker’s string is easy to find, strong, and relatively cheap.
  • Scissors

Making spell packets is simple and easy:

1. Cut your fabric into a 4″ by 4″ square and lay the square out flat.
2. Put about a tablespoon of seed into the center of the square.
3. Pick up each corner. Gather the fabric and tightly tie off with the string.
4. Do not pack the seed in too tightly, so the packet is not too hard.
5. If necessary, trim extreme excess fabric from the tail of the packet down to 1-1½”.