Map of Adraveth

Traveling Across Adraveth

These travel times would be under the absolute best case conditions (excluding methods such as portals).  For example, to cross from the Eastern Continent to the Western Continent would take 5 1/2 weeks, assuming one was on a ship with air and water mages using their magic to facilitate travel and not running into any natural weather-related troubles.  To get from New Calendale to Vondara would take a little less than 3 weeks, assuming perhaps you were traveling with a caravan by direct route.  Under less than optimal conditions, or on foot, obviously these times would be quite longer.  Please remember that travel is seldom in a straight line and be reasonable while keeping these guidelines in mind.

• • • Travel to certain places may be restricted due to Plot Events. • • •



Adraveth’s Eastern Continent.  (Click image for larger size.)



Adraveth’s Western Continent.  (Click image for larger size.)



The World of Adraveth  (Click image for larger size.)


Travel Distance From New Calendale.
Each line represents 1 week, per guidelines above.
(Click image for larger size.)