Searching Others

Searching Others

To the victor goes the spoils.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

      While at Realms of Adventure, like any role-playing game, when the battle is through and you (hopefully) emerge victorious, there may very well be a reward for your hard fought victory. Sometimes that random encounter in the woods wasn’t so random when you realize you are standing outside a monster’s lair. In addition often intelligent creatures will carry valuables upon their person. Coins, gems, jewelry, scrolls and even magical items can be found while adventuring or ridding the world various monsters that threaten the safety of civilized races. When you are faced with the fallen player or cast member you may wish to search their bodies for any treasure they might be carrying. Different games handle this different ways, but there is only ONE acceptable way to handle this at RoA.

      Physical contact may be allowed ONLY with consent (see this post for further clarification: In order to search a fallen person or creature you must begin by simply saying “I search you.” The victim will then reply with “Describe your search” or “Where do you search?” or some similar statement. It is then up to the searching player to specify the areas he is searching. “I search your pouch….I search your pockets…I look for any rings on your fingers…etc.” If the fallen victim has valuable in game items in the searched location, he must hand them over to the searcher. A search of a fallen person or creature should take some time. If someone says “I search you,” do not simply hand over all your valuables and that’s that. A real search might entail going through pouches, pockets, boots etc. Each location searched should last a few seconds or so. All searches should take no more than a few minutes. If a reasonable amount of time has passed and you have found nothing, assume the creature isn’t carrying anything. This allows the cast member to leave the area that much quicker and come back as another monster or NPC. Players and cast may NEVER hide in game items in any taboo areas such as the groin or chest area, and therefore a searcher should not ask. It is also not necessary to get graphic in search descriptions (no cavity searches are necessary or permitted). If you have an out of game item that functions solely as a prop for costume enhancement (i.e. a valuable medallion you wear but has no in game value and don’t want it taken) you may simply state “prop” if someone asks for it (i.e. “I take your necklace”…”Prop”).

      Sometimes when searching a creature you may get more than you bargained for! Some foul creatures you encounter will be disease-ridden, poisonous, or have other foul conditions associated with them. If you are searching a monster you may be informed during the search of any misfortune that has befallen you.

      Various creatures at RoA, when defeated, can be harvested or dissected for their parts. Gruesome though this may be, livers, hearts, and other parts could be useful components in alchemy or other craft skills. In order to do this, a player must have a skill appropriate to do so and the creature type will be specifically listed in its description. Every now and then there will be a need to harvest components of different monsters for their use in plot lines, bounties, or other quests. This will only be necessary for particular plots running during a given event, and if that is the case there will be specific guidance given through cast.

      Please note that in order to harvest any components from corpses, you must have either the harvesting skill or a specific plot directive. Beyond these two things, decapitation, disembowelment, or similar gruesome ways of disposing of a body are both unnecessary and not tolerated by cast.