Agorians are a highly intelligent ancient race of reptilians hailing from the southern reaches of the continent. There, nestled in the lush, steaming jungles and dry arid deserts lay huge settlements and cities of stone construction. The Agorian style of architecture is very similar to Aztec or Mayan, complete with giant carved sculptures and teeming pyramids.

     These reptiles tend to be very logical and blunt, having little patience for beating around the bush. Agorians enjoy debating for hours and always like to learn new things. They will usually think a situation through fully before acting, sometimes to the annoyance of some more impetuous races. Due to their cool logic and frequent lack of humor, they have received a lukewarm reception from the other races. Many Agorians even go so far as to look down upon the mammalian races of the world considering themselves the oldest, wisest and most superior. Among themselves, however, it is interesting to note that the Agorian culture enjoys complete equality between the sexes and a quasi-republican form of government.

     Agorians have an aptitude with most professions, making especially fierce warriors, crafty rogues and powerful spellcasters. They have a noble appreciation for the arts, especially song, but their lack of overall musical talent places the bardic profession out of their reach. Agorian scholars are well respected and there are even some of their kind amongst monastic orders.

     Physically, Agorians stand within the same height range of the typical human. Their faces tend to be flatter than most mammalian races with mere slits for noses. Their skin is heavily scaled and is typically greenish in hue, though browns reds and blues are not uncommon. Agorians do have tails as well although many of them have taken to concealing this fact within their clothing. Their tails are useless and just hang limply. If broken off it will grow back within one moons time. Agorians also tend to be intolerant of the cold.

     It has been rumored that the savage lizard folk encountered by other races are in some way related to Agorians. These creatures are of fairly primitive intelligence and will at times attack on sight. Many Agorians have refuted this rumor, sometimes angrily. Some scholars have theorized that this race is an earlier failed attempt at a race by the god Negoro, creator of the Agorians. No conclusive evidence either way has ever been found.

• Advantages – Health +3 • When first Diseased, become immune to Disease for 10 minutes 1x/period • Mend Limb 1x/period

• Disadvantages – Extensive Costuming – Agorians must appear reptilian. They are required that they wear makeup in shades of green, blue, brown, or red on any exposed skin and they should use prosthetics or makeup to appear scaled.

• Classes Available – Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Merchant-Artisan, Monk, RogueScholar

You may view or download the Agorian racial packet here.