Shamanic Magic & Spells

Shamanic Magic & Spells

Shamanic magic is widely practiced in the more primitive cultures of Realms of Adventure. Shamans draw their power from the spirit world, a realm that exists parallel to our own. The magic of the shaman is channeled from this world through the natural elements, the creatures of nature and even the spirits of dead heroes and ancestors. Shamans do believe in the gods but feel it is folly to try to demand power from the gods themselves, instead shamans ask the spirits for what they need. The power that shamans ask the spirits for is called favor. When a new shaman character is made he will probably have a small amount of favor and spells to start with. As time goes on and the character grows he will be able to purchase more favor points allowing him to cast a greater amount of spells as well as open the possibility to learning spells of even greater power. This is representative of the shaman currying greater influence with the denizens of the spirit world. When a shaman character is first created he begins with the Light spell, the Minor Healing spell, the Bless spell and two random starting spells from the beginning list, determined at check in. This beginning list consists of the very basic spells available to shamans, but rest assured there are many more available. Shamans may learn additional spells including the “hidden” spells by either finding a teacher in game or sometimes shamans are forced to bargain with or combat spirits to acquire new spells or receive the insight they need. Since shamans rely on oral tradition no scrolls of knowledge exist for them.

Cost: 0
Incant: “I create this source of magical light.”
Effect: By using a glowstick the caster may activate it to represent a magical light spell. This spell requires no mana to cast and may be cast as many times as you have glowsticks. You may use this glowstick to light a room, mark a path or give to another individual. The spell lasts for as long as the glowstick lasts. Players must supply their own glowsticks. Check out our links page for merchants selling chemical and battery operated varieties.

Cost: 0
Incant: “I bless you/this item in the name of the great spirit.”
Effect: This spell is mainly for role-playing purposes. It has no measurable in game effect. It may however be useful or needed for certain in game situations.

Minor Healing
Cost: 1
Incant: “I heal your/my body 1 health.”
Effect: This spell restores 1 health to an injured subject. Your health may never exceed your maximum through healing.

Cost: 1
Incant: “I create a sphere of communication, 10 minutes.”
Effect: This spell allows everyone within earshot of the caster to speak and understand any spoken language for ten minutes. This will not work on creatures with no intelligence, most undead, or those speaking in gibberish.

Cost: 1
Incant: “I wake you from your sleep.”
Effect: This spell will immediately awaken a sleeping or unconscious target. This spell works on normal and magical sleep brought upon by exhaustion, poison, venom, spell, potion, or waylay. This will not wake someone who is dying from lethal poison or during their death count from normal injuries.

Lesser Empowerment
Cost: 1
Incant: “I grant you/myself lesser empowerment, 2 magic health.”
Effect: This spell grants 2 points of magical health to the individual it is cast upon. This may not be stacked with any other magical health (i.e. Arcane Vigor) and if damaged the recipient of this spell will lose these magical health points after he loses normal armor and before he loses his normal health. These points cannot be healed.

Protection of the Spirits
Cost: 1
Incant: “I grant you/myself 2 magic armor.”
Effect: This spell grants 2 points of magical armor to the individual it is cast upon. This may not be stacked with any other magical armor (i.e. Barkskin, Ice armor) and if damaged the recipient of this spell will lose these magical armor points first.

Magic Dart
Cost: 1
Incant: “Magic dart, damage 1.”
Effect: This is a minor attack spell causing 1 point of magic damage.

Root Minor Undead
Cost: 1
Incant: “I root this Minor Undead to the ground, 10 minutes.”
Effect: The target of this spell has his feet effectively attached to the ground for 10 minutes. He may not move his feet from the spot they are in or even lift them. This only works on Minor undead such as low level skeletons. Every undead creature has a power level associated with it, and you must experiment in game to learn what types of undead this spell will affect.

Speak with Spirit
Cost: 1
Incant: “I speak with Spirit.”
Effect: This spell must be cast upon a spirit and allows the caster to converse with it. Normally you may not speak to a spirit (although you can see it) without the aid of this or a similar spell.