Trade and Commerce

Trade & Commerce

      Throughout Adraveth, there are a great many ways to measure wealth and commerce is the cornerstone of civilization. During your adventures at RoA you will (luckily!) encounter some of this wealth. Coins, gems, trade goods, raw materials, potions, scrolls and more can be found as the spoils of your hard work. Trade flourishes around the land and although sometimes barter is an accepted means to conduct transactions, the formalized means of conducting business and measuring an items value is with coinage.
The three types of coinage commonly found in the Twin Kingdoms are copper farthings (sometimes referred to as “fools” because of the image of a jester upon them), silver sterlings and gold crowns.

10 copper farthings = 1 silver sterling
10 silver sterlings = 1 gold crown

      There are many ways at RoA to obtain coinage and other wealth. Some of these ways are…

  • Slaying foul beasts and evil monsters! (Humanoids often carry treasure, whereas less intelligent creatures may leave it strewn about or carry it back to their lairs)

  • Going on adventures that you hear about such as exploring forgotten tombs, and dungeons.

  • Exploring the woods for alchemy components. These will fetch some coin to the right people and exploring the woods often leads to other adventures as well!

  • Going on missions for people. Sometimes you will be handsomely rewarded!

  • Performing a service.

  • Getting a job such as town guard or town crier.

  • Mugging, burglary and blackmail (Hey rogues have to eat too!).

  • Collecting bounties on criminals or hunted monsters.

  • Selling items you make or find for profit.

  • Being in the right place at the right time (ex – Rescuing a merchant from marauding goblins).

  • Selling information to people who would be interested in it.

  • Finding or buying treasure maps.