The Butterfly of Golden Silk (WCATSP Item 1, July 2016)

Hello all! All who attend this upcoming event shall be eligible for a drawing in order to win a magic item. This item will be auto-attuned, and ready to use for the next event you attend.

Butterfly of Golden Silk

The Fae have a story among them that goes as follows: A beautiful pixie was walking through the woods one day when she came upon a small brown caterpillar that seemed to be in distress. In much the way as they do in these sorts of stories, the caterpillar spoke,

“Please help me! A hungry bird has seen me, and won’t leave me be!”

Intrigued, the Pixie picked up the caterpillar and put it in her pocket, vowing to help it.

For the next few hours, a great sparrow swooped at the pixie and pecked at her hair and pockets, trying to get at the caterpillar there. Eventually, the bird gave up, and flew away. The pixie went to check on her caterpillar friend only to discover that the caterpillar had spun a beautiful golden cocoon. The pixie decided she would continue to protect the creature.

After a few days, This beautiful golden butterfly soon emerged from the cocoon, and spoke in its own beautiful voice, “Thank you! Thank you! I shall now repay the same kindness you repaid me!”
The Golden Butterfly protected the pixie for many years to come.

When the pixie became old and grey, the butterfly told her it would continue to repay the kindness and protection it was shown to all that gave it shelter, and so it has, for many years. Should you win this item, it shall protect you too.

This item bestows the following abilities:

– Slow (“I slow your pace to a walk, 10 minutes.”) x2/event

– Mystic Web (“I cover you with a mystic web, root feet and bind arms 5 minutes.”) x2/event

– Grasping Roots (“By the Fae, I root your feet to the ground, 10 minutes.” (Throw 5 Packets like Fireball) ) 2x/Event.

-This item is Soulbound.