Tavern Chat (In Game)


Here you will find a link to our online In-Game Chatroom.  You may not enter unless your Character has attended at least one live in-game event at our campsite in Sparta, New Jersey.  Please see rules below.


Password: Please ask any current Player or Cast Member.  The best way to do this is via our Facebook group here.


The Scroll and Dragon


• NO IN-GAME COMBAT, unless specifically directed by Cast.


• If you want your Character to perform actions in the Tavern, type: /me [action]. Example: /me smiles. = “John smiles.” You should emote your arrival and exit from the Tavern.

• Please use (Not in Tavern) after your character name if your character is not in the Tavern and you are just looking at the chat. Example: Paige Woodlin (Not in Tavern). Your character does not know anything that happened in the room until you emote that your character enters. We understand that sometimes people forget to log out and common sense will apply here. You may also put another status next to your name such as if you fall asleep on a bench. Example: Tellis Finn (sleeping by fireplace).

• There are more Post Actions and Text Formatting options on the “Commands” tab on the sidebar to the left.

• ((If for some reason you need to make an OOG comment, put it in double parentheses like this sentence. Please keep to a minimum.))

• Do not use such phrases like “lol” or other obvious OOG online lingo.

• Use your Character Name. If you choose a custom color, please make sure it is readable against the background.

• You may NOT enter Tavern Chat as any character other than your main or your alt.

• For ambient Tavern Music, type this in your chat line: /watch http://ow.ly/VuNMP  (Use arrows to resize window.)

• Please register your email with Chatzy. It makes things easier for us and it allows you to reserve your name.

• Caillean Mac Aodha is the in-game tavern mistress, and also a moderator in the tavern chat.  Should she decide to for stricly in-game reasons, she may forcibly remove you from the tavern by calling for a guard to do so.  This action can be performed only by her along with either a PC guard or an NPC guard semi off-screen.  This will be represented by a kick or temporary ban.  If you are kicked/banned, you may NOT return to the tavern chat for any reason as your character (with the notable exception of checking it out to watch it.) until the kick or ban has been lifted.  These bans shall NOT be permanent unless the circumstance deems it (typically this will ONLY happen in extreme situations with the direct intervention of cast, and should never happen under the sole discretion of Caillean).  Keep in mind, this is all in-game, and if Caillean is found to be abusing her power, it will be dealt with via appropriate in-game means. Remember, the owner of the tavern is Baron Fontaine, and in-game issues should be handled via in-game channels.