In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Shield Moon, 1116


    • Former King Leopold’s crimes know no bounds.  It is believed that he murdered several others during his reign.
    • Terrible sickness in Larigmoore finally under control. With reconstruction efforts finishing Larigmoore will be completely restored.
    • A seafaring explorer claims to have found the shipwreck of the famous lost ship known as “The Shining Star”
    • A disturbed woman with bone white hair was stalking about the woods muttering “Madosa.”
    • Agoria closes its borders to ALL outsiders. Many believe they are preparing for an attack.
    • Mysterious Island said to have appeared South of Rythos.
    • Barbarian Tribes have begun attacking Romani camped outside The Elemental Maelstrom. The Tribesman claim that the storm has wiped out several tribes and the Romani have been fueling the storm.
    • Lonnie Lester reportedly giving up drinking after latest bender involving a horse. Seeking means of getting his life back together.
    • Strange problems have been occurring with portals. Portals have been taking mages to wrong locations and some have entered them to never return.
    • Marquis Fontaine has been seen personally paying his respects to widowed family members after massacre of stationed guards at Ravenwing Prison.
    • Several groups travelling through the woods have claimed to have been attacked by werewolves. Surviving clerics claim to be unable to perform their prayers.
    • Mary Beth Charity banned from Dowinger’s Dress Boutique after smoke seen rising from the shop, the store will be closed for the next few months while they replace their entire inventory after the fire.
    • Despite a brutal conflict thus far, all factions of the Fae have mysteriously gone silent.
    • The Dwarves of the Dragon Spine Mountains have recently agreed to terms of peace with the Hiveborn of the Dragon Spine Mountains. They have ceased fighting over territory and have formed a trade agreement between the two races.
    • Despite Peace agreements recently some dwarven expeditions have gone missing. Investigations have yielded no results at this time.
    • Mysterious crimson haired woman seen at the helm of the ship, “The Wife’s Fury” leading daring raids against merchant ships and shore towns. A reward is offered for her capture.