In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Laughing Moon, 1117


    • Former inquisitors have begun disappearing.  Some believe they are planning another attempt at takeover, others believe they are being killed in retaliation by those who lost loved ones to the Inquisition.
    • The Wife’s Fury was seen once again off the coast of Dunford Bay, freshly repaired after the damage she took during the conflict with the former inquisition.
    • Followers of Erathal have been growing in number.  As word of his legitimacy spreads, a group of monks appear to be among his most devout followers.
    • Mary Beth Charity has been seen joining the cause of those defending Kobolds but was quickly expelled after she accidentally fed one chocolate, killing it. (And simultaneously discovering that some Kobolds are violently allergic to chocolate.)
    • Agorian body found hung in town square with a parchment pinned to his shirt bearing a symbol of a dead lizard missing its tail.
    • King Leopold reportedly furious that Erathal’s legitimacy was confirmed.  Anyone among his staff who begins to follow him is being immediately dismissed from their duties.
    • Some local Mages’ Guilds have been hiring local groups to assist in the defense against mysterious blind creatures that have unparalleled control over magic.
    • Lonnie Lester, recipient of a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms, recently saved two children from a house fire that claimed the lives of their parents.  Lonnie has agreed to take the children under his care and intends to raise them as his own.
    • There has been much going on in the estate of recently deceased Baron Orsiv Istivan. Many members of the local carpentry guilds have been seen working on the estate.
    • Magistrate from next town over offering reward for vandals that drew untoward things about him in paint on the side of his home. (Apparently, the subject matter was about the size of his arse!  Frankly, I’m surprised they got it all on one side!)
    • New Calendale will be host to Solinarian Senator in preparation for the Tournament of the Two Rulers which will take place this summer.
    • The Dwarves of Khazram Modam have recently forged a treaty with the Orcs ending their long disputes and paving a new era of peace.
    • Day of Wishes respected as a single day of peace between the Dark and Light Fae as the respective soldiers of each group met together to take part in brief festivities.  Hostilities resumed at midnight.
    • There have been several mysterious, but savage, murders committed within the barony of Dunford Bay. One woman who claims to have escaped from one of the murder scenes says that a man wearing a sack over his head committed the crime.
    • During a recent mining expedition, a large set of tunnels and caverns were unearthed.  The mining group in charge of the expedition is rumored to be looking for the assistance of several groups in clearing them of any hazards.
    • The Storm up north has finally calmed. Some claim to see the outline of towers where the storm once raged.  The skirmishes have not shown any sign of letting up.