Rules Changes

Deafness, Knockback, and Sixth Sense

Hey guys, we’ve got a few changes that are going to be coming into effect this event.


Deafness will be modified in the following way:

• Whenever an individual is struck with the deafness effect, they will be automatically susceptible to ANY stealth attack they are struck with from BEHIND, even if they are not blinded or diverted, EVEN IF THEY ARE AWARE OF THE TARGET’S PRESENCE.  Stealth skills taking advantage of the deafness effect must be delivered from the target’s back arc.  Stealth skills may only be delivered every 3 seconds in this way.  You may still resist a stealth attack with Sixth Sense as if you were not deafened.


Added “Knockback” as a keyword:

• Knockback may be delivered via a weapon skill, or as part of a spell effect.  It causes the target to move in the opposite direction of the user up to a certain amount that is stated along with the delivery of the keyword. Example: “Knockback 5 feet.” this would cause the target to be forced to step back 5 feet.  Knockback may also be combined with other keywords, such as “Slay, Knockback 5 feet.”  One Parry is all that would be needed to counter such an effect.  Kelonians are susceptible to this as it is not a Sweep or Knockdown effect.


Sixth Sense will be modified in the following way:

• Instead of being consumed on the FIRST stealth skill that Is used, the target may instead CHOOSE when to activate it.  This also means that Sixth sense will no longer work while unconscious (which never made much sense anyway)