The World of Realms of Adventure

      During your time at Realms of Adventure, you will be immersed in the fantasy world of Adraveth. Things work a little differently here, and this section will be your guide to stepping into our world.

Portals are doorways through the Nether from one place to another which are represented by colored rope lights.  Portals come in 3 colors indicating their status.

  • Blue: A portal is currently forming.  Nothing can go in or out.
  • Green: The portal has formed and is a two-way portal.  Players may enter in and things can come out.
  • Red: The portal has formed and is a one-way portal.  Players may NOT enter but things may come out.

History and Geography of the Lands of Adraveth:
Here you will find a brief description of some of the towns, cities and places of note in the world of Adraveth. You can use this section as a guideline for the creation of your character background. Of course this section is by no means complete, and countless other villages, towns and places exist in the world that are not described here or shown on the map. Feel free to use your own creativity to craft your character’s history. You can use the places described here or invent your own so long as it fits within the timeline and world rules of Adraveth.

Laws of the Land:
The laws of Adraveth are as varied as its people. This section explains a little bit and lists some of the prevalent laws of the Twin Kingdoms, the kingdom where the town of New Calendale is located.

Trade & Commerce:
Here you can learn a little bit about the economy of Adraveth and get some good tips on how to make yourself some money in game.

Time and How to Keep Track of It:
This section gives some insight onto how time is tracked in Adraveth, including names for the “moons” (months) and how time is referred to in game.

Map of Adraveth:
This should give you a rough idea of what the known world looks like. Bear in mind it was drawn in a fantasy style so things are not necessarily to scale. You can click on the link to view it in your browser or you can save it by right clicking and selecting “Save Target As.”