Kelonians are a race of cat-like, semi-nomadic people originally hailing from the eastern reaches of the continent. The land of the Kelonians is one of seemingly endless deserts and sporadic oases. Many Kelonians are nomads traveling from place to place seeking water and other necessities, whereas some have built permanent settlements, which thrive along riverbanks and beside natural springs. Additionally Kelonians have mingled freely with the peoples closest to them, especially the Al’Hazirins and Sekhemites. Many Kelonians are born with wanderlust though and they can be found almost anywhere in the world especially since the incursions of the Goblinoids.

     The earliest contact with Humans was with the people of Al’Hazir and Sekhem, and these first meetings with Al’Hazirins inspired many legends of the Kelonians being a type of were-creature, living on the outskirts of Humanity waiting to snatch children in the night. With the passing centuries these myths have been debunked, but a certain sense of wonder does exist around the Kelonians. Sekhemites on the other hand, revere cats as messengers of the gods, so they have an especially congenial relationship with the Kelonians.

     Kelonians tend to be very curious and mischievous. Kelonians enjoy riddles and anecdotes. Kelonians place high value on peculiar items and shiny objects and baubles. Kelonians are also quite flighty, being fascinated by a simple child’s toy for hours and then suddenly discarding it or being enthralled in deep conversation only to grow bored and walk away while the other party is in mid-sentence. Agorians are especially irritated by this behavior. Kelonians get along well with most of the other races although they are often viewed as peculiar and sometimes difficult to deal with. Pixies are especially fond of them. Still, Kelonians find their way into adventuring bands rather frequently and can be a great asset. Kelonians can be fierce fighters and loyal comrades.

     Kelonians have an aptitude towards most professions, making skilled sometimes savage warriors, crafty rogues and powerful spell casters. The unique vocal structure of Kelonians makes the bardic profession impossible. Kelonians rarely possess the dedication or focus to pursue the path of the scholar or monk, but it does occasionally happen.

     Physically, Kelonians stand within the same height range of the typical Human. They are covered in fur, which can have various color patterns. They also have tails although these are often concealed within their clothing. Also like common cats they have sensitive whiskers and noses.

• Advantages – Health +3 • Claws x2 • Resist first two Sweeps/Knockdowns per period • Dodge Thrown x1/period

• Disadvantages – Extensive Costuming: Kelonians must appear feline. They are required to wear makeup and/or prosthetics that make them appear cat-like. Any exposed skin should be treated in this manner. Elements to enhance the costume may also include whiskers; a tail, leopard or tiger print clothing, a mane or anything else to make the character look feline. Have fun with it-the better the costume the easier it will be to get into character.

• Classes Available – Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Merchant-Artisan, Monk, RogueScholar

You may view or download the Kelonian racial packet here.