Rules Changes

Patch Note History

Patch Notes 2/28/18:

Popper Traps will now break the limb that steps on it in addition to dealing the standard 3 damage.

The recipe to create popper traps has not changed in component cost or tier at this time.


Patch Notes 2/18/18

Removed Blade Poison, Contact Poison, and Oral Poison from the list of available starting poisons for poisoncraft.

Added Itching Powder, Blindness Blade Poison, Pain Blade Poison, Weakness Blade Poison, and Feeblemind Blade Poison to the list of available starting poisons for poisoncraft.

Added time requirement for potions, gels, and compounds – 10 minutes base, can never be lowered below 1 minute per item craft.

Note: Poisoncraft has gotten an overhaul, and costs have been altered. The poisoncraft point costs for the above added recipes may be lower than what they used to be. Since it is nearing the event, if this is the case you are still considered to have the same number of poisoncraft points, but just fewer of them are being used on your current recipes which will allow you to learn more recipes if able. If you wish to redistribute the extra points after the event (in the case of wanting ONLY the poisons you have and no plans to learn any further), then please email Dave R AFTER the event happens to redistribute any of those specific points.

Regardless, if you currently have poisoncraft and more than 5 recipes, you will likely have cost reductions. If you have any specific questions, feel free to message Dave R, or if comfortable message myself, and we’ll let you know if a recipe has been reduced in cost.

Itching Powder (and later on a few other recipes) is on BOTH the alchemy list and the poisoncraft list. If you have it for one, you DO NOT need to learn it for the other, as the tier, cost, and materials are the same.


Patch Notes 2/12/18

– Sweep for the Earth school reduced from 2 mana to 1 mana
– Arcane Armor, Lesser and Arcane Vigor, Lesser for the Enchantment school both reduced from 2 mana to 1 mana
– Fortify Armor for the Enchantment school reduced from 3 mana to 2 mana

OOG Announcements Rules Changes

New System Announcement: Hunts


This season we will be running a new type of mod called “Hunts”. These mods will feature both variants to current monsters and completely unique monsters not previously seen before in game and will be listed on the town message boards as “open contracts”. “Open Contracts” can be completed by anyone and require no special circumstances other than defeating and looting the Hunt. The “Open Contracts” will ist everything you need to know about the hunt; Its difficulty (1 to 5 stars), what it is, where it is, as well as the REWARDS you will receive for turning in what you loot from it.


Things to note:

-A hunt will spawn in a specific location, treat it as its territory and are meant to be challenging fights(don’t try to be a solo player for these).

-Under no circumstances will the hunt leave its territory, not even to pursue people who have attacked it.

-Hunts will have multiple times listed, this is intentional. Hunts WILL spawn multiple times per event at/or around the listed times. Once they do spawn they will be available for 1 hour and then will move on.

-Everyone who participates in taking down a hunt is eligible to loot the hunt (even if you are a scholar observing the fight and taking notes you’re still eligible) .

-The hunt will not be carrying any kind of loot other than “Trophies”. Every individual who participates in taking down the hunt will receive one trophy card chosen at random when they loot the hunt. Please note, taking down the hunt does not give you a trophy UNLESS you actually loot the hunt.

-Trophy cards will be of a common, uncommon and rare variety and the “open contracts” will usually, but not always, list what each is worth. 1 star trophies are common and 5 star are rarest.

-After a hunt there will be NPCs out buying the trophies (current plan is to send them out during dinner). The trophies have no other use other than to be bought.

-You can take a monster down with both brute force and strategy (the loot won’t be affected by either path )

Rules Changes

Scholar Update: A New Skill and a Clarification

The Newest Scholar Skill: Eureka


We’ve been working on the scholar class, and with feedback from players, we’ve decided to give Scholars a unique edge in the form of a new scholar-only skill:


Eureka (Scholar Only): Single Purchase, Per Event. 10 Points:

This skill represents the Scholar’s ability to learn on their own based on their own independent studies.  If a player has not been taught from a specific area of study WITHIN THE SCHOLAR CLASS ONLY (Ex: Alchemy, Mundane Healing, Crafting:Chef etc.) for two events that they have attended, they may use this skill between games to automatically advance.  For spells and crafting skills, this would be the next Spell or Recipe in progression. For skills, this would be knowledge of the next skill in progression along with pre-reqs and cost. (So a person would be able to purchase it in their coming update.) This skill may not be used for additional school of magic, and may not be used to progress in any hidden schools of magic.  Any recipe points or character points must still be spent to purchase the skill/recipe/etc.


We hope that the above skill will add an interesting way to progress as well as add an interesting dynamic to roleplay for scholars in general.



Here are the clarifications we’ve been asked so far:
So Eureka looks good but I have a few clarify questions about it. 1) Can it only work on one area of study per two event? 2) If I get a lesson in area 1 does the skill trigger for area b? 3)If we have multiple area’s of study, engineering, alchemy, mundane healing, and we have not gotten a lesson in any do we choose which one we get the eureka in? 4) How do you find out what the next skill in progression for the chosen area is? Especially if no one is around to tell you ig? 5) does this teach languages.

1) Yes, it can only be used on one area of study per two events. 2) Yes, if you get a lesson in area 1, you could still Eureka in area 2, provided area 2 wasn’t taught to you for 2 events, 3) Yes, you choose which skill to get the Eureka in 4) You are told what the cost is for the skill prior to your update, along with its point cost. 5) It may NOT be used to learn languages per Literacy: Other

For clarification: how does this work with arcane scrollcraft scholar? Does it allow for the learning of spells, and would these spells get around the one spell per event limit of multi classed scholars?

Eureka allows the learning of a spell (specifically arcane because scholar only has access to arcane) provided you have not been taught ANY spell from any school or class by a teacher in two events. Learning from a Scroll of Knowledge will not reset this timer, or prevent you from using Eureka.



Library Clarifications

Many scholars have already found themselves granted access to special in-game libraries to increase the sorts of things they can find out with their research skill.  There has however been some amount of confusion and mis-clarification (completely our fault here) about the means with which scholars gain access to some of those libraries.


Certain specific libraries are automatically unlocked for a player’s use when they reach the pre-requisites, such as the Mages’ Guild Archives. (A character having 3xResearch and being a member of the guild), or the Dunford Bay Baronial Archives (Judge, Bailiff, Magistrate with 3xResearch.).


Other libraries require specific access granted by either a relevant NPC or a player with the appropriate position to do so.  And in many cases, that access would be temporary.  For example, the magistrate may grant temporary access to the Baronial archives for special situations, if need be.   


It is not always the case that reaching a specific milestone automatically grants access to a library, or the ability to grant access to that library, there must be some amount of in-game connection made.  Sending a letter to the library for example, would constitute the correct initial step in gaining access to that library.


Edit: Per the stance we’ve taken on clarifications made in the past that may conflict with newer clarifications, anyone who has gained access to a library prior to this announcement shall continue to have access to that library. If research has been re-submitted to reflect the initial clarification, consider it invalid and the initial research submission re-validated.

It has and continues to be our stance that we will generally lean towards not removing something someone already has.


OOG Announcements Rules Changes

Touching: Consensual or Otherwise


Since RoA’s inception, it has had a no touching rule.  This past event, we heard a few reports that it was being violated in some places.  In the reports we heard, people were physically restraining or grabbing others.  This should never have occurred.

Effective immediately, and going forward, touching shall only occur at the game by explicit consent. The ONLY physical contact that should occur is with express prior consent of both individuals, and this consent may be revoked at any time whatsoever. The standard should be assumed that consent is NOT given, unless a specific verbal consent for a specified action or event is given.

Effects that have been permitted per the rules in the past, such as bandaging with first aid, intercept with a light touch on the shoulder, or standard boffer combat, are not affected by this ruling. This ruling is only applicable to anything further or beyond that. As always, if one cannot be struck with a boffer weapon or anything else, then the yellow arm band rule would apply here instead.


Consent may be gained by saying “Clarify: Consent?” (With a response of “Clarify: Yes/No”)  and revoked by saying “Clarify: Revoked.”  

Nobody should be made to feel pressured to say yes in this situation, and should absolutely not be pressured to change their decision should it be no.


We have added the above ruling to allow consensual physical roleplaying to happen, such as a checking a pulse with mundane healing by touching an individual’s wrist along with the action.

We wish to reiterate however, that the incidents that happened this previous game constitute non-consensual physical role playing, an unacceptable practice, and one we are expecting our members of the community to avoid going forward.

We understand that often in the heat of the moment and roleplay these things may be hard to avoid, but this rule must be adhered to.  It is our community’s responsibility (and therefore the responsibility of EVERYONE that attends) to ensure that nobody is made to feel unsafe, and given the dedication and consideration I have seen from our player base in the past, I am confident that this previous behavior will be corrected going forward.



Addendum: Clarifications – 07/06/17

Implied Consent

If you offer someone a hand or a high five, and they accept that hand, there is implied consent because they have accepted the gesture. If someone offers you a hand for a handshake and you shake it, there is unspoken consent for that action. There is no need to break the RP to Clarify something as simple as that. If they want to not shake your hand, they won’t, nor are they obligated to. If you offer to help them up off the ground, it is their choice to accept it or not. If they don’t, you should not take it personally.

To be clear: If someone offers you a hand to help you up from the ground, if they offer you a hand for a handshake, if they open up their arms for a hug, etc., then if you do not feel comfortable, you are under no obligation to engage in these actions nor should you feel pressured to. Also, it is against the spirit of these rules to give implied consent and then turn around and accuse the other person of breaking the rules. If you feel uncomfortable with the contact, then do not engage in it.



If you know someone well and have an understanding with them prior, you do not need to Clarify: Consent each and every time since the two of you have already spoken of it. However, if they tell you Clarify: Consent Revoked, regardless of your previous arrangement, you must respect that. Any further contact past that without regaining consent is in violation of the contact rules.

If you see two people engaging in RP and you did not see them ask for Consent, it is not your place to call them out or break their RP. Consent is between persons A & B and they may already have a standing agreement. The Consent rule is not in place for people to start policing casual contact between consenting individuals.


Final Notes

You are NOT going to get in trouble for being friendly with your significant others and friends.

The rule is clearly meant to extend rather than restrict. It is not meant to take away anything already there.

OOG Announcements Rules Changes

Selling OOG Food For IG Money

After a lengthy discussion, it is the decision of the Development group that selling FOOD OR DRINK items ONLY acquired out of game  for in-game currency is acceptable.  Food or Drink items that do not have an in-game effect are NOT considered to be lootable items in or out of game.  In the case of a oog food as a physrep to accompany a food slip, the slip is lootable, but the food itself is not. (For Example, if you have a chunk of real life bread, and a slip for Hearty Bread, only the slip is lootable, not the actual bread. Should you loot the slip, the SLIP will still have the full effect, but not the physrep bread)

During the discussion about this situation, concern over whether people could turn around and buy out of game props came up.  We’d like to emphasize above that the ruling applies ONLY to food and drink items.  You may NOT bring props (including costume jewelry, boffer weapons, pouches, etc.) to game to sell for in-game currency.

We understand that there will likely be questions as to why we came to this ruling, so we’ll attempt to list our reasoning here:  We are of the firm belief that creating an environment where players are encouraged to prepare food and drink for the enhancement of the game and its atmosphere is a good thing.  The benefit, we believe, is that the currency wouldn’t be created from nothing.  It would in nearly all but the most minimal of cases be money flowing from player to player.  No new money is being introduced into the economy. The increased flow of currency doesn’t take away from what someone would already buy from a merchant, and the seller of that food now has disposable income to spend on things that other people would be selling.

As with all major rulings we make, we will be closely monitoring the situation to determine if a reversal or change needs to be made.

OOG Announcements Rules Changes

Crafting Drop Off / Pick Up Times and Crafting Rundown

Session 1

  •   1 pm Noon Saturday – Drop Off
  •   3 pm Saturday – Pick up at Moriarty’s

 Session 2

  •   11 pm Saturday – Drop Off
  •   1 am Saturday – Pick up at Moriarty’s

Session 3

  •   By End of Game – Drop Off
  •   Pick up Following Event at Check-in



Each purchase of tier 1 gathering (up to an initial max of 10; exception being Merchant/Artisan) makes up your gathering times per crafting period. Costs for Each skill are as such:

Skill Bard Cleric Fighter Mage Merchant/
Monk Rogue Scholar Shaman Self- Taught Max
Gathering: Farmer 4 3 4 4 3 3 4 3 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Fisher 3 4 4 3 3 3 4 4 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Harvesting 4 3 4 3 3 4 4 3 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Hunter 4 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Logger 4 4 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Miner 4 3 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Naturalist 3 4 4 3 3 4 3 3 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Scrounger 3 4 4 4 3 4 3 4 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/

Gathering : Tier 2

Requirement: 10 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 1 level.

Max Purchases: 4

At first purchase, this will turn your tier 1 gathering into a pool. This allows you to spend 5 purchases of tier 1 gathering to gather a single tier 2 resource. Additional purchases after the first purchase of this skill reduce that number by 1 to a minimum of 2 uses consumed per tier 2 resource gathered. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.

Gathering : Tier 3

Requirement: 4 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 2 level.

Max Purchases: 4

This allows you to spend 6 purchases of tier 1 gathering to gather a single tier 3 resource. Additional purchases after the first purchase of this skill reduce that number by 1 to a minimum of 3 uses consumed per tier 3 resource gathered. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.

Gathering : Tier 4

Requirement: 4 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 3 level, and 15 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 1 level.

Max Purchases: 4

This allows you to spend 7 purchases of tier 1 gathering to gather a single tier 4 resource. Additional purchases after the first purchase of this skill reduce that number by 1 to a minimum of 4 uses consumed per tier 4 resource gathered. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.

Gathering : Tier 5

Requirement: 4 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 4 level.

Max Purchases: 1

Unlike previous tier gathering, tier 5 is a single purchase skill that allows the player to gather from tier 5 nodes and caches. It cannot be used to go out and roleplay gathering tier 5 resources. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.

How nodes and caches work:

The tier indicates what tier of gathering the character MUST possess in order to gather from that node or cache. If the tier is higher than what your character has access to, they may not gather from that cache or node regardless of how many purchases of tier 1 gathering the character possesses.

The level indicates how many purchases of tier 1 gathering the character must possess to even access the node or cache at all. This number will vary anywhere from 1 to 20. If you have 10 purchases of tier 1 gathering and access to tier 3 gathering, but come across a node that requires tier 1 gathering but level 15, you would not be able to gather the node or cache.

Skilled Gatherer (single purchase, requires 15 purchases of tier 1 gathering and 4 purchases of tier 3 gathering for merchant artisans, OR for non-merchant artisans requires 10 purchases of tier 1 gathering and 4 purchases of tier 3 gathering) – This will allow you to purchase up to an additional 5 tier 1 gathering skills. If you are a merchant artisan, this means your cap is raised to 20. If you are not a merchant-artisan, then your cap is raised to 15 instead. 5 points for merchant artisan, 8 points for non-merchant artisans.

Gathering costs: +1 per tier, so if your gathering skill costs 4 per tier 1 purchase, it would be 5 for tier 2, 6 for tier 3, and 7 for tier 4. If your gathering skill costs 3 per tier 1 purchase, it would be 4 for tier 2, 5 for tier 3, and 6 for tier 4.

Gathering tier 5 is single purchase, and costs 8 for tier 5 for merchant artisans, and 14 for non-merchant artisans.


If an item is being enhanced, it does not need to be noted on the crafting/gathering sheet, and can be done as often as you have the resources to do so. Ordinarily, these effects will ONLY last until the end of the event it’s done in. The resources used still must be handed in when you hand in your crafting/gathering folder and sheet. Examples of this are weapon and armor improvements through weaponsmith and armorsmith, as well as room effects such as room traps and room improvements from trapcrafter and carpentry.

If an item is being created, then it must be noted on your crafting/gathering sheet, and the resources must be turned in with the folder. You will then receive the items created at the pickup point. Examples of this are food and drink created with chef or brewer, as well as tools made by carpentry and blacksmithing.

Rules Changes

Deafness, Knockback, and Sixth Sense

Hey guys, we’ve got a few changes that are going to be coming into effect this event.


Deafness will be modified in the following way:

• Whenever an individual is struck with the deafness effect, they will be automatically susceptible to ANY stealth attack they are struck with from BEHIND, even if they are not blinded or diverted, EVEN IF THEY ARE AWARE OF THE TARGET’S PRESENCE.  Stealth skills taking advantage of the deafness effect must be delivered from the target’s back arc.  Stealth skills may only be delivered every 3 seconds in this way.  You may still resist a stealth attack with Sixth Sense as if you were not deafened.


Added “Knockback” as a keyword:

• Knockback may be delivered via a weapon skill, or as part of a spell effect.  It causes the target to move in the opposite direction of the user up to a certain amount that is stated along with the delivery of the keyword. Example: “Knockback 5 feet.” this would cause the target to be forced to step back 5 feet.  Knockback may also be combined with other keywords, such as “Slay, Knockback 5 feet.”  One Parry is all that would be needed to counter such an effect.  Kelonians are susceptible to this as it is not a Sweep or Knockdown effect.


Sixth Sense will be modified in the following way:

• Instead of being consumed on the FIRST stealth skill that Is used, the target may instead CHOOSE when to activate it.  This also means that Sixth sense will no longer work while unconscious (which never made much sense anyway)

Rules Changes

Archery and Thrown Update – (Ranged)

UPDATE: 6-15-16

Thank you to those who contacted us both publicly and privately to give us feedback on the recent ranged system changes. The Dev Group has met again on these changes and with your feedback taken into consideration have decided the following: Packet Archery is officially reinstated into the system with the following particulars: Packet Archery may only be used every 5 seconds, and skill calls may not be used within 10 feet of the target. (This is in order to preserve the same capability that a bow/real arrow user would normally have. The idea is not to give an advantage to packet archery that actual bow/arrow crossbow/bolt users do not have). Further, ALL Bow and Crossbow combinations (Both nerf, packet, and actual arrows/bolts) will have their damage upped to 3 across the board. (Note: Thrown weapons will STILL only do one damage, this is an increase in base damage to packet archery and nerf arrows.)

The consolidation of the ranged skills is remaining in effect. Thank you again for all of your feedback!


Original Post

In light of the feedback that we have received, we have decided to REMOVE packet archery from the system entirely. All skills that previously applied to the archery tree or the thrown tree exclusively now apply to ALL ranged abilities.  What this means is, if you already have pierce thrown or pierce missile, you could use those pierces interchangeably with either weapon type.  Going forward, Pierce: Thrown and Pierce: Missile shall have their skill names changed to Pierce: Ranged.

When delivering NON-base list skills with a thrown weapon, you must wait 5 seconds in between each skill call.  This does NOT apply to poison, as poison is not a skill.  Bows and Crossbows may still deliver skills as quickly as they can fire.