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Realms of Adventure is a Live Action RPG (LARP) based out of Camp Hope in Blairstown, New Jersey. We strive to provide a completely unique, high-quality, and fully immersive experience during our gaming weekends. Have a look around our site and we hope you’ll join us at one of our events!

Please refer to the following page regarding our Covid-19 Vaccine requirements: https://realmsofadventure.net/realms-of-adventure-record-of-vaccination-requirements/

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Realms of Adventure features:

  • A fun and welcoming environment.
  • Great support from a team of veteran players and LARP experts.
  • A very deep experience with great characters, skills, and more!
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Next Event:
March 22-24th, 2024

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Once you’ve joined, don’t forget to stop by our forums and say hi, so that you can make new LARP friends and stay up to date on upcoming events!