Character Classes

Advancing Your Character

When you begin your adventuring career with us at Realms of Adventure, you probably have some idea of what type of character you would like to play. Do you wish to be skilled at using different weapons and combat techniques? Would you rather hurl spells at you foes and learn the arts of the arcane? Do you wish to be a pacifist healer? Maybe you wish to pick a character who can do several different things, but is the proverbial jack of all trades master of none? Your character’s class is a basic definition of the skillset that character possess and gives you an idea of what his main abilities are. By now you should have chosen a race for your character and the classes available to you are based on the race you have chosen.

You can choose to be of any class that is listed as an option under your character’s race. Grey Elves for example are not allowed to choose the path of fighter. Your class will help you to define your character and you will notice that the different classes have different skillsets available to them. For example, though many classes can choose to have a weapon skill, none can buy the skill for as few points as the fighter. Also different classes have certain skills available exclusively to them. Your class is by no means the catch all and end all of your character. You can be a cleric who enjoys fighting or even a fighter who is more of a thug who acts in a thievish manner. The choice of how to play the character is ultimately up to you.


Every character at RoA starts by selecting a single class for free. However, at some point during your character’s career, you may find that you wish to branch out and acquire skills or abilities that are not available under your current class. The solution to this is multiclassing. At any time, you may spend 15 of your earned character points (points beyond the initial 55-60 you begin with) and purchase a second class for your character. With this purchase, you receive all of the benefits that the second class has to offer (higher maximum health, spell casting, more weapons available, etc.) Any skill that appears on both of your class lists will be available to you for the lower of the two costs. Please be aware that this does not work retroactively. If you have a skill that was purchased under your first class and it appears for a lower cost on your newly acquired second class list, you do not get back the difference in costs. Skills that are listed as single purchase skills may still only be purchased by your character one time (not once per class). Skills that are listed as per period or per event are still only usable a number of times equal to the total number of purchases your character has of the skill (again, not per class). If a skill is listed as self-taught under one of your classes, but not the other you may consider it to be a self-taught skill for your character. There are no limitations as to which classes you may choose for your character (within the available choices for your character’s race), but you may not have more than 3 classes (a 3rd class will cost you an additional 15 points). Be creative and use the different classes to further your character towards the ultimate vision you have of what your character is. Multiclassing is not meant to be used as an attempt to buy skills at lower costs as the 15 points you have to spend to purchase an extra class will offset any points you might have saved. Feel free to contact staff regarding any questions you have about multiclassing.