Gnomes are a short race standing less than half the height of a Human and usually considerably slighter of build. Gnomes are closely related to Dwarves and are often mistaken for them. Gnomes find this amusing whereas Dwarves are often irritated by it. Gnomes are found throughout the world in most civilized lands, but tend to not create their own settlements, rather becoming members of already existing communities of other races. Gnomes are not nearly as common as other races. Dwarves tend to protect and safeguard Gnomes, as this was a task given them from their god and creator, Hafur.

     The Gnomes patron is Gundar, god of smiths, craftsman and invention, and for this reason Gnomes tend to excel in these areas. Gnome craftsmanship tends to lean towards useful items that are aesthetically pleasing. It is a rare thing indeed to find a Gnome weaponsmith, but many Gnomes craft beautiful suits of armor or more common items such as hinges, horseshoes and the like. These items tend to be of better quality and craftsmanship than most other races (even Dwarves) seem to produce. Gnomes are also natural inventors, providing previously unheard of solutions to common (or not so common) problems. There are tales of a lost island of Gnomes where inventions of centuries past can still be found working as well as the day they were crafted. The island is said to be guarded by elaborate traps and mechanical guardians, but most dismiss it as a fable told to children before bed. Gnomes are usually cheerful and easy-going and are welcome companions in the tavern, on the road or in adventuring bands. They get along well with all of the other civilized races and have a tremendous ability to adapt to their surroundings. Prior to the first Goblinoid war, the Gnomes had some settlements of their own but these were quickly overrun and the occupants slaughtered. Gnomes have an innate fear of Goblinoids to this day.

     Gnomes tend to lean towards the less physical, fighting oriented professions. Most Gnomes encountered tend to be scholars or mages, but there are quite a few clerics and rogues as well. Occasionally Gnomish bards are encountered and they are often very popular in Dwarven communities. Gnomes usually adopt the customs, dress and cultural identity of the civilization they are currently living in.

     Physically, Gnomes have half the height range of the typical Human with a build and strength appropriate to their stature. Gnomes have small pointed ears and all Gnome males have beards. Females do not have beards, and for this reason they are often mistaken for Elves until they speak. Most Gnomes are not insulted by this fact and just see it as a logical assumption if someone makes an error.

• Advantages – 4 free purchases of any Craft skill available to their class • Can reduce the time to create an item of Tier 3 or lower in half 1x/period

• Disadvantages – Costuming: Gnomes have small pointed ears and males must have beards. Typically a fake beard is worn but if the player has a sufficient length beard it will be deemed acceptable by ROA. Role-playing: Goblinoids (Goblins, Orcs and Bugbears) frighten you. If you encounter these creatures they are prone to make you jittery or nervous. Additionally, Gnomes often speak in a high pitched “falsetto” voice or in fast and excited tones. When portraying a Gnome every attempt should be made to alter your voice to sound appropriate. Other: Gnomes may not use any two handed weapon other than a staff.

• Classes Available – Bard, Cleric, Mage, Merchant-Artisan, RogueScholar

You may view or download the Gnome racial packet here.