In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Elder’s Moon, 1117


    • A graveyard a few towns over was ransacked.  Bodies were dug up and remains were strewn about.  The oddest part though?  When they gathered the remains back together, all of the skulls seemed to be missing.
    • Scarlet Scarves have been seen leading expeditions into the Whispering Woods in the direction of what is believed to be the source of the infernal attacks.
    • Two more Agorians were found hanging in the woods outside of the Oake’s Farmstead.  The Oakes are not suspected of being involved.
    • There will not be a New Calendale Chronicle printed for the Elder’s Moon due to a series of unfortunate accidents culminating in the main printing center of the New Calendale Chronicle burning down.  Mary Beth Charity has been seen apologizing to the owner of the building, Lorton Ranite.
    • King Leopold is considering cancelling The Tournament of the Two Rulers, which is supposed to take place during The Solstice Moon.
    • The investigators into those responsible for the murder of the late Baron Orsiv Istivan have recently unearthed important and potentially damning information.
    • A noble from Vondara has reportedly bought the late Baron Istivan’s land from his remaining heirs.
    • Lonnie Lester has been tasked with tracking down the Red-haired pirate captain of The Wife’s Fury.
    • Several townsfolk claim to have been attacked by a large brown-furred creature as they walked along the roads.
    • Local Romani suspected in string of thefts.  It is believed that there is a Kelonian with red fur leading this group.
    • The Collective of Krev is in final talks with King Leopold to begin operating in an official capacity managing legitimate bounties and the hunters thereof.
    • A traveller, who had arrived from the northwest, claimed to have been saved from orcs by a large creature made of some sort of metal.