Plot Events


All characters have the option of being aware of the following situation as it stands and continues to unfold.
(As represented by scattered reports or messengers, the situation is clearly being widely spread.)

(Updated 10/13/16)

4th Day of the Spirit Moon, 1116

It has been over two weeks since Inquisition forces attacked the New Calendale area.  It is believed that the Inquisition took advantage of the hole in the blockade caused by a large wraith presence in the evening before their attack.

Following their defeat in the New Calendale area by forces led by King Leopold himself, the forces loyal to the Inquisition began their retreat towards Vondara.  Leopold and his forces followed them east, either taking them down or accepting the surrender of those who would listen to reason.

Leopold’s forces continued to move east, directly through the Whispering Woods.  Fortunately, due to the good relations forged during the Solinarian conflict, King Finvara granted Leopold and his forces safe passage.

Once they had cleared the deepest parts of the woods, they were met by a large portion of the Twin Kingdoms Mages’ Guild.  Those mages began creating portals on a scale not seen since the emergency evacuation of Old Calendale.  The whereabouts of Leopold’s forces are currently unknown.


8th Day of the Spirit Moon, 1116

It appears that the portals Leopold and the bulk of his forces took transported them to Breckendorf, where a small battle occurred with those forces loyal to the inquisition. Leopold’s forces were not met with heavy resistance.

Since the advent of the Holy War several years ago, the Inquisition’s forces are limited in number, and many within the Inquisition were relegated to the position as acting officers over the military. A very large portion of the soldiers under the command of the remaining Inquisitors balked terribly at the idea of fighting against other Twin Kingdoms soldiers or noble forces. If any place in the Twin Kingdoms remembers the horrors that came of the Civil War, it is those who reside in Breckendorf.

King Leopold and his forces have regained complete control of Breckendorf itself. It is apparent to anyone that Leopold is preparing his forces for a final push to Vondara, to secure both the crown and his son, who is currently a hostage of Dalton.


13th Day of the Spirit Moon, 1116

King Leopold’s forces departed Breckendorf shortly after its retaking, making an obvious beeline for Vondara itself.  Interestingly, several Jeredithians have joined Leopold’s army, many former inquisitors.

Judging by the sheer amount of defense set around Vondara, It is readily apparent that the seat of the Inquisition’s power and influence lies in Vondara.  All inquisitors siding with Dalton have retreated behind her walls.

The sounds of fighting can be heard for miles around, as powerful magics crack through the air and light up the dark night sky.

Some rumors speak of Leopold falling in battle, others insist that he’s breached the walls of the city. Some say that the gates were opened for him, and the fighting is taking place in the city streets, with only the shimmering dome protecting the castle preventing his progress.

It is apparent that the next few days shall decide the fate of The Twin Kingdoms.