Alt System

For an additional $20 fee, you may play an alternative character (Alt).  This allows you to play a Main and an Alt in a single event.  The Main Character is defined as the character with the most character points spent on it.  If your Alt passes your Main in character point total, it becomes your new Main.  Your Alt and Main cannot assist one another in any way.  They may not teach each other or trade items or goods between one another.  If your alt FDs, you may only use the points you’d gain from that death on ANOTHER ALT.  If your main dies, you may add the points gained from Final Death to your Alt’s bank.  You may only choose to play an Alt if you have attended at least 4 events with a Main character.  

After each event, if you have paid the Alt fee, Both character receive 3 points for the event, and 3 points for a completed PEL (You do not need to send two separate PELs.) Service point conversions for character points count for BOTH characters. (If you spend 250 service points for an extra character point, BOTH your alt and main receive that point.)  Buy-ins also count for BOTH Alt and Main. (If you spend $10 on a buy-in point, 1 Character Point is received for BOTH Alt and Main.)  Two separate updates should be sent for both your Main and your Alt.  The rules for updating Alts and for playing them are the same as your Main; they must be submitted by the update period deadline.

You may play your alt for any duration over the weekend.You are required to inform cast in your update when you intend on playing your Alt.  For example, Friday Night, Saturday Until Refresh, Refresh to Saturday End, Sunday.  These slots are guidelines.  You may choose to play your alt for any combination of them, or parts of them.  However, you MUST inform cast before the event of your intention.  Please include this information in your update.