Half-Orcs are the offspring of a Human and an Orc parent. These unfortunate beings are most often seen as an abomination, and their very existence is a constant reminder of a hated enemy no matter which culture they are in. Although there are occasional instances of true love couplings between Human and Orc, most often these are the product of Orc hordes rampaging through Human lands. They do not actually have a culture of their own, rather adopting the culture they grow up in, either of their Human or Orc parent. The life of a Half-breed is often a difficult one in which they are never truly accepted by either race and are seen as something of an anomaly. To Orcs, these Half-breeds are weak, soft and take far too long to reach maturity and become productive members of society. To Humans these offspring are slow-witted and undesirable. Often Half-Orc children are aggressive and greedy, although it’s unclear if this behavior is brought about by their Orc ancestry or in response to the harsh treatment they receive at the hands of most Humans. Half-Orcs reach maturity in two-thirds of the time full Humans do (typically by age 12), and very often find their way in the world at this time if not before. It is rumored that there are a few communities in isolated areas where Half-Orcs congregate to be with their own kind, but these rumors have yet to be substantiated. Half-Orcs who do make their way in Human society typically do so in ways that exploit their strength, size and stamina as adventurers or performing odd jobs such as mercenaries, bouncers or laborers.

     When creating a Half-Orc character, the player must decide what society they grew up in. If the character grew up in Orc society only fighter or shaman is open to them. If the character grew up in the Barbarian tribes of humanity either fighter, shaman or bard is open to them. Lastly if the character grew up within or on the outskirts of civilization they will usually be fighters or rogues, the skills that likely enabled them to survive. Some of these Half-Orcs find solace in the discipline and meditation of monasteries where their lineage is often overlooked or will find the path that suits them best is of a cleric, usually of Mhizrak or Gorvaak. Very rarely Half-Orcs will become bards, although finding a willing audience may prove to be challenging. Regardless of upbringing, Half-Orcs do not possess the ability to become mages or scholars.

     Physically, Half-Orcs are burly, usually standing taller than the tallest Human, with broad shoulders, barrel chests and strong muscles. Half-Orcs can endure hardships very well and can work long hours, without food for days; some unscrupulous merchants have been known to sell them into slavery where they can often expect precisely such conditions. Half-Orcs usually have pointed ears and always have the tell-tale green skin. Often they have long protruding tusk-like teeth and numerous scars or deformities.

• Advantages – Health +5 • 1 Free Weapon Skill • 1 Free Break Limb

• Disadvantages – Costuming: Half-Orcs must wear dark green makeup. Additionally the more Orc-like they look the better! Half-Orc PC’s should consider some or all of the following: pointed ears, protruding prosthetic (or painted on with makeup if done well) teeth, scars, warts etc. This will help the PC get into character and will help others to interact with them. Roleplaying: Half-Orcs are social outcasts in most places. Be prepared as you may be treated as such.

• Classes Available – Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Monk, RogueShaman

You may view or download the Half-Orc racial packet here.