OOG Announcements

Starting on Time

As for those of you present at the post-game meeting from our most recent event know, we have made a promise to you that we will seriously step up our game when it comes to the matter of start times.

In accordance with that, we are going to be presenting the following time line that it is our intention to follow strictly:


5:30 PM: On site to the camp (Due to day camp delay)

6:00 PM: Check-in

9:00 PM: Newbie Meeting

9:30 PM: Front Gate Closed

10:00 PM: General Meeting

10:30 PM: Game On (EDIT: To note, check-in will still be accepted after game on starts or the gate is closed.  We’re just asking anyone who arrives after this time to check in at logistics, and get changed in the mod building, which we’re setting aside specifically for this purpose.  We just don’t want a bunch of people walking through the game carting their stuff in their normal oog clothes.)


One of the best points we’ve heard is that the game should be treated as a theater.  The curtain rises at a certain time, and that is that.

The above being said, we want to try and accommodate late arrivals better than previously.  We’re going to be making the main mod building area a place where people can get changed privately and get themselves ready to go into game.  We are asking that people be as quiet as they can when utilizing this location to get ready for game.  (This also goes for transporting stuff there.)

If you come across the gate closed, DO NOT open it to allow your car to go through “just for a minute” or for any other reason.  We will have to treat this situation harshly as it could endanger others. (EDIT: There was a bit of confusion here: If you find yourself on the inside of the gate after it has been closed, you MAY open the gate to let yourself out, but you MUST close it behind your car immediately after passing through.)

The general meeting attendance is MANDATORY.  Important pre-game announcements including identification of current yellow arm band players as well as clarifications or entirely new keywords/systems have been announced there.  Seasoned players must still attend.