In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Blood Moon, 1116


    • Commoner from New Calendale area spreading seditious rumors about the Jeredithian Inquisition. Supposedly, they’ve captured him and an accomplice, and are planning to sunder their souls.
    • Chronicle Offices destroyed by blue-eyed wraith. It seemed to be looking for something. Offices to be repaired and rebuilt within the coming moon.
    • Farmer Lawrence insisted that an actual Troll came to his defense when he was attacked by a bear. His wife still isn’t sold on it.
    • Mary Beth Charity seen being dragged away from Baron Ravenholm’s manor, insisting that she had every right to be there. What could that mean?
    • Agoria recalls its delegation to The Twin Kingdoms in light of the new, lesser sanctions on legal Necromancy.
    • Official within the Razabaothian church given leave to assist in the retaking of Duncaster from large Goblinoid force.
    • Infernals have been sighted in the Whispering Woods, gathering in a certain area.
    • Famous stage troupe, “The Jingling Jesters” had a performance people will be talking about for years at the coronation of King Dalton.
    • Everlorn Taverns to grace local mages with his presence in the coming days.
    • King Dalton taking initiative in assisting with the rebuilding of Larigmoore, and the recovery of The Twin Kingdom’s Mercantile Strength by lending various merchanting caravans Twin Kingdoms Guardman free of charge in order to ensure their safe travel.
    • Elemental Creatures, the likes of which have never been seen before, have been sighted all around the perimeter of what Scholars have begun to call, The Elemental Maelstrom.
    • Local drunkard Lonnie Lester arrested for trespassing on Brandley Dawson’s farm after guards discovered him on his knees, drunk, begging a horse that he thought was his wife to come back to him.
    • Strange metallic creature saved a merchant from a pack of hostile gnolls on a road near Dunkalter. The man tried to repay the creature, but it said, “This one is glad to help.” and marched off into the woods. The man said the creature’s smile was terrifying.
    • Jeredithian Inquisition to name new Lord Marshal soon.
    • Delegation of Lawbound from The Collective of Krev meeting with King Dalton within the next few days.
    • Several Local Clerics of Sindar have taken interest in a recent outcry to protect Kobolds from being killed.