In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Spirit Moon, 1116


    • Local Mage found dead inside of his home.  No objects seemed to have been stolen, but there was evidence of a break in and fight.
    • Farmers attempting to rebuild in wake of Inquisition attack.  Not all of the farms were destroyed, as the brunt of the attack seems to have been focused near certain town centers such as The Scroll and Dragon.
    • Solinarian navy ships seen battling ships under Inquisition control in Dunford Bay.  The Wife’s Fury was seen on fire.
    • Mary Beth Charity wore a stark white dress to Eva Jo’s wedding.  Eva Jo was furious at Mary Beth all evening.
    • Several noble families have been missing since last Moon.  It is believed they were eliminated as many of their estates in Vondara have been seen burning.  These nobles were believed to have shown fealty to Leopold.
    • As Leopold and his troops have been making their way to the capital, many nobles have been rallying behind him forming the Army of the True Crown to combat the Usurper Dalton.
    • More and more of the destitute have been seen screaming about the coming end of days.  The church of Sindar and Attalia have been taking these people in, trying to treat them and get them back on their feet.
    • It is believed that as Leopold advances, the Usurper Dalton has murdered Prince Regus as he has not been seen in public since the coronation ceremony.
    • Agorians carry a terrible disease called scale-plague.  Prolonged, close exposure can sicken you greatly.
    • Despite all that is going on in the western side of the Twin Kingdoms, Larigmoore has seen an unbelievable transformation as the reconstruction efforts have continued.
    • The sounds of fighting have been echoing through the Whispering Woods, accompanied by strange bursts of light.  It is believed the Fae have stepped up their conflict to a frenzied point.
    • Lonnie Lester missing, presumed dead after battle with inquisitorial forces.  He was last seen bravely rescuing several of his fellow soldiers.  He will be missed.
    • The Church of Razabaoth has been looking to hire a local carpenters guild to begin construction of their new Church in Duncaster.
    • The Dwarves of Karak Kazad have been celebrating a huge triumphant victory as they have unearthed a large section of the mountains long lost to them after the Tragedy of Clan Darkhammer.
    • There has been a strange sighting of several large silver beings seen gathering materials in the forest up north.
    • Sindaran cleric accidentally shot with arrow while trying to defend Kobold from angry mob.  He is not expected to live through the night.