Halflings are the shortest civilized race standing less than half the height of a Human, smaller than Gnomes and slighter of build. Halflings form large agricultural settlements and trade foodstuffs for items they need from other races. Halflings do not often venture far from the town of their birth, but an intrepid few are born with wanderlust or a spirit for adventure. Also in recent days with rampaging Goblinoid hordes, more and more Halflings are seeking the safety and protection of the larger settlements of other races.

Halflings enjoy leisure activities above all else. Life is too short to completely lose oneself in work. Halflings have an over fondness of food and will usually try just about anything they are presented with. They love their own brand of pies, cakes, stews, and breads but love the opportunity to sample the cuisine of other cultures. Halflings enjoy huge celebrations and seem to throw parties for almost any occasion. It is said that there are at least 150 holidays on a Halfling calendar. During these celebrations, the Halflings feast, drink fine wines and ales, smoke pipes and tell stories that seem to grow with each retelling. Halflings tend to have large families and the entire community watches out for each other’s children and relatives.

Many Halflings encountered outside their own towns are either rogues or bards. Halflings are welcomed with open arms in many communities as they take their jovial spirit, songs and entertainment with them. This is a much-needed diversion for many of the common folk especially in these dark times. Even the Halflings who are self-admitted rogues tend to focus their skills more on much needed adventuring skills such as disarming traps, so they too are welcomed. Halflings can also function as particularly devout clerics and often are seen in the service of Ibewinn or Elantrai, and more occasionally Jerdano. Although most Halflings shun direct physical fighting, there are few who do recognize its importance especially in the face of Goblinoid hordes. This has led some Halflings down the road of the fighter class although out of necessity they tend to focus more on technique than strength. Halflings are fearful of magic and have little aptitude for it. They also tend to consider the path of the scholar to be boring and tedious.

Physically, Halflings are the shortest of any race, standing less than half the height of a typical Human. They have small builds and are not very physically strong. Halflings have small pointed ears, and the backs of their hands and feet are furry. They often go without shoes but even when they wear shoes the tops tend to be open and the fur sticks out. Halflings are often on the portly side as well.

• Advantages – Free Thrown Weapon Skill • 2 Free Purchases of Craft: Chef OR Craft: Brewer

• Disadvantages – Costuming: Halflings must wear small pointed ears and have furry hands and feet. This can typically be achieved by getting faux fur (comes in small pieces from craft stores) and using spirit gum to adhere it. It can also be glued to the tops of shoes (Make sure you don’t mind them getting glue on them!) to make it seem like the top is open and the fur is protruding. It is also recommended that the stomach area be padded to represent hobbit portliness.

• Roleplaying: Halflings tend to be cheerful, optimistic and somewhat lazy.

• Other: Halflings may not use any two handed weapon other than a staff.

• Classes Available – Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Merchant-Artisan, Monk, Rogue

You may view or download the Halfling racial packet here.