In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Elder’s Moon, 1116 – (May 20th Event)


  • Jeredithian Inquisition investigating local officials of New Calendale for abuse of power and possible corruption.
  • Farmers seeking aid from Nobility after fields razed by strange fire spewing insects.
  • Feared pirate ship The Plunderers Bounty  seen sighted near coast of Dunford Bay.
  • Mary Beth Charity while walking the local market knocked into a cabbage cart sending it careening downhill crashing into statue of local hero, Barristan von Astrea.  The statue was destroyed beyond repair.
  • Church of Razabaoth is in negotiations with the Twin Kingdoms to erect first church of Razabaoth on this side of the World.
  • Ipponese emissary ship reportedly several days out from Dunford Bay Harbor.
  • Agoria reportedly furious with the Twin Kingdoms while Sekhem applauds the Twin Kingdoms on its positive use of undead. Tensions are high.  It is rumored that delegates from both countries are said to be visiting The Twin Kingdoms soon.
  • Ship found floating crewless. The ship bore signs of a boarding party fighting, but curiously only foodstuffs were found to be missing from the ship’s hold.
  • So called “Dwarven” master weaponsmith Tharidin Embersbeard has been arrested for selling fake mithril sword to Dunford Bay militia quartermaster.
  • Many locals of Dunford Bay complaining about horrible recurring nightmares asking for aid from Church of Arrawiel.
  • There has been a large increase in infernal presence within the Twin Kingdoms. The threat has caused them to move up new Scarlet Scarf Exams to the Blood Moon of 1116.
  • The Larigmoore recovery process is steadily improving thanks to Twin Kingdoms Forces and a company from New Calendale.
  • Powerful explosion rocked the Mages’ district in Vondara, leveling a small building. Thankfully, the building was nearly empty at the time, and only a few were injured.  Journeyman Mage and Alchemist Aberfark Lazbark was found to be responsible for the failed experiment that caused the explosion.
  • Jewelry Store owner Crestin Dellinger reports that his store was attacked one night as he was closing up shop by a wraith.  The Wraith reportedly tore apart his store and stole a few rings before disappearing.
  • Several Mages, displeased with the current leadership of the guild, have petitioned for an audience with King Leopold to discuss the potential formation of a secondary Mages’ Guild.  They are of the belief that if many merchant trading companies can exist, why not many Mages’ Guilds as well?
  • A strange howling has been heard in the woods at night.  All who have heard it insist it does not sound like Gnolls.  Some animals have been found torn apart.
  • Everlorn Tavers made appearance at Emperio’s Tomes and Scrolls in Vondara, signing copies of his newest Limited Edition auto-biography titled, “Born Great, The Everlorn Tavers Story.”