In-Game Lore Plot Events

The Spirit of Realms Night

The High Librarian of Viralee has made an appeal to King Dalton:

Every 4 years, on Realms Night, mortals side with either the infernal or celestial realms.  Those who side with the Celestials are able to discuss strategies for winning their various games and contests, yet those who side with the Infernals are not.  Is this truly balanced?  In the interest of maintaining what is the spirit of this day, the ban on speaking with extraplanar beings of an infernal nature should be lifted.

King Dalton has agreed with the High Librarian, and has seen fit to lift the ban with speaking with Infernals for Realms Night ONLY.  HOWEVER, he maintains that making deals with them, or attempting to learn their magics is still strictly forbidden by law.