Turquoise Cuff of the Metalweaver (WCATSP Item 2, August 2016)

Turquoise Cuff of the Metalweaver

Hello all! All who attend this upcoming event shall be eligible for a drawing in order to win a magic item. This item will be auto-attuned, and ready to use for the next event you attend.

Turquoise Cuff of the Metalweaver


There is a small Dwarven Village in the Dragonspine Mountains that tells the legend of those they call “Metalweavers”.  They believe that once in a generation, a Dwarf is born with such natural skill in working metal, that it is akin to a skilled tailor weaving cloth.  There are some that do not believe that such individuals exist, and generally chalk it up to the talk of a small town trying to sell the quality of their smiths.


This cuff is said to have been created by one of those Metalweavers, a grizzled Dwarf by the name of Tordras Fardram.  Tordras was a worshipper of Gundar, and it is said that the joy he felt at smithing was second only to his raw skill. Tordras was most skilled in the forging of weapons.  But it is said he most loved repairing a beloved broken weapon, for there was not much more beauty to him than the eyes of someone who had something they thought lost, fixed.


Tordras created this bracelet so that it could help those who did not feel the blessing of Gundar as he did, and so that they might feel the same sort of joy.


At least, that’s what the merchant told you.


This item grants you the following abilities:

– Mend Weapon (“I mend this weapon”) 1x/Period,

– Enhance Weapon (“I make this weapon strike for magic, and immune to all shatter attemps for the next 10 minutes.”) 2x/Period

– Mighty Blade “I grant you/myself a slay until used.” 1x/Period.

– This item is soulbound.