Rules Changes

Patch Note History

Patch Notes 2/28/18:

Popper Traps will now break the limb that steps on it in addition to dealing the standard 3 damage.

The recipe to create popper traps has not changed in component cost or tier at this time.


Patch Notes 2/18/18

Removed Blade Poison, Contact Poison, and Oral Poison from the list of available starting poisons for poisoncraft.

Added Itching Powder, Blindness Blade Poison, Pain Blade Poison, Weakness Blade Poison, and Feeblemind Blade Poison to the list of available starting poisons for poisoncraft.

Added time requirement for potions, gels, and compounds – 10 minutes base, can never be lowered below 1 minute per item craft.

Note: Poisoncraft has gotten an overhaul, and costs have been altered. The poisoncraft point costs for the above added recipes may be lower than what they used to be. Since it is nearing the event, if this is the case you are still considered to have the same number of poisoncraft points, but just fewer of them are being used on your current recipes which will allow you to learn more recipes if able. If you wish to redistribute the extra points after the event (in the case of wanting ONLY the poisons you have and no plans to learn any further), then please email Dave R AFTER the event happens to redistribute any of those specific points.

Regardless, if you currently have poisoncraft and more than 5 recipes, you will likely have cost reductions. If you have any specific questions, feel free to message Dave R, or if comfortable message myself, and we’ll let you know if a recipe has been reduced in cost.

Itching Powder (and later on a few other recipes) is on BOTH the alchemy list and the poisoncraft list. If you have it for one, you DO NOT need to learn it for the other, as the tier, cost, and materials are the same.


Patch Notes 2/12/18

– Sweep for the Earth school reduced from 2 mana to 1 mana
– Arcane Armor, Lesser and Arcane Vigor, Lesser for the Enchantment school both reduced from 2 mana to 1 mana
– Fortify Armor for the Enchantment school reduced from 3 mana to 2 mana