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     Fae are among the oldest races in the world being among the original creations of the gods. Fae have spread throughout the world but tend to dwell in deep forests and on the outskirts of human and elven civilizations. Originally the Fae were rather reclusive and few people even knew of their existence. In those early days Fae bent towards evil such as Trolls and Redcaps, gave up the hidden origins to the other peoples of the world. In more recent years Fae have become seen even more often as the Goblinoid hordes have driven them from their homes and they have been forced to seek safety and shelter in the lands of more powerful races. There are several sub-races amongst the Fae, but they all share common origins and society. They tend to be very secretive about this aspect of their lives and few people outside of their race know the full story. One thing is very clear though and that is the obvious hate the Fae have for Trolls and their ilk, and the feeling appears mutual.

*Note – Fae are a rare magical race that is subsequently few in number. There is a cap in place upon the various sub races based upon the overall player base which will increase as the player base grows. For these reasons it is restricted race and requires staff approval before creating a Fae character. If a particular type of Fae is capped, it will be noted in the description and/or on the message boards as an announcement. You may check the status at any time by emailing staff.




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     Brownies are the most often seen members of the Fae, mixing freely with the other races of the world and often taking up permanent residence in their towns and cities. Brownies love to buy, sell, and trade and are often merchants or tinkers. Always cheerful, they have an excellent rapport with most other races although they can sometimes be frustrating to make deals with because of their tendency to seek strange items as part of the bargaining process.

     Brownies usually disdain physical combat, but do make decent fighters and very good mages and rogues. Sometimes their exposure to other cultures, especially Human or Guari ones awakens them to a career as a bard. Brownies can also be found amongst the learned scholars as their love of trade does not apply exclusively to goods, but carries over to information as well.

     Physically Brownies tend to be medium sized creatures with pointed ears. The thing that most distinguishes them from other races are brown and gold markings on the face, around the eyes and along the cheekbones. Sometimes this coloration also extends downward along the chin.

• Advantages – Resist 1st Charm per period • 5 Free purchases of Craft: Merchant

• Disadvantages – Costuming: Brownies must wear pointed ears and brown and gold makeup around the eyes and along the cheekbones. Makeup may also be used down the cheek and near the chin. Other: Brownies may not use any two handed weapon other than a staff.

• Classes Available –Bard, Fighter, Mage, Merchant-Artisan, RogueScholar

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     Pixies are fun loving tricksters and the favored of the goddess Elantrai. They love practical jokes and having fun, sometimes at the expense of others. They seem to have a particular affinity towards Gypsies, Elves and other Fae, but get along well with the other races. Pixies are often too curious to be afraid of things that do not pose an immediate threat and often create more trouble for themselves than they can handle. Companions of Pixies often find themselves bailing them out of precarious situations. The one fear Pixies cannot seem to overcome is that of undead. Pixies tend to have a unique, almost child-like way of viewing the world and can bring a smile to most anyone’s face. They are thought to bring good luck to adventuring groups and are often sought out and their antics tolerated for this reason.

     Pixies enjoy having fun above all else. Pixies will sometimes abandon their responsibilities if they grow too boring and are often easily distracted. Pixies make superb rogues, fanciful bards, and excellent mages. When the calling hits them, Pixies also make excellent clerics and although rare, pixies can make skilled fighters relying far more on dexterity than strength.

     Physically pixies tend to be on the small side but this is not always the case. Pixies often dress in very bright colors including vibrant reds, purples and pinks. Pixies have pointed ears (sometimes they look very large for them) and bright, sparkly coloring around their eyes. Occasionally Pixies will take small bits of common quartz, which they cut and polish, and wear it as facial decoration.

• Advantages – Resist 1st Charm effect/period • Resist 1st Sleep effect/period • Dodge: Thrown 1x/period OR Casting Resource +4

• Disadvantages – Costuming: Pixies must wear pointed ears and sparkly colored makeup around their eyes and Fae wings. Additionally they should dress brightly and may wear small craft gems near the eyes or elsewhere on the face. Role-playing: Pixies are very frightened of undead. Although they may participate in combats with them, the fear will persist. Other: Pixies may not use any two handed weapon other than a staff.

• Classes Available – Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Rogue

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     Satyrs enjoy solitude more so than the other Fae, and are somewhat of a rare sight. They usually make small communities in the forest and mingle with woodland creatures, Wood Elves, druids and woodsmen. Satyrs are a very passionate people, sometimes losing themselves in their own emotions. Despite their peculiar ways and reactive states they get along well with most of the other races.

     Satyrs see it as their duty to protect other Fae and their forests. They make excellent warriors, and extremely pious clerics, most often of Elantrai or Jerdano. Occasionally Satyrs will find their talents lie in the path of the bard. It has been reported that some monasteries have Satyrs as part of their order.

     Physically satyrs are usually larger than other Fae. Satyrs dress most often in drab earth tones and simple functional garb. Satyrs have small pointed ears, small horns and fur-covered legs ending in hooves. Very often Satyrs wear facial hair such as moustaches or goatees.

• Advantages – Health +3 • Resist first Charm effect/period • 1 Free Purchase of any Gathering skill available to them

• Disadvantages – Costuming: Satyrs must wear pointed ears and horns. Additionally they must wear fur leggings and hooves. These can be crafted with a little ingenuity and faux fur.

• Classes Available –Bard, Cleric, FighterMonk

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