In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Love Moon, 1117


    • Still much contention between the Church of Leondarr and Church of Jeredith after attempted overthrow led by the now condemned Jeredithian Inquisition.
    • Twin Kingdoms predicts new era of economic growth as King Leopold passes new laws to make it easier to establish guilds.
    • With the thawing moon approaching, there has been a noticeable increase in the presence of Fae Skirmishes as their conflict continues to take place within the Twin Kingdoms.
    • Mary Beth Charity slipped on a patch of ice and fell down a flight of stairs in front of the local marketplace.  During her fall, she managed to knock into a scholar transporting a beautiful ceramic figurine said to be crafted from before the unification.  The scholar dropped the satchel carrying the figurine and it was destroyed beyond all repair.  Mary Beth was unharmed.
    • Local guard still searching for the person who committed those horrible murders at a local homestead.  Did you hear they found those bodies headless?
    • There have been sightings of men and women preaching the faith of Erathal to all those who will listen within the city walls of Vondara and nearby towns.  Despite some opposition from the nearby populace, they don’t seem to carry weapons.
    • The King hasn’t been seen in public since he was attacked.  I know someone who’s a cousin to one of his attendants.  They said he’s completely crippled.  He can’t even walk!  Not even the best of the Attalians can do anything.
    • Lonnie Lester returns to New Calendale a hero after being presumed dead.  After his commanding officer was killed and his fellow soldiers routed, Lonnie stumbled across a group of green militamen  (some barely 15 years old).  He quickly took charge of them and lead them to defend a hideout housing 50 women and children from an attack by the Jeredithian Inquisition. Lonnie’s quick thinking and bravery saved all of their lives.  Lonnie is to receive a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms in recognition for his heroism.
    • Prized trading vessel of the Twin Kingdoms, The Avalon, has completed a record setting journey to the Island of Ippon, completing the journey in only seven weeks time.
    • Incidents of odd vandalism have been occurring lately.  Chair legs are being rigged to fall apart with any weight upon them, oil is being left upon floors for people to slip upon.  There have even been incidents where annoying, but ultimately non-fatal, traps have been set in individuals’ houses.
    • Former Archduke found dead after the palace was retaken from the forces of the Inquisition.  New Archduke rumored to be named soon.
    • Duncaster’s reconstruction begins after being cleared of goblinoid infestation.  After a small amount of conflict over area rights, Twin Kingdoms soldiers have begun assisting in the reconstruction.
    • The Church of Viralee has closed its doors on scholars constantly asking for any inquiry on this new god, Erathal.  The High Librarian, Denel Alora, has issued a formal statement declaring that the church’s stance on this being shall be made as soon as the situation comes further into focus.
    • Oddly enough, similar to the situation with Sigmund nearly a decade ago, there have been no orders from the nobility to attack or harm these scattered individuals who claim to worship Erathal.
    • Several Agorian shopkeepers and other business owners have had their homes broken into several times over the past few moons.  In nearly all cases, they were robbed and vandalized, but nobody was injured.
    • The Lawbound, from The Krev Collective, apprehended a fugitive from their country who had escaped to the New Calendale area.  They have also been instrumental in assisting the local nobility in apprehending other fugitives from the law.  It is believed they will soon be in talks with the king himself about expanding operations in the country.