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WCATSP Summer 2018 Items 3 and 4

Necklace of Tiplak’s Folly

20180815_204302 (2)


Several tribes in the north tell a story about a very strong, very prideful tribesman named Tiplak.  He would often claim that he was the strongest man in all of the lands and that none could match him.  He was always of course, cautious to tell others when he bragged aloud that he could never match the strength of the spirits. In his head, always to himself, he believed that he WAS stronger than even the spirits themselves.  Smarter, too, he reckoned.

Tiplak’s strength was used for good at first.  He used it to fight off several invading tribes to his own tribes’ lands and even invading outsiders.  When the battles had long since ended, and Tiplak’s hands grew idle, his greed and pride would get the better of him.

Tiplak would often travel far from his home village, during hunts or while scouting, and would run into other tribes in distant areas. While Tiplak was incredibly strong, strangely, he didn’t look as though he’d be.  He had the same stature as an average tribesman.  Tiplak decided he’d make a sport out of tricking strong men into wagers they could not win. Strong men tend to have much pride and were easy marks for his schemes.  He would win valuable gems and goods for his trickery, and would sometimes take coin as well. Always secretly, he knew he was smart enough to trick even the spirits.

For about three years, Tiplak roamed the lands, tricking those he came across, until one day he came upon two strangers upon a trail in the forest. A short, stocky looking man carrying a spear and a beautiful, lithe woman with golden eyes with a small dagger at her side.  She carried a large pouch on her belt that jingled quietly as she walked.

Tiplak considered himself considered himself quite friendly and charming, so he introduced himself.  The strangers responded in kind, the man smiling wide and the woman avoiding Tiplak’s gaze, as though shy.  Eyeing the man’s spear, Tiplak decided then that he would challenge the man to a test of strength.

Tiplak challenged the man, but he declined, saying he wasn’t nearly as strong as Tiplak, but that his traveling companion was.  Tiplak laughed at first, along with the man and woman.  His mirth turned to anger when he realized they were laughing AT him, not with him.  In anger, he said that he would challenge her then, and he would wager the most valuable things he possessed against the single most valuable thing they possessed.  THAT is how confident he was.

The man grinned wide, and produced a gold necklace seemingly from the air. He said that it was the most valuable thing they had with them.  Tiplak said he had much of value, but it wouldn’t matter because he would be the victor.

Tiplak drew his axes and put a bit of distance between him and the woman.  She offered for him to call for the start when ready. He called for the fight to start.

She moved faster than the eye could see.  A flurry of unarmed strikes battered his body, and he went down, dropping his weapons.  Tiplak saw red.  He lunged for her, his hands finding her small frame and bringing her to the ground.  Almost effortlessly, she rolled him over and pinned him down.  He struggled, screaming, but she was the stronger.  Eventually, he yielded.

The man never stopped smiling the entire time. After he got up and dusted himself off, Tiplak began to rummage through his things.  The man told him to close his pack.  With a terrible start, he saw the man’s pupils had become slits.  His body froze in place, and the woman began to laugh.

The man strode close to Tiplak, holding the necklace before him.  Tiplak felt his strength being drained from him, leaving him and going to the necklace. The woman’s laugh began to change.  It became an inhuman, animalistic cackle.  When his strength was drained, and the man close to him the man leaned in and said the following,

“THIS is the price of pride, boy.  Never believe you are greater than the spirits.”

As he spoke, he saw the man’s tongue was forked. Tiplak blacked out and awoke sometime later.  His strength had been taken and he was as weak as a child.  Tiplak disappeared into the wilderness, abandoning his tribe, and was never heard from again.


This item grants the following abilities:


  • 2x Pin Weapon per period.
  • 2x Pin Shield per period.  
  • 2x “I draw you towards him/her/them 10 seconds.” (You must point to secondary targets)
  • 1 Arc Knockback 10 feet. 
  • Note: All skills are usable with any weapon, but keep in mind weapon length determines arc striking range.
  • This item is soulbound.


Ring of Success


20180815 203903 (3)

There was once a young woman named Atoria Vonones who lived in Solinaria city.  She was a middling craftswoman, but nothing quite set her apart from her peers.  She was also skilled in the scholarly arts and thought she could bring that knowledge to bear to assist in her own crafting.

Atoria closed her failing business temporarily and set to the library in Solinaria City. She sought hidden ways and means of crafting more effectively.

She spent months searching as she spent what little she saved up for this endeavor. She came across some strange tomes during her search, but none of them contained what she was looking for.  For some reason, she thought she had a lead at one point, but couldn’t remember the particulars.  She chalked it up to exhaustion.

Ultimately, as the last of her saved coin was spent, she realized she had failed.  Tomorrow she would have to reopen her failing shop and hope she didn’t lose everything.  She cried herself to sleep in her bed above her shop, wishing there was something she could do to get ahead of the competition.

When she awoke she found this ring on her nightstand.  She wasn’t sure where it had come from, but she thought it was pretty and put it on.  A flash of insight came over her.  She knew what she could do to make things work out better!

She figured out more efficient ways to craft the goods she had been making, churning out items faster than any of her competition could.

The ore she would receive from the mines used to be of sub-par quality and would require much working before it could be made into usable ingots.  Somehow, with her newfound luck, the ore she received came in almost already refined! She was even able to use some of it in its near-raw form in place of worked ingots.

Her customers commented that her crafted goods seem to last longer and provide greater protections than other merchants, and so business began to improve.  Life was going well.  She kept thinking back to the library though, and the books she had looked at.  There was some part of her that remembered a particularly strange tome… But as quickly as the thought bubbled to the surface, something would distract her and it’d return firmly to the back of her mind.

For the next 9 years, Atoria’s business boomed.  She made many connections and friends all over Solinaria.

On the morning of the 10th year after discovering the ring that she had grown to love, Atoria simply vanished.  All of her clothes and possessions were left in place, and nothing seemed to have been packed for a journey.  Foul play was not suspected since Atoria didn’t have any specific enemies or rivals, but nobody ever found where Atoria had gone.  Eventually, her business and belongings were sold, including this ring, which was found sitting on her nightstand.



This item grants the following abilities:


  • -1 Minute to crafting attempts
  • 2x per crafting period, you may substitute any 1 ore (up to tier 3) for its ingot version in a recipe.
  • 1x Extend any “until end of the event” crafting buff to last until the end of the following event. (So if it grants 2 disables, and you do not use either disable, you will still have them usable the following event.) per event.
  • 1x “I grant you/myself the ability to reactively become immune to physical attacks for 10 minutes while crafting once. if you/I attack the shield dissipates.” per period.
  • This item is soulbound.
OOG Announcements WCATSP

WCATSP Summer 2018 Items 1 and 2

Scarab of Consequence



There was once a Nikklari named Grek. Grek wasn’t the smartest Nikklari in the Empire, but he was pretty charming. He lived in the greatest cave in The Hollows, which was filled with many Nikklari families and homes. It was essentially a small city. Grek was different from other Nikklari. He coveted all manner of small trinkets and jewelry. Many Nikklari are content with what they already have, or only look for what they need to live, but there are some like Grek that always look for more.


It was on a summer day when Grek chanced to travel to the marketplace, to see if he could find anything delightful to take home with him. He chanced upon a golden scarab charm with a small gem embedded in it. Immediately he knew it was shiny enough that he must have it.


Grek was caught trying to steal the item. It was not the first time Grek was caught. A new Nikklari threw the book at Grek in an attempt to make a name for themselves as taking a strong stance against theft, and Grek quickly found himself exiled from his home.


Grek was heartbroken, and would wander the lands to the west of the Nikklari empire, eventually heading south and settling in Manasarwati. Grek enjoyed the materialistic nature of many of the people there, and eventually, he met another Nikklari wandering the Manasarwati lands. They would fall deeply in love, and find themselves married.  Grek would find work as a successful merchant.


One day, while in the marketplace, Grek was stunned to find the very same charm he’d tried to steal for sale by a neighboring merchant.  Grek thought of how much his life had changed because of this charm. He bought it immediately, and brought it home. Grek would keep the charm the rest of his days as a reminder of where he had come from. Eventually, Grek gave the item to a trusted apprentice, so that it might bring them luck.


This item grants the following abilities:


  • 2x Force Blade per period. (“I engulf this weapon in magical force 1 minute.”)
  • 2x Force Blast per period.  (“Force Blast, damage 5.”)
  • 1x Resist Silence per period.
  • Additionally, If you are a caster with a 5 damage spell or higher, the force blast becomes 2x Force Lance per period. (“Force Lance, damage 15.”)
  • This item is soulbound.


Ebony Ring of Shifting Realities




One morning you awoke to find this ring among your possessions.  Upon examination of the ring, you seem to have conflicting memories of how you gained it.  It is undoubtedly magical, but every time you sit to think about it, how you acquired the ring seems to change.


You have a memory of winning the ring during a particularly high-stakes game of Liar’s dice.  You angered its previous owner quite a bit: a woman named Myra. She claimed you cheated. As you think about it, she might be right.


You have a memory of finding the ring on a chain around a hobgoblin’s neck.  It was a hard fight, but the creature fell to your efforts and those of your companions.


You have a memory of receiving the ring from a dear friend on their deathbed, after becoming afflicted with a terrible illness. You cry as you feel the pain of the loss of a loved one.


You recall always having the item.  It was a gift from your parents.


You remember ice running through your veins as the Censharu murdered those around you.  Kavarek was winning the war, and there was nothing you could do to stop it. You clutch your lucky ring tightly.


The shifting realities have done something to this ring.  Has is been dislodged from its home reality? For reasons unknown to you, it has found a home with you.  


This item grants the following abilities:


  • 2x Reactive Knockback 10 feet per period.
  • 2x Disable per period.
  • 2x Disarm per period.
  • Additionally, if you have at least 2 purchases of Disable, the Disable is upgraded to 2x Break Limb per period. if you have at least 2 purchases of Disarm, the Disarm is upgraded to 2x Shatter Weapon per period.
  • This item is soulbound.

Welcome to the 3rd Year of our yearly summer promotion hereby known as the:

“We Couldn’t Agree on a Title Summer Promotion”
– or WCATSP for short. (“Wuh-CATS-puh”)

This special promotion celebrates our 16th season of RoA.

This promotion lasts JULY – AUGUST – 2018

*New Player Weekends*

  • Any new player to RoA will be admitted at half price – $10.
  • All new players will receive an “Adventurer’s Starter” package. This will include several useful potions and sundries to help get them started!
  • All character point recruitment awards will be DOUBLED for new players recruited.
    • 2 character points will be added to your bank immediately following the event in question.
    • After someone you refer has attended 3 games, an additional 2 character points will be added to your bank immediately following the event in question and that person will be counted towards your lifetime recruitment total.
  • If you bring a NEW cast member as either a temp cast with the intention of going player later OR with the intent on possibly becoming full cast, you will get 2 character points per cast member you bring. They must cast the whole weekend for this to count.

*Benefits for ALL players, new and old!*

  • Buy 2 get 2 free CP!
  • If you buy 2 buy in points for any of the 2 “We Couldn’t Agree on a Title Summer Promotion,” you will get 2 extra, free points that can be used rules free. You may do this for each event you attend.  (This will become effective from the points usable in the July-August Update.)
  • Each of the (2) “We Couldn’t Agree on a Title Summer Promotion” events we will raffle off  2 item. We will try to post what the items will be in advance of the event. Every player who attends as either player OR temp cast will get a single entry into the raffle for the items. This will be drawn at game off and given to the winner. In the case of magic items, these will be pre-attuned and can be used at the following event.
  • For each event you attend during the WCATSP promotion you will earn WCATSP Points. You shall earn 5 WCATSP Points for each WCATSP event you attend.
  • If you are unable to attend a Realms of Adventure Event in person, you WILL be eligible for the WCATSP Points if you purchase 3 points under the Missed Events Program.

If you have questions not covered, please send them to and we will answer them as quick as possible. We look forward to seeing you all at game!


NOTE: If you already submitted your update for the July 2018 event, and you bought buy-in points already, the extra 2 points will be added on your sheet as “Rules-free” points usable for your next update.

Download the 2018 WCATSP Rewards Sheet here!


In-Game Lore Plot Events

The Mirror Has Been Shattered

A great creature whose skin seemed to be made of polished mirror burst from the confines of the ancient ruins within which it was found.  It attacked the people of New Calendale, reflecting and redirecting their most powerful spells and abilities as they attempted to take it down.  Ultimately, however, the people of New Calendale were victorious.

With the destruction of the creature with the mirrored visage, a great burst of magical energy streaked across the field in front of The Scroll and Dragon.  After the deafening explosion, not a single trace of the being was left.  The explosion was heard and felt for miles around.  All of the constructs that had been fighting alongside it ground to a halt and disintegrated.

Hours after The Mirror was destroyed, an order was posted by Baron Fontaine to immediately cease any and all excavation or exploration of the ruins until after the incident could be investigated.

The Scarlet and Emerald Scarves have reportedly been called in to determine the implications of the situation, and rumors of the “Artaani Prison” from which the creature escaped from have already begun to circulate among the general populace.

Thus far, no after effects of the magical explosion have been observed.


In-Game Lore

The Laws of the Twin Kingdoms

King Leopold has decreed that effective immediately, the Laws of the Twin Kingdoms shall read as follows:

(This document shall supersede any prior similar document.) 18th Day of the Love Moon, 1118


Laws of the Land


     The peoples of Adraveth are as varied as its climate, and in different lands the rules and customs of society can be vastly different. Laws vary from place to place to suit the needs and ideals of the people they serve. For example slavery is highly illegal in the Twin Kingdoms and Agoria whereas it is a perfectly accepted practice throughout Solinaria and Al’Hazir. It is wise for travelers to be aware of local laws and customs before venturing into new territory because not every culture is forgiving of transgressions. The laws of the Twin Kingdoms are listed below. Bear in mind that while it is fairly progressive, the Twin Kingdoms is still a feudal monarchy. Ideas like democracy, freedom of speech, and civil rights are practiced on a limited scale. While the Twin Kingdoms has the reputation for fair, wise and benevolent rule, ultimately the crown and the nobility has the right to use the laws as they see fit including but not limited to not being bound to them. If a starting character were from the Twin Kingdoms they would have a good idea of these laws, whereas if they were from a different culture they would need to learn these things in game.


Laws of the Twin Kingdoms, under the rule of the good King Leopold Damasque, effective on the 1st day of the Love Moon, 1118


Since these laws are standardized throughout the Twin Kingdoms, there will undoubtedly be local variations as decreed by the reigning noble. In areas where a judge or adjudicator is assigned, all incidents of crime or lawlessness may be brought before them, and escalated to the Magistrate should the need arise.


  •  No common person within The Twin Kingdoms shall enter the private home of another without permission of the owner.


  •  A common person within The Twin Kingdoms may not steal, damage, or destroy, the possessions, goods or money of another person.


  •  A common person of The Twin Kingdoms may not strike or assault another law-abiding person with any part of their person (i.e. fist, foot etc.) or a weapon, or a spell, with the exception of circumstances of self-defense. Any assault or attempted assault is a crime to be brought before the judge, adjudicator or local Magistrate. Situations of self-defense will be judged according to the amount of force used and the appropriateness of that force.


  •  Similarly, for a commoner, murder is illegal. Murder is defined as actions or deliberate negligence resulting in the death of another person, without justification or excuse. Causing the death of another will be judged according to the situation, justification and the appropriateness of that action.


  •  Duels and honor combats are permitted in the Twin Kingdoms under certain circumstances. Both parties must be willing, and the rules of said combat must be clearly defined and abided by. Only a local noble, ranked Knight or higher, or the local Magistrate, Judge, or Bailiff may grant permission for the combat and a witness of that noble or town official must be present.


  •  Slavery is illegal. No citizen or foreign resident of The Twin Kingdoms may keep slaves or enforce slavery. Slavery is the uncompensated and unwilling servitude of one individual to another. Indentured servitude is legal when there is reasonable compensation, willingness, and agreement of both parties, and the servitor is considered to be of sound mind and capable of making informed decisions.  The only exception to the above are temporary leaves granted by a noble of the rank of Marquis or Higher, and only as a temporary measure that may not be extended indefinitely.


  •  A common person within The Twin Kingdoms may not imprison, capture or enslave another person against their will or in return for a ransom. This is considered kidnapping and will be regarded similarly to slavery. The only time a citizen may hold another against their will is in the case of detaining a criminal until such time as the proper authorities may take over.


  •  A common person within The Twin Kingdoms may not employ torture on any creature. Only appointed representatives of The Twin Kingdoms including guards of rank Corporal or higher, Senior Scarlet Scarves and above, or licensed individuals may employ the arts of torture and only then in the function of official Twin Kingdoms business.


  •  The use and possession of any lethal poisons and venoms are strictly forbidden, with exception of certain spells. Poisons of a non-lethal nature including but not limited to those which induce sleep or temporary paralysis are legal.


  •  A common person within The Twin Kingdoms may not cast any magic, sorcery, or divine prayer upon another person without their consent. Infractions of this sort will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


  • All mages must be licensed within the Twin Kingdoms in order to cast. However a master mage within the guild may take responsibility for a novice student for a short while until they are able to attend a formal Mages’ Guild meeting to become licensed.  During this interim time, the novice student may be taught. These temporary allowances shall be granted to an individual for no more than three days time at maximum, once, ever. (Though the master in question may grant this allowance to different individuals within the same year, an individual may only be allowed to benefit from this benefit under a non-scarlet-scarf-master only once)  Scarlet scarves may grant this allowance at their discretion in 3 day increments.  The same individual may not benefit from this allowance more than 2 instances per year.   Those without license may also seek permission to cast solely in the defense of themselves and others, however abuse of this to circumvent licensure will result in severe prosecution.  Any of the permissions granted above become the immediate responsibility of the granting mage to directly inform the local guild scribe, who shall be responsible for keeping a record of these permissions and exceptions that shall be available for inspection by Scarlet Scarves, Headmaster of the Local Mages Guild, or Judge.  Addendum: By Noble Decree, Rune Mages shall require licensure in order to cast spells. All Shavali shall require licensure via the Mages’ Guild in order to cast spells as well.  


  •  The unlicensed use, practice or teaching of Necromancy is illegal. Further, no individual shall teach Necromancy to any other individual without express written prior consent of a duly appointed representative of EACH of the following: Magister of Emerald OR Scarlet Scarves (local or otherwise), Noble of Marquis or Higher. Recommendation from Local Headmaster of Mages’ Guild -OR- Town Magistrate. If any of the above requirements cannot be met, an individual may plead their case before a Mages’ Guild Tribunal, this may only occur in lieu of one of the above.


  •  Persons may not worship, preach or call forth spells of infernal beings. The summoning of infernal forces or the willing casting of infernal rites are illegal activities in The Twin Kingdoms. Similarly consorting with infernal beings is illegal.  Consorting with infernal beings is only legal during the day and night surrounding Realms Night.  During the aforementioned time, casting infernal spells or performing infernal rites remain illegal.


  • If the legality of a particular type of magic being cast or observed is in question, it is the responsibility of the individual witnessing or casting this magic to seek out either a Scarlet Scarf or Headmaster of the Local Mages’ Guild to make the determination.  If an immediate determination cannot be made, it is the responsibility of the Scarlet Scarf or Headmaster in question to seek out an official internal ruling from the Mages’ Guild.


  •  Lying in any official capacity is highly illegal. This includes but is not limited to lying while testifying in court or being questioned by a guardsman or noble. This also includes the misrepresentation of oneself as something they are not, be it noble, guardsman, or any other official duly appointed by the government of the Twin Kingdoms.


  •  Forgery and counterfeiting are highly illegal. This includes documentation, goods, materials or valuables.


  •  All persons must fully cooperate and assist any representative of the Royal Guard, as well as any noble when legally requested.


  •  All persons, regardless of citizenship, are expected to pay taxes and tithes to the local government according to present needs upon demand. If a person is unable to pay the taxes they should report this to the local magistrate who will try to resolve the matter. Intentional tax evasion will be punished harshly.


  •  All persons, citizen or otherwise, are obliged to assist in the defense and protection of the Kingdom, in whatever manner they are able and with whatever resources they have. During wartime or in situations of emergency as deemed by the local baron or magistrate or guard of sergeant rank or higher, a person may be conscripted to provide for the defense of the Kingdom.


  •  Any of the above crimes are punishable not only if committed, but conspiracy to commit a crime, or aiding and abetting another to commit a crime or concealing the truth, nature or existence of a crime is similarly illegal, and can be deemed treasonous if the crime is one against the state.


  • Non-citizens and foreign residents of The Twin Kingdoms are still bound by these laws.


  • Citizenship allows one to represent themselves before a judge or court. If a non-citizen or foreign resident of The Twin Kingdoms is accused of breaking a law, they must find a citizen to represent them and speak on their behalf.


  •  Lastly, be it known that ignorance of the laws on any grounds, is not an excuse for breaking them. In the event you cannot read or interpret the laws, you may seek out a judge or Magistrate to explain them to you.


OOG Announcements Rules Changes

New System Announcement: Hunts


This season we will be running a new type of mod called “Hunts”. These mods will feature both variants to current monsters and completely unique monsters not previously seen before in game and will be listed on the town message boards as “open contracts”. “Open Contracts” can be completed by anyone and require no special circumstances other than defeating and looting the Hunt. The “Open Contracts” will ist everything you need to know about the hunt; Its difficulty (1 to 5 stars), what it is, where it is, as well as the REWARDS you will receive for turning in what you loot from it.


Things to note:

-A hunt will spawn in a specific location, treat it as its territory and are meant to be challenging fights(don’t try to be a solo player for these).

-Under no circumstances will the hunt leave its territory, not even to pursue people who have attacked it.

-Hunts will have multiple times listed, this is intentional. Hunts WILL spawn multiple times per event at/or around the listed times. Once they do spawn they will be available for 1 hour and then will move on.

-Everyone who participates in taking down a hunt is eligible to loot the hunt (even if you are a scholar observing the fight and taking notes you’re still eligible) .

-The hunt will not be carrying any kind of loot other than “Trophies”. Every individual who participates in taking down the hunt will receive one trophy card chosen at random when they loot the hunt. Please note, taking down the hunt does not give you a trophy UNLESS you actually loot the hunt.

-Trophy cards will be of a common, uncommon and rare variety and the “open contracts” will usually, but not always, list what each is worth. 1 star trophies are common and 5 star are rarest.

-After a hunt there will be NPCs out buying the trophies (current plan is to send them out during dinner). The trophies have no other use other than to be bought.

-You can take a monster down with both brute force and strategy (the loot won’t be affected by either path )

In-Game Lore Plot Events

The End of the Great Fae War and State of Adraveth 1118

The End of the Great Fae War


Rain fell around the New Calendale residents as they pleaded for the lives of all of the Fae across the entirety of Adraveth.  Soaked and shivering, several lent their voices to support the right of the Fae to exist.  The last Sylph, though righteous in his anger, listened to all for and against the Fae.


The Sylph thought long and hard as those around him spoke or remained silent.  Eventually he made a decision:  the balance of power would be restored to the Fae of both light and dark, and the war would cease.  The Fae would be given one last chance.


Given clarity by what was the equivalent of a god themselves coming to them and telling them to stop, the fighting nearly stopped overnight. (In addition to the fact that superior innate strength was no longer an advantage that the Dark Fae held.).  In addition, Trolls seemed to have the curse over their forms lifted.


Since then, nearly all Fae have retreated to the Fae Realm to rebuild their homes and realm.  Some are still remaining in Adraveth, having built lives or made friends there.  The future is unknown, but one thing is certain: The horrors of the Fae War seem to have finally come to an end.


State of Adraveth as of The Love Moon, 1118


The Winter has been a bitter cold one so far, and as the year turned, the Oracle named it “The Year of the Prism.”  Many have begun to speculate upon just what this might mean.


In the northern wastes, the elemental city of Straloset has been housing and taking in those northern tribes that were displaced during the city’s arrival.  Were it not for the efforts and advice of several tribesmen hailing from the New Calendale area that Straloset delegates met with (and the subsequent spreading of the message to their kin), many would have frozen to death without proper shelter over the winter.  


The Shavali within the city of Straloset have ceased any and all fighting with the tribesmen, although the tribesmen still look upon them with anger.


The sickness that was spreading virulently when the city first arrived seems to have stopped its spread.  Those who weren’t killed by the sickness ended up with odd quirks and symptoms of their infection. Unfortunately, no cure has been found to remove their strange symptoms, although the Church of Attalia and The Scarlet Scarves are investigating the situation in earnest.   


Larigmoore continues to heal its wounds after the war.  Solinaria has proven to be earnest in its promise to assist in the healing and rebuilding process.


King Leopold’s physical condition has not improved. The rumors of the Leopold’s tendency to remain in the Dream Realm for extended periods of time has turned out to be true, and the newly established Order of the Sleepwalkers continues to guard his presence in the Dream Realm and this one.   He has embraced the title that he’s heard others use when referring to him: “The Sleeping King.”


In-Game Lore Plot Events

The Setting Sun (Deity’s Eclipse 2017)

The Setting Sun (Deity’s Eclipse 2017)


For as long as anyone can remember, once the sun sets upon the 31st Day of The Spirit Moon, a night of true terror begins for the inhabitants of Adraveth.

Dark horrors stalk the woods and those of faith find their connections severed from their respective Gods or Goddesses.  Those who follow the Spirits find themselves seemingly abandoned as well.  Curiously, those who follow the God of Lies find themselves with a connection still in place.

Many have called this night The Deity’s Eclipse while the tribesmen have called it Spiritsdeath.

None seem to know why their connections to the Divine and Spirit falter, but all can agree that that night, perhaps more than any other night, is a time for people to come together and protect one another.  It is not unheard of for several families to spend the eve together under a single roof, with their doors locked and barred, and the sounds of unspeakable horrors wailing outside.

Some believe that The Eclipse is a test of faith for all, devised by the children of the All-Mother and the All-Father as a way to see whether or not their worshipers can draw upon the core tenants of the faiths which led them to devote their lives to serving their chosen deity in the first place.

Nothing one sees during the Eclipse can be trusted, and travel during the eve should be seriously limited for the safety of oneself and others.

The Scroll and Dragon has been officially offered as a place of respite for those seeking to gather together during this Deity’s Eclipse, in the hopes that those without a place for safe haven might find some there.  Those seeking shelter may freely spend the night within her walls.



To clarify, the actual in-game dates will differ this weekend from their RL counterparts.  The weekend will take place over the 30th, 31st, and 1st from an in-game standpoint.   

If you are a DEDICATED Cleric or Shaman, from 6:00 PM on Saturday night until midnight of the same night, you will find yourself completely severed from any Divine or Spirit connections, and will be unable to cast any spells, or use any abilities that rely on Divine or Shamanic connection such as Deity’s Favor.  This will leave you feeling truly awful, since such a large portion of who you are has been effectively severed.  

OOG Announcements

State of the Game – September 2017

Hello everyone.

I’m pleased to say we’ve had a great year so far.  We’ve more players than we’ve ever had, many of the new systems we’ve been talking about the last year or so have been making their way into the hands of players, teachers are out more frequently, and we’ve been getting great feedback from everyone involved.

I wanted to talk about some of that feedback we’ve been hearing:

Specifically, we’ve been hearing some negative feedback about scheduling in general and the alt system.  It’s often pointed out that while we are hitting more players more frequently with NPCs to teach them and roleplay with them, we’re not able to hit as many as there are or able to hit all of the alts as well as the mains.

We are of the firm belief that this is a problem largely caused by the fact that we are, let’s face it, severely understaffed.  We’ve had a couple cast members retire from the game this year, as well as gaining a few new ones, but unfortunately, it simply isn’t enough.  While our new cast members are doing exceptionally, there is still a limit as to what can be done with such few people.

More and more we hear feedback from other games about our Cast/Staff levels; and the general consensus seems to be a game with half our player base would consider themselves severely understaffed.  Honestly it is a testament to the abilities of the men and women we have been working with over the last year that we have been able to continue putting out quality events.

But as I said above though, I feel (and from what we’re gathering from PELs, many players feel as well) that we are not providing an adequate experience for alts in general currently.  Even the experience for mains has suffered somewhat as well.  There are a few reasons for this, but they ultimately are symptoms of the larger problem stated above: the amount of people on cast.

When one sits down and does the math, we’ve averaged around 60 players per event.  These are numbers nearly double from prior years.  At our current cast and staff levels (7 permacast by the end of this year) that puts us at 1 cast member per every 8.5 (let’s round to 9) players.  There are currently around 14 alts as well, which skew the ratio even further to 1 cast member per 10.5 characters.  I don’t need to go into detail to explain the amount of work that puts on the shoulders of us.

We had a few ideas as to how things could be fixed in order to make the experience better for everyone all around:

1)  Create a system that allows for a player to cast from Friday Game on Until Saturday Refresh -OR- from Saturday Refresh to Game Off with associated rewards. We haven’t been able to figure out what sort of incentives would be best here yet, and are certainly open to suggestions.

2)  Put the call out for those players who have been considering joining us to join us.  We want the game to get better, and we’re hoping that people will step up knowing the game could use their help.

3)  Modify the alt system to only allow full events or half events similar to the cast system above, with no exceptions. (We don’t want to do this.)

4)  Institute a player cap. (This is something we’re heavily against, but has worked for other games in the past.)

5)  We’re always willing to listen to other suggestions.

I’m writing this because we want this to become better for everyone involved.  I know anyone reading this would want to see the game become better as well.  Many of you have expressed a passing interest, or have mentioned to us that someday you want to make the transition to cast.  I’m asking for anyone that has considered it, and think they can commit to it, to do so now.  We need you more than ever.  The game needs you more than ever. I’m hoping some of you will step up and make the game proud.

Rules Changes

Scholar Update: A New Skill and a Clarification

The Newest Scholar Skill: Eureka


We’ve been working on the scholar class, and with feedback from players, we’ve decided to give Scholars a unique edge in the form of a new scholar-only skill:


Eureka (Scholar Only): Single Purchase, Per Event. 10 Points:

This skill represents the Scholar’s ability to learn on their own based on their own independent studies.  If a player has not been taught from a specific area of study WITHIN THE SCHOLAR CLASS ONLY (Ex: Alchemy, Mundane Healing, Crafting:Chef etc.) for two events that they have attended, they may use this skill between games to automatically advance.  For spells and crafting skills, this would be the next Spell or Recipe in progression. For skills, this would be knowledge of the next skill in progression along with pre-reqs and cost. (So a person would be able to purchase it in their coming update.) This skill may not be used for additional school of magic, and may not be used to progress in any hidden schools of magic.  Any recipe points or character points must still be spent to purchase the skill/recipe/etc.


We hope that the above skill will add an interesting way to progress as well as add an interesting dynamic to roleplay for scholars in general.



Here are the clarifications we’ve been asked so far:
So Eureka looks good but I have a few clarify questions about it. 1) Can it only work on one area of study per two event? 2) If I get a lesson in area 1 does the skill trigger for area b? 3)If we have multiple area’s of study, engineering, alchemy, mundane healing, and we have not gotten a lesson in any do we choose which one we get the eureka in? 4) How do you find out what the next skill in progression for the chosen area is? Especially if no one is around to tell you ig? 5) does this teach languages.

1) Yes, it can only be used on one area of study per two events. 2) Yes, if you get a lesson in area 1, you could still Eureka in area 2, provided area 2 wasn’t taught to you for 2 events, 3) Yes, you choose which skill to get the Eureka in 4) You are told what the cost is for the skill prior to your update, along with its point cost. 5) It may NOT be used to learn languages per Literacy: Other

For clarification: how does this work with arcane scrollcraft scholar? Does it allow for the learning of spells, and would these spells get around the one spell per event limit of multi classed scholars?

Eureka allows the learning of a spell (specifically arcane because scholar only has access to arcane) provided you have not been taught ANY spell from any school or class by a teacher in two events. Learning from a Scroll of Knowledge will not reset this timer, or prevent you from using Eureka.



Library Clarifications

Many scholars have already found themselves granted access to special in-game libraries to increase the sorts of things they can find out with their research skill.  There has however been some amount of confusion and mis-clarification (completely our fault here) about the means with which scholars gain access to some of those libraries.


Certain specific libraries are automatically unlocked for a player’s use when they reach the pre-requisites, such as the Mages’ Guild Archives. (A character having 3xResearch and being a member of the guild), or the Dunford Bay Baronial Archives (Judge, Bailiff, Magistrate with 3xResearch.).


Other libraries require specific access granted by either a relevant NPC or a player with the appropriate position to do so.  And in many cases, that access would be temporary.  For example, the magistrate may grant temporary access to the Baronial archives for special situations, if need be.   


It is not always the case that reaching a specific milestone automatically grants access to a library, or the ability to grant access to that library, there must be some amount of in-game connection made.  Sending a letter to the library for example, would constitute the correct initial step in gaining access to that library.


Edit: Per the stance we’ve taken on clarifications made in the past that may conflict with newer clarifications, anyone who has gained access to a library prior to this announcement shall continue to have access to that library. If research has been re-submitted to reflect the initial clarification, consider it invalid and the initial research submission re-validated.

It has and continues to be our stance that we will generally lean towards not removing something someone already has.