In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Shield Moon, 1116


    • Former King Leopold’s crimes know no bounds.  It is believed that he murdered several others during his reign.
    • Terrible sickness in Larigmoore finally under control. With reconstruction efforts finishing Larigmoore will be completely restored.
    • A seafaring explorer claims to have found the shipwreck of the famous lost ship known as “The Shining Star”
    • A disturbed woman with bone white hair was stalking about the woods muttering “Madosa.”
    • Agoria closes its borders to ALL outsiders. Many believe they are preparing for an attack.
    • Mysterious Island said to have appeared South of Rythos.
    • Barbarian Tribes have begun attacking Romani camped outside The Elemental Maelstrom. The Tribesman claim that the storm has wiped out several tribes and the Romani have been fueling the storm.
    • Lonnie Lester reportedly giving up drinking after latest bender involving a horse. Seeking means of getting his life back together.
    • Strange problems have been occurring with portals. Portals have been taking mages to wrong locations and some have entered them to never return.
    • Marquis Fontaine has been seen personally paying his respects to widowed family members after massacre of stationed guards at Ravenwing Prison.
    • Several groups travelling through the woods have claimed to have been attacked by werewolves. Surviving clerics claim to be unable to perform their prayers.
    • Mary Beth Charity banned from Dowinger’s Dress Boutique after smoke seen rising from the shop, the store will be closed for the next few months while they replace their entire inventory after the fire.
    • Despite a brutal conflict thus far, all factions of the Fae have mysteriously gone silent.
    • The Dwarves of the Dragon Spine Mountains have recently agreed to terms of peace with the Hiveborn of the Dragon Spine Mountains. They have ceased fighting over territory and have formed a trade agreement between the two races.
    • Despite Peace agreements recently some dwarven expeditions have gone missing. Investigations have yielded no results at this time.
    • Mysterious crimson haired woman seen at the helm of the ship, “The Wife’s Fury” leading daring raids against merchant ships and shore towns. A reward is offered for her capture.


In-Game Lore Plot Events

The Spirit of Realms Night

The High Librarian of Viralee has made an appeal to King Dalton:

Every 4 years, on Realms Night, mortals side with either the infernal or celestial realms.  Those who side with the Celestials are able to discuss strategies for winning their various games and contests, yet those who side with the Infernals are not.  Is this truly balanced?  In the interest of maintaining what is the spirit of this day, the ban on speaking with extraplanar beings of an infernal nature should be lifted.

King Dalton has agreed with the High Librarian, and has seen fit to lift the ban with speaking with Infernals for Realms Night ONLY.  HOWEVER, he maintains that making deals with them, or attempting to learn their magics is still strictly forbidden by law.

In-Game Lore Plot Events

The War of the Realms: A Tale of Realms Night

Here’s a little something we thought those who are celebrating their First Realms Night would find interesting.  Special thanks to Meira Maynard for putting this together for the 2016 Realms Night Celebration!

(You may treat the following as information you’ve heard in-game, and should consider the following when preparing your costuming for Realms Night!)


The War of the Realms: A Tale of Realms Night
By: Clarissa Golan


A long time ago, before Adraveth stood, Viralee created two types of creatures. She created celestials from stars in the sky, beings of purity and light. She also created infernals from the fires of the earth, fearsome creatures filled with fury. She loved both of her creations, but realized that they could not live in peace together.

Viralee created two realms, one slightly greater than the other. She asked her brother, Ethali, and her sister, Elantrai, for advice on how to divide the power among her creations. Ethali insisted that the infernals deserved to have the greater realm and the most power, but Viralee was unsure of his advice. Elantrai proposed that Viralee take two marbles, one white and one black, and place them in a bag. She told Viralee to have an infernal and a celestial each pull a marble out of the bag. Whoever took out the white marble would have the greater realm. They would then place the marbles back in the bag and each draw out a marble again. This time the white marble would determine who would have more power. Viralee liked this game of chance to decide the fate of her creatures so she followed Elantrai’s advice. The celestials drew the white marble first and gained the greater realm. The Infernals drew the white marble the second time and gained more power. There are rumors that Ethali tampered with the marbles in order to gain more power for the infernals.

Even with each of Viralee’s creations designated certain realms, they still warred. Their war overflowed onto the mortal realms, and the people of this world suffered greatly. Eventually Viralee knew she must do something to protect the mortal realms so she created the Nether between the realms. The Nether was made of everything that was or wasn’t. It was nothing and it was everything. And it provided the perfect barrier to divide all the realms and stop the war.

Every four years on Realms Night we celebrate the creation of the two realms and of the protective Nether. Everyone chooses a team, celestial or infernal. The celestial colors are white and silver. The infernal colors are red and gold. It is not considered specifically “good” to be on the celestial team or “bad” to be on the infernal team. Many people simply switch teams every Realms Night. Others will flip a coin to choose their team, in homage to Elantrai and her advice to Viralee. There are games and festivities between the two teams and a tally of points is kept. Sometimes infernals and celestials will come visit to see the games and support their team. Whichever team wins dictates whether the infernals or the celestials will be more powerful for the next four years. Four years ago, the celestials won. Eight years ago, the infernals won. It is the result of our belief in them, that we give them more power.



The Butterfly of Golden Silk (WCATSP Item 1, July 2016)

Hello all! All who attend this upcoming event shall be eligible for a drawing in order to win a magic item. This item will be auto-attuned, and ready to use for the next event you attend.

Butterfly of Golden Silk

The Fae have a story among them that goes as follows: A beautiful pixie was walking through the woods one day when she came upon a small brown caterpillar that seemed to be in distress. In much the way as they do in these sorts of stories, the caterpillar spoke,

“Please help me! A hungry bird has seen me, and won’t leave me be!”

Intrigued, the Pixie picked up the caterpillar and put it in her pocket, vowing to help it.

For the next few hours, a great sparrow swooped at the pixie and pecked at her hair and pockets, trying to get at the caterpillar there. Eventually, the bird gave up, and flew away. The pixie went to check on her caterpillar friend only to discover that the caterpillar had spun a beautiful golden cocoon. The pixie decided she would continue to protect the creature.

After a few days, This beautiful golden butterfly soon emerged from the cocoon, and spoke in its own beautiful voice, “Thank you! Thank you! I shall now repay the same kindness you repaid me!”
The Golden Butterfly protected the pixie for many years to come.

When the pixie became old and grey, the butterfly told her it would continue to repay the kindness and protection it was shown to all that gave it shelter, and so it has, for many years. Should you win this item, it shall protect you too.

This item bestows the following abilities:

– Slow (“I slow your pace to a walk, 10 minutes.”) x2/event

– Mystic Web (“I cover you with a mystic web, root feet and bind arms 5 minutes.”) x2/event

– Grasping Roots (“By the Fae, I root your feet to the ground, 10 minutes.” (Throw 5 Packets like Fireball) ) 2x/Event.

-This item is Soulbound.

In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Blood Moon, 1116


    • Commoner from New Calendale area spreading seditious rumors about the Jeredithian Inquisition. Supposedly, they’ve captured him and an accomplice, and are planning to sunder their souls.
    • Chronicle Offices destroyed by blue-eyed wraith. It seemed to be looking for something. Offices to be repaired and rebuilt within the coming moon.
    • Farmer Lawrence insisted that an actual Troll came to his defense when he was attacked by a bear. His wife still isn’t sold on it.
    • Mary Beth Charity seen being dragged away from Baron Ravenholm’s manor, insisting that she had every right to be there. What could that mean?
    • Agoria recalls its delegation to The Twin Kingdoms in light of the new, lesser sanctions on legal Necromancy.
    • Official within the Razabaothian church given leave to assist in the retaking of Duncaster from large Goblinoid force.
    • Infernals have been sighted in the Whispering Woods, gathering in a certain area.
    • Famous stage troupe, “The Jingling Jesters” had a performance people will be talking about for years at the coronation of King Dalton.
    • Everlorn Taverns to grace local mages with his presence in the coming days.
    • King Dalton taking initiative in assisting with the rebuilding of Larigmoore, and the recovery of The Twin Kingdom’s Mercantile Strength by lending various merchanting caravans Twin Kingdoms Guardman free of charge in order to ensure their safe travel.
    • Elemental Creatures, the likes of which have never been seen before, have been sighted all around the perimeter of what Scholars have begun to call, The Elemental Maelstrom.
    • Local drunkard Lonnie Lester arrested for trespassing on Brandley Dawson’s farm after guards discovered him on his knees, drunk, begging a horse that he thought was his wife to come back to him.
    • Strange metallic creature saved a merchant from a pack of hostile gnolls on a road near Dunkalter. The man tried to repay the creature, but it said, “This one is glad to help.” and marched off into the woods. The man said the creature’s smile was terrifying.
    • Jeredithian Inquisition to name new Lord Marshal soon.
    • Delegation of Lawbound from The Collective of Krev meeting with King Dalton within the next few days.
    • Several Local Clerics of Sindar have taken interest in a recent outcry to protect Kobolds from being killed.