Rumors for the Laughing Moon, 1117


    • Former inquisitors have begun disappearing.  Some believe they are planning another attempt at takeover, others believe they are being killed in retaliation by those who lost loved ones to the Inquisition.
    • The Wife’s Fury was seen once again off the coast of Dunford Bay, freshly repaired after the damage she took during the conflict with the former inquisition.
    • Followers of Erathal have been growing in number.  As word of his legitimacy spreads, a group of monks appear to be among his most devout followers.
    • Mary Beth Charity has been seen joining the cause of those defending Kobolds but was quickly expelled after she accidentally fed one chocolate, killing it. (And simultaneously discovering that some Kobolds are violently allergic to chocolate.)
    • Agorian body found hung in town square with a parchment pinned to his shirt bearing a symbol of a dead lizard missing its tail.
    • King Leopold reportedly furious that Erathal’s legitimacy was confirmed.  Anyone among his staff who begins to follow him is being immediately dismissed from their duties.
    • Some local Mages’ Guilds have been hiring local groups to assist in the defense against mysterious blind creatures that have unparalleled control over magic.
    • Lonnie Lester, recipient of a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms, recently saved two children from a house fire that claimed the lives of their parents.  Lonnie has agreed to take the children under his care and intends to raise them as his own.
    • There has been much going on in the estate of recently deceased Baron Orsiv Istivan. Many members of the local carpentry guilds have been seen working on the estate.
    • Magistrate from next town over offering reward for vandals that drew untoward things about him in paint on the side of his home. (Apparently, the subject matter was about the size of his arse!  Frankly, I’m surprised they got it all on one side!)
    • New Calendale will be host to Solinarian Senator in preparation for the Tournament of the Two Rulers which will take place this summer.
    • The Dwarves of Khazram Modam have recently forged a treaty with the Orcs ending their long disputes and paving a new era of peace.
    • Day of Wishes respected as a single day of peace between the Dark and Light Fae as the respective soldiers of each group met together to take part in brief festivities.  Hostilities resumed at midnight.
    • There have been several mysterious, but savage, murders committed within the barony of Dunford Bay. One woman who claims to have escaped from one of the murder scenes says that a man wearing a sack over his head committed the crime.
    • During a recent mining expedition, a large set of tunnels and caverns were unearthed.  The mining group in charge of the expedition is rumored to be looking for the assistance of several groups in clearing them of any hazards.
    • The Storm up north has finally calmed. Some claim to see the outline of towers where the storm once raged.  The skirmishes have not shown any sign of letting up.


Guild Laws

Guild and Sanctioned Organization Law


No guild or sanctioned organization shall operate without an official guild/organization charter signed off by a reigning noble of the area in which the guild performs activities of a rank no less than Baron. Any organization attempting to operate as a guild or sanctioned organization without a charter and noble approval will be subject to harsh punishment.


A guild master or organization leader is the only person with the authority to recruit and remove members from a guild or organization they are in charge of save for instances of noble decree. When any persons are brought into or expelled from the ranks of a guild, the noble presiding over your guild charter must be informed immediately.  


Only guild requests that have been issued and approved by the nobility will be deemed official guild activities and increase standings of the guild or organization within the Twin Kingdoms. When accepting any job request the Guild Master must inform the nobility which members of the guild will be tasked with the job.


If non-guild members or non-organization members are participating in a job that has been accepted by the guild, the guild will receive no benefits save for any agreed upon payment for completing the job.


Guild masters and organization leaders are held to the highest standards of the law and will be punished more severely for breaking any laws within the areas that they are active in. A Guild Master is responsible for all of their guild members and may be called upon to pay for any debts and fines incurred by their members during their membership within the guild or organization if they are unable to pay.


All guilds or organizations must pay off all taxes, dues, and fines by the first official local court during Harvest Moon of a given year. Failure to do so may result in penalties up to and including, but not limited to, additional fines, punishment, and dissolution of the guild.  The local Reigning Baron shall decide all action in this matter.

Laws governing the creation of Guilds and Sanctioned Organizations


In order to create a guild or sanctioned organization, the following requirements must be met: A guild charter including the aims, goals, and general ideals of the guild or organization shall be drafted, as well as signed by no less than five founding members, among whom one shall be considered Guild Master or Leader.  Illiterate members may place a mark representing their signature, but it shall be required that a note is added specifying the name of said member. It is to be understood that the illiterate individual has had the charter explained to them by a literate member before affixing their mark.  A judge or town scribe must witness these signatures and affix their own signature.  All five individuals must meet the requirements of membership listed below.  This charter shall be supplied to the highest ranking noble present at a local court proceeding in order for final approval by a noble of at least Baron rank or above.


Any individual may only be a member of and receive the benefits of a single local guild or organization. If a person has been removed from or has left a guild of their own free will they shall not be eligible to receive the benefits of any guild they become affiliated with for three moons time.  This delay in benefits shall not apply to those who are joining an organization for the first time, and have no previous local affiliations with any guild or organization.  These restrictions shall NOT apply to those limited and specific guilds that have been declared to be a public service.  This currently applies to The Mages’ Guild, Courier’s Guild, Bardic Guild, Gemology Guild, Appraisal Guild, Alchemist Guild, and other similar organizations.


Upon creation, a guild or organization must provide an order of succession no less than two members past the Guild Master or Organization Leader.  Should all three members disappear for a period of greater than one full year’s time, the remaining members of that organization shall be eligible to decide upon a new Guild Master or Organization Leader in a matter they see fit.


Guilds and Sanctioned Organizations may make amendments to their guild charter at any time with the permission of a noble of the rank of Baron or above. Guilds drastically changing their guild’s stated purpose and benefits shall potentially accrue fees.


Should a Guild Master or Organization Leader decide to pass their title on to another member, they are required to inform the highest ranking noble at a session of local court, and present their candidate to the ranking noble.


Once all of the above conditions have been met, the Guild Master or Organization Leader shall be provided with an official document stating the recognition of the Guild or Organization by The Twin Kingdoms.  This document should be protected closely, and should be presented during the conduction of any guild business the Guild Master takes part in.  Even if this document is not carried on their person, the document should still be in an easily accessible location nearby.

Items Missing Out-Of-Game

Hello Everyone, we just wanted to address something that occurred over this past weekend and to reiterate what was spoken about at the post-game meeting.

Several items were taken from two separate cabins (the two story cabin near totem pole hill had a shield, prop bones, a silver mask and an owl statue taken from it) and the cabin commonly referred to as “The Mages’ Guild.” (A boffer staff, a boffer shovel, several pieces of prop armor, a single shoe, and a cloak that had a distinctive clasp attached to it were taken.)

We have reason to believe these items were taken Friday Night or perhaps early Saturday Morning. Several individuals not associated with our player base or cast were sighted during this time period as well. (These sightings were also confirmed by Ranger Ron). In the future, should you see any individual on the property of Camp Sacajawea you do not recognize and who obviously does not belong, make a direct line to logistics immediately to inform us, and we shall investigate.

At the end of last game, upon speaking to Ranger Ron, he informed us that a woman living in the housing developments north of the campsite delivered a black backpack containing a single piece of the several armor pieces that were missing along with a shield (Brian Longo’s Gorvaakian shield) saying that she’d found these items in the development, and figured they belonged to the camp. Unfortunately, none of the other items have turned up.

We currently do not have any official suspicion towards any individuals that attended our game this past event.

It is our official stance that should the items be returned, no questions shall be asked, and the removal of the items will simply be chalked up to a misunderstanding of the rules regarding the searching of in-game versus out of game areas. We’re not looking to punish here, merely looking to return items that have a serious sentimental value to their owners. We have spoken to both James (The owner of the camp) and Ron about the situation, and they shall be on the lookout should any items turn up.

We are further asking that no accusations be thrown around. We find that this will only make the situation more difficult for everyone involved, and will only lead to making things worse. We’ll be treating instances of this in accordance with our harassment policy.

Our promise to you: We shall be far more diligent about reinforcing the rules regarding searching and looting both at the newbie meeting and pre-game meeting, so as to avoid any potential rules misunderstanding in the future.

Further, any players directly affected by this situation (direct ownership of said items that were taken) shall be entitled to attend their next three weekend events without charge. While we understand that those of you affected are not holding us responsible, and we do not consider ourselves as such, it is our belief that this situation should not have occurred at all.

We hope that we can put this situation behind us. It is the first time something like this has occurred on this scale since the game’s inception. We do not expect this will occur in the future, and with an amount of increased diligence on all sides, we do not expect this shall happen again. Thank you again for being part of The Adventure.

The State of New Calendale

The State of New Calendale

During a vicious battle with Dark Fae in the town of New Calendale, the mysterious blind creatures appeared.  They tore through townsfolk and dark fae alike, devouring all magic they could get their claws upon.  Much of the town was killed or routed, but all Dark Fae forces committed to the encounter were completely eradicated.


A Scarlet Scarves scouting group led by Magister Cadrel appeared shortly after the attack, having heard rumors of the creatures in the area.  They issued an immediate quarantine of the area over the past few days.


This morning, the same scouting group of Scarlet Scarves entered the Town Proper and noted something unusual.  The creatures, seemingly unaware of the mages’ presence, gathered in a small area near the field in front of The Scroll and Dragon.


The creatures stirred suddenly, seeming to sniff the air.  One by one the creatures extended claws into the space in front of them and seemed to tear a hole in the air itself.  The mages on scene described it similar to a portal, though no incantations were heard.  Each of the creatures stepped through the holes it had made and disappeared.  The holes closed behind them.


Townsfolk were allowed back into the area after each nearby building was cleared.


((OOG NOTE: You may use the tavern chat as normal, and all access to the town itself has been restored to normal.))


Rumors for the Love Moon, 1117


    • Still much contention between the Church of Leondarr and Church of Jeredith after attempted overthrow led by the now condemned Jeredithian Inquisition.
    • Twin Kingdoms predicts new era of economic growth as King Leopold passes new laws to make it easier to establish guilds.
    • With the thawing moon approaching, there has been a noticeable increase in the presence of Fae Skirmishes as their conflict continues to take place within the Twin Kingdoms.
    • Mary Beth Charity slipped on a patch of ice and fell down a flight of stairs in front of the local marketplace.  During her fall, she managed to knock into a scholar transporting a beautiful ceramic figurine said to be crafted from before the unification.  The scholar dropped the satchel carrying the figurine and it was destroyed beyond all repair.  Mary Beth was unharmed.
    • Local guard still searching for the person who committed those horrible murders at a local homestead.  Did you hear they found those bodies headless?
    • There have been sightings of men and women preaching the faith of Erathal to all those who will listen within the city walls of Vondara and nearby towns.  Despite some opposition from the nearby populace, they don’t seem to carry weapons.
    • The King hasn’t been seen in public since he was attacked.  I know someone who’s a cousin to one of his attendants.  They said he’s completely crippled.  He can’t even walk!  Not even the best of the Attalians can do anything.
    • Lonnie Lester returns to New Calendale a hero after being presumed dead.  After his commanding officer was killed and his fellow soldiers routed, Lonnie stumbled across a group of green militamen  (some barely 15 years old).  He quickly took charge of them and lead them to defend a hideout housing 50 women and children from an attack by the Jeredithian Inquisition. Lonnie’s quick thinking and bravery saved all of their lives.  Lonnie is to receive a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms in recognition for his heroism.
    • Prized trading vessel of the Twin Kingdoms, The Avalon, has completed a record setting journey to the Island of Ippon, completing the journey in only seven weeks time.
    • Incidents of odd vandalism have been occurring lately.  Chair legs are being rigged to fall apart with any weight upon them, oil is being left upon floors for people to slip upon.  There have even been incidents where annoying, but ultimately non-fatal, traps have been set in individuals’ houses.
    • Former Archduke found dead after the palace was retaken from the forces of the Inquisition.  New Archduke rumored to be named soon.
    • Duncaster’s reconstruction begins after being cleared of goblinoid infestation.  After a small amount of conflict over area rights, Twin Kingdoms soldiers have begun assisting in the reconstruction.
    • The Church of Viralee has closed its doors on scholars constantly asking for any inquiry on this new god, Erathal.  The High Librarian, Denel Alora, has issued a formal statement declaring that the church’s stance on this being shall be made as soon as the situation comes further into focus.
    • Oddly enough, similar to the situation with Sigmund nearly a decade ago, there have been no orders from the nobility to attack or harm these scattered individuals who claim to worship Erathal.
    • Several Agorian shopkeepers and other business owners have had their homes broken into several times over the past few moons.  In nearly all cases, they were robbed and vandalized, but nobody was injured.
    • The Lawbound, from The Krev Collective, apprehended a fugitive from their country who had escaped to the New Calendale area.  They have also been instrumental in assisting the local nobility in apprehending other fugitives from the law.  It is believed they will soon be in talks with the king himself about expanding operations in the country.


The Hungering Coast

The following piece takes place within the setting of RoA.  None of what follows should be considered what your character knows.  If your character has heard of any of the events listed in it, it was likely in passing or as a rumor.  I just thought it’d be good fun to write some fiction taking place within the setting.  I hope you enjoy. I’d like to make a series of these eventually.


The Hungering Coast


My name is Martin Addington.  I fear these may be the final words I write to parchment before something terrible befalls me.  I feel my story must be known.  I am a water mage of great talent.  I made the mistake of seeking out Yazdil the Mad himself.  So many over the years have been curious about Yazdil, as the legends and rumors about him grow by the year.  But I alone have come the closest to seeing him with my own eyes.  I have seen what he can do.


All who have done the most cursory amount of research know that Yazdil’s tower exists at the top of some very large hills.  Most accounts are the same by those seeking the tower as well: there are strange creatures that stalk the woods near the tower, and the tower always seems terribly far away.  As I researched the legendary wizard further, I found a few small accounts of small fishing vessels navigating near the coast north of the tower’s location on the map.  I took great note that these boats never attempted to sail closer to the tower.  I knew that if I found Yazdil himself, I could take his power for my own, and make a name for myself in history.


Armed with what I felt was an edge, I chartered a small ship (The Golden Rose) to take me to the coast north of the tower.  It was strangely difficult to find them.  Most of the ships I could find were unwilling to sail close to the shoreline.  We left from a small port west of Dunkalter, and planned on sailing around the Northwestern tip of The Twin Kingdoms.  The weather was unlike anything I’d ever experienced in Vondara.  The cold felt as though it had a life of its own.  How do the tribesmen live up there?


After about a week of sailing within sight of the shoreline, our lookout spied a tower.  We could only see it from far off, but it looked unbelievably ornate.  To be visible from this distance, it must truly be gigantic.  Our captain ordered the ship turned toward shore.


After the next hour, we noticed something strange: we didn’t seem to be getting any closer to shore.  When the captain ordered the helmsman to change course, we’d still find as though we’d not moved from the same spot, even hours later. Even the small landing craft we used seemed to get nowhere outside the immediate vicinity of the ship. The sun sank below the horizon, and we were left in the dark.  A pale blue light could be spotted at the top of the pitch-black tower.


Fortunately, the captain was a smart man.  After a few days of this, he ordered that all food and water be tightly rationed.  The trip was never intended to take as long as it had, so there was very little to ration to begin with.  For some reason, no fish could be found in the water, and no sea birds could be seen.


A month passed.  The shore was no closer. We could not sail away from where we were.  The captain kept largely to himself in his cabin.  Some crew members were thrown overboard for attempting to steal what little food was left for themselves.  Every night, the pale blue light glowed in the distance.


I’ll never regret doing what I had to for survival.  And I know the families of those men would understand.  Two months had passed.  We had no choice.


One night, I awoke.  I was a skeleton of a man. I stopped wearing clothes a month ago.  Something was amiss: there was no sound of life around me.  Not even the terrible noises men starving to death make.  I stumbled about the boat on my weak legs.  The rowboat was still there.  I could not find a soul.  I didn’t even find bodies.  I looked towards the tower.  The pale blue light stared back. I knew what I had to do.


With aching arms, I loosened the ropes that held the rowboat in place.  I didn’t have the strength to lower myself slowly, so the boat slammed quickly and painfully to the water.  I put my back to the light, and began to row.  I swear I could feel the light burning into my bare back as I moved over the waves.  With mad glee, I noticed The Golden Rose growing smaller before my eyes.  I vowed not to look back towards the tower until I hit land.  Despite my exhaustion and weakness, I rowed on for what seemed like hours.


Something large grazed the bottom of the boat.  At first, I assumed it to be some sort of outcropping near the shore.  But I did not hear the crashing of waves on a beach.  Moments later, it happened again, much harder.  Something was beneath my boat.  Without further warning, I felt myself thrown from the boat as it flipped over.  I began swimming as hard as I could.  As I went, I felt something grasping at my legs.  


The next I knew, I was tumbling end over end.  I sat up to find myself on a beach.  I began to cry.  After I composed myself, I took in my surroundings:  I discovered dozens of skeletal remains in my immediate surroundings.  I began to hear a whispering on the wind.  It spoke of many things, but foremost: Hunger.  


To my horror, the skeletal remains began to stand one by one.  Each one of them stared at me with gaping skulls, and began to approach.  Dumbstruck, I could only look on in awe as the first of them tore into the flesh of my bare arm with its sharpened teeth.


I found myself standing on the deck of The Golden Rose.  The lookout shouted loudly that he’d sighted a tower.  I turned towards the tower, and could see the pale blue light even in the daytime.  Quickly, I ran to the captain and all but begged for him to turn us around and take us back home.  It wasn’t difficult to persuade him, since he was going to collect his money with either outcome.  The captain ordered the helmsman to turn us around.


The trip back to port was swift and uneventful.  But my time at home has not been.  It was only shortly after returning that I discovered why most won’t go near the area I’ve described.  Those ships that stray too close do not return.  Some, such as the captain of The Golden Rose attribute it to sandbars or hidden underwater rocks.  But others claim terrible fates befalling those who wander too close.


I know the truth.  Since we left that place I have begun to hear whispers upon the wind, speaking of hunger.  I have seen shadows out of the corners of my eyes.  They seem formless, terrible creatures that watch my every move.  He must be watching me.  If only he could know I’ve learned my lesson.  I don’t want his power.  Not anymore.  


Every day I feel as though the whispers get louder and the shadows get closer.


I know the way out.


Winter Dinner 2017 Winners


Awards Winners – Winter Dinner 2017


Vote Awards

1) Rookie of the Year – Brian Loughlin / Teridan

2) Best Racial Portrayal – Corey Mann / Skrinn

3) Best Costume Corey Mann / Skrinn

4) Best Hero Matt Dolan / Xandis

5) Best Villain Brian Longo / Dielon •• Gabe Goldstein / Aiden

6) Best Role Player (Male) Victor Dunn / Sarineo & Ezra

7) Best Role Player (Female) Steffy Cruz / Theone Lighthart & Nyxalura Everdark

8) Best Portrayal of Faith Dan Brtalik / Khalarinth Sigismund •• Kyle Pearce / Sebastion Wright


Cast Given Awards

1) Soul of Realms Night – Katherine Taylor / Caillean •• Shannon McGuire / Drustan •• Meira Maynard / Clarissa Golan

2) It’s Always Hardest to Say Goodbye – Elliott Meredith / Mr. Kitty

3) Gold Medal in Impnastics – Tim Binns / Tarba

4) Setup God – Joe Maldonaldo / Alexander Maylock

5) Survivor of The Most Dangerous Game – Dominick Nasta / Agnate

6) Spirit of RoA – Kyle Pierce / Sebastion Wright


The Oracle has spoken: 1117 shall be known as The Year of Mischief

A few major systems are receiving direct attention over this break.  Rituals and Player-Owned Organizations/Guilds are a large focus of this break.  We are continuing to streamline the weapon skills both that have been deployed, and have yet to be discovered by players.  The Craft System is getting the attention is deserves as well, and we’re pleased to see the initiative that many players have taken by delving into it.  Certain systems still need a bit of love, but we have a committed Development team and cast structure in place in order to facilitate these developments.

We’ll be going into this year with more cast members than we’ve had in a very long time, including many new faces.  We intend on making this year amazing! Thank you for continuing to Live the Magic with us.

Realms of Adventure Winter Dinner 2017: Magic Item Auctions

Realms of Adventure Winter Dinner 2017:
Magic Item Auctions


Gift of Elantrai Auction

This auction is ONLY open to players and upcoming players who have NO magic items.   This is specific to the PLAYER, not if you have an Alt Character without any magic items.  Each entrant will receive three tickets to be used in this special auction.


1)  Container of the Courageous Heart

Within the Whispering Woods, the elders pass down a legend among the youths of the tribe.  This legend speaks of a courageous young Wood Elven Child and a Pixie whose names have been lost to the ages, but their acts of heroism have not.  There was once a great power gifted by the gods to the wood elven people to protect.  Ultimately, it was sought after and taken by a great evil.  The Wood Elven Child with his Pixie guide ventured out to recover this power.  His adventure to recover this power took him all across the continent over countless years.  He came into contact with the various other races of Adraveth and learned much about the world, gaining powerful tools to help him on his journey.  Armed with a blade and bow of light, along with the tools and knowledge he had gained from his journey, he came face to face with the Great Evil and vanquished him.  He returned the once lost treasure to the Wood Elven people.  He asked for nothing for his deed and then vanished like the wind.

The Wood Elven Elders pass down this story so that the children will  know of his courageous deeds and seek to live a life as courageous and honorable as the hero of legend.  This item is believed to be one of the first the hero gained on his journey when he defeated a parasitic spider that was causing harm to one of the Great Trees of the Whispering Woods.

  • This item grants the following abilities:
    • +1 to maximum health. (This can allow you to exceed your class’ maximum health.  When purchasing health, you still purchase at the base level.)
    • Restore Vigor: 1x/period.  “I restore you/myself to full health with all limbs mended.”
    • Reactive Attack Shield: 1x/period.
  • This item is Soulbound.


2)  Pin of Transfusion

The power of blood has always been a mystery for Doctor Illiah Malitrez.  This has always been the main focus of his studies.  He believed that through understanding the magical energies present in blood, one could harness any power and immortality could be achieved.  Sadly, the doctor lost his mind in his research and to gain access to various samples of blood, he began taking them against their will.  He was a doctor by day and a monster by night.  The amount of people killed for his research to this day is still unknown but it is well over a hundred.  This pin is one of the products of his research that was seized by the Church of Leondarr when they discovered one of his hideouts, though the doctor was nowhere to be found.  This item was sold off in an auction, along with others found there, to try and provide some funds to the families who had suffered by the Doctor’s hands.

  • This item grants the following abilities:
    • Killing Blow x4/period,For each killing blow that is delivered successfully via the killing blows granted by this item, the user gains a 1 charge, charges stack up to a maximum of 4.
    • Spend 1 charge: Gain a single use of Rend 5.
    • Spend 2 charges: Gain a single use of Greater Healing (self only).  “I heal my body 10 health.”
    • Spend 3 charges: Gain a single use of reactive poison.  This effect may be used at a time of your choosing.  (When you are struck and take damage, you may reactively call poison.)
  • This item is Soulbound.


3)  Necklace of the Legendary Moose Hunter

It is believed that one of the most powerful hunters to have ever lived was a tribesman from the north known only as Tahatan.  Tahatan was legendary amongst many of the tribes in the north for not only his prowess in the actual hunt, but for his ability to plan for what was ahead.  Tahatan was able to steel himself against the natural elements, including terrible ice and lightning storms.  He is said to have survived forest fires and avalanches as well. He was said to be able to command an enraged beast to stand down.  It is even rumored that he could give chase to the fastest animal.

One of the most common tales heard of Tahatan is that of his final hunt: that of The Great Behemoth of Winter’s Dread (described usually as a terrible moose, large beyond compare.)  This is where the telling of the story generally differs from tribe to tribe.  Tahatan was either killed by the Behemoth during the hunt (as a cautionary tale about hubris) or he was said to have bested the beast (as a tale of aspiring to greatness.).  Other outcomes work their way in as well, generally as a nod to the sort of tribal society it is being told within (the Spirits sometimes find their way into the tale as well.)  Some rumors say this necklace once belonged to him.  Though, as with any oral history, it is entirely possible these feats are exaggerated.

  • This item grants the following abilities:
    • 1 minute reduction to all Gathering: Hunter
    • Reactive Endure Elements: Of the user’s choice: 1x/period.  Please note: this bonus must be chosen at the start of each event, and may not be changed until the following event.
    • Slow: 2x/period.  “I slow your pace to a walk, 10 minutes.
    • Ranged Slay: 1x/period.
    • Pacify: 1x/period.  “I remove your urge to fight, 10 minutes.”
  • This item is Soulbound.


Door Prize Auction

The 7 tickets for the Door prize Auction will ONLY be given to current players or those who are planning to attend RoA in the upcoming season.  You can place as many tickets as you want into each container, but you can only win ONE item from this auction.  If you win more than one item, you can pick which one you would like to keep and another ticket will be drawn for the other.


1)  Tattoo of the Azure Expanse

Deals and agreements have been made by magic practitioners from the New Continent in regards to this new form of magic in order to bring it to the shores of the Twin Kingdoms.  Strange rituals performed by a skilled wielder of ANY type of magic have been able to channel their energies into ink placed just beneath the skin.  Typically these items come in the form of simple symbols, but oddly enough, these symbols vary greatly depending on the individual upon which they are placed.  A tattoo is a PERMANENT fixture upon a character’s skin, and may not be looted or removed in any way, with the notable exception of being replaced by another Tattoo (the original mysteriously vanishes under the new one, or if at max, a tattoo of the player’s choice may be removed).  It MAY NOT be moved from the initial place you choose for it to be.  You may only have TWO tattoos at a time upon your body (except for Barbarians, Half-orcs with the barbarian culture, or Gypsies who are permitted to have 3).

  • Winged Creature:  This tattoo may be as simple or complex as you wish, but MUST contain a winged creature.  (This can be something as simple as a butterfly, or as complex as a hawk.)
    • Chain Lightning: 2x/period.  “I create chain lightning, lightning damage 5, lightning damage 5, lightning damage 5.”
    • Jolt: 2x/period.  “I jolt your body with lightning, daze 10 seconds.”
    • Blur: 1x/period.  “Blur, Dodge.”  (When struck with a thrown weapon, arrow, or crossbow bolt, call “Blur, Dodge,” and nullify the attack.)


2)  The Visage of Kear’Tah

Before the terrible curse that deformed their bodies, The Trolls were great protectors of the Light Fae.  Further, many Trolls were even nobility within Fae Court.  Even longer than that, it is rumored that the Fae once mixed with the Dragons themselves.  This mask is rumored to belong to the Troll Prince Thelamin Keltoris as a gift from the Dragon Kear’Tah for saving the life of someone very important to her.  Thelamin was almost never seen without this mask, and he treasured it greatly.

When the terrible curse began to mutilate and transform Thelamin, he was wearing this mask.  The corrupting magic coursed through the mask partially before he tore it from his face, but ultimately, the strong magic it was enchanted with remained unharmed.  Thelamin, along with the other Trolls, was furious at the Light Fae for what had occurred and lead many of his brethren in a campaign against the Light Fae.  Often he could be seen at night running his deformed hand along the inside of the mask, remembering what his face once looked like and lamenting that his beloved gift would no longer fit him.

Thelamin’s fate is unknown, and like many items with origins in the Fae Realm, how it ended up here tonight and in your possession is anyone’s guess.

  • This item allows the user to cast the following:
    • Diamond Skin: 1x/period.  “I turn your/my skin hard as diamond, 10 magic armor.”
    • Elemental Ward: 1x/period.  “I make you/myself able to resist 1 elemental spell effect.”
    • Devour Essence: 1x/period.  “I drain the latent magic from your body, killing blow one, killing blow two, killing blow three.” (Heals the caster 5 life.)
  • This item is Soulbound.


3)  Gustav’s Foolproof Kelonian Lure

There was once a Romani man named Gustav.  Among even the Romani, he was considered to have a silver tongue.  He had a particular skill with trade.  Many of the other Romani were jealous of his success however, and sought to find out his secrets as to how he could trade so easily and effectively with outsiders.  He had especially shown an affinity with Kelonians.  After much investigating (read: somebody caught him off guard and robbed him blind), it turned out that Gustav had an edge: a necklace that would literally draw customers toward him and keep their attention upon him as he delivered his pitch.  Needless to say, whoever held this necklace did quite well for themselves.  And now it can be yours for a low low price! (Said the Romani woman who was selling the item at the Marketplace.)

  • The wearer of this item may perform the following:
    • Captive Audience: 2x/period.  “I divert your attention to me, 1 minute.”  (This effect breaks on damage to the target from anyone, except the caster.)
    • Pull: 2x/period.  “I draw you towards me, 10 seconds.”
    • Mighty Voice: 1x/period.  “Mighty voice, I strike you deaf 10 minutes.”
  • This item is Soulbound.


4)  Bracelet of Balance

More than anything else, Balance seems to be a law of creation.  There is Law for Chaos, Good for Evil, Light for Dark.  Once, there was an ancient order of monks that followed a path devoted solely to balance above all else.  They used a symbol of black and white to represent their order, and all they stood for.  Some scholars believe this is what the sun itself looked like when The Reckoning was in full swing: A Field of Light and a Field of Darkness, equal in size, and each containing a piece of the other.  It is believed that by wearing a reminder of such a terrible sight, mortals would remember what loss of balance can bring.

Why this group disappeared is a question lost to time.  However, their symbol became synonymous with balance or a desire to maintain it in certain regions of Adraveth.  And to this day it is a respected symbol in lands such as Ippon.

  • The wearer of this item may perform the following:
    • Resist one Disable per limb, per period.
    • Disable: 2x/period.
    • Once you drop below half health, you are automatically healed for 5 health.  2x/period. (This ability will not function if you are reduced below half health via Deathstrike, Assassinate, Death Spells, or any other immediate death effect.)
  • This item is Soulbound.


5)  Artisan’s Bangle of Grozrask

Grozrask was a Half-Orc with a terrible start to the story of his life.  Such is the story of nearly all Half-Orcs.  Grozrask wandered the streets of a small human town on the outskirts of the Whispering Woods for most of his life, and he wore this small bangle on his wrist.  Despite the fact that he would often find himself at the end of terrible beatings and muggings, for whatever reason thieves were never able to pry this bangle from his green wrist.  It was after one of these beatings that an old woodworker named Elmar took pity on the poor unconscious Half-Orc and brought him into his home.

Elmar nursed Grozrask back to health and when Grozrask thanked him and went to leave, Elmar offered him a job.  Elmar was a widower with no children, and having someone around who was strong would be helpful.  Grozrask and Elmar quickly became close friends.  Elmar eventually taught Grozrask all he knew of the craft before his passing 20 years after their first meeting.  Elmar left all of his worldly possessions to Groznak, who worked the rest of his days in peace, creating masterpieces for the grateful denizens of the village who had long since grown past their pettiness.

  • The wearer of this item may perform the following:
    • Extend Benefit: 1x/event.  This ability allows the user to extend an event long crafting buff into the next event.  (This may only be done once to a crafting buff per buff, and cannot be used to extend a buff longer than one additional event.)
    • Thrifty Crafting: 2x/event.  Reduce the recipe cost of any one recipe performed by 1 Tier 1 resource to a minimum of 1.
  • This item is Soulbound.


6)  Cameo of the Burned Woman

There is disagreement as to whether the following is true, but this is what you were told:  This ring once belonged to the Burned Woman, a vengeful, angry ghost that haunts the forest at night.  It is said she became hideously burned and disfigured at the hands of a jealous man who could not have her.  Whether or not this story is true does not change a key fact: something angry either created this ring, or gave it its magic, as it channels extremely powerful fire magic, though it lashes out against its user in the process.  The last owner of this item insists that he would have terrible visions of burning eyes stalking him at night.

  • This item has the following effects:
    • Lava Sphere: 1x/period.  “Lava Sphere, Damage 10.”  (Please note, Endure Elements Fire or other similar elemental resistance spells WILL NOT protect against this spell.)
    • Lava Blade: 2x/period.  “I engulf this weapon in Lava, 1 minute.”  (The call would be “Lava” when striking.)
    • Pain Strike: 2x/period.
  • This item is Soulbound.
  • This item has a special effect: Whenever you utilize one of its abilities, you take 2 Unresistable Lava damage.


7)  Pin of the Guarded Fencer

In Andalusia, the great land of Passion, duels to the death are very a common means of settling disputes.  The Delagato family was a noble and honorable family famed for training master swordsman.  Cerventez Delagato,  the head of the family, was praised as the best in the country.  The Delagato Family would often receive challenges from other households seeking to gain fame.

Before a duel in Andalusia, the one who issued the challenge must provide the person they are dueling with accommodations for the night before their duel.  No harm is to come to the person until the duel has been completed.  A rival family, whose name has been wiped from Andalusian history for their truly dishonorable conduct, took Cerventez into their home the night before their duel.  They laced his food with poison,  weakening him before the fight.  Despite being poisoned by both by the food the night before and his opponent using a poisoned blade during their fight, he dispatched his opponent along with his entire household present for the fight.  Later, his body was discovered dead yet still standing in the middle of the dueling hall, his sword in the ground supporting him.  When taking his body to his home to be buried alongside his family, this pin depicting the crest of his family, fell from his coat.  How it made its way across the sea to wind up in your possession is unknown.

  • This item has the following effects:
    • Parry: 2x/period.
    • Disarm: 2x/period.
    • Stone Grip: 1x/period.  “I give my/your right/left hand grip of stone, 10 minutes.”
  • This item is Soulbound.


Premium Auction

This auction is completely optional.  Unlike the Door Prize auction, you can win up to two items in this auction.  Tickets are 3 tickets for $5.  The items in this auction are considered rare and exceptional and even include your choice of a magic weapon or shield!


1)  Shard of Viridian

The Great Fae High Priestess of Elantrai, Delieorah Tanglebloom, was once charged with the protection of Viridia.  She was to protect a magical gateway that allows for travel between the Fae and Mortal Realm of Adraveth.  She was to remain on Adraveth as the guardian of the gateway and provide it with the magical energies needed to function.  During the previous Fae War she was struck down.  With her gone, the Dark Fae army was able to breach the portal and renter and retake the Fae Realm.  Her body was never recovered, presumably devoured by the Dark Fae.

One day as you were walking toward the New Calendale waterfront, you saw this beautiful green stone poking out of the ground.  As you investigated it, you revealed this beautiful polished green stone attached to a necklace.

  • This item has the following effects:
    • Ward of Conversion: 1x/period.  Once per period, the user may absorb any damaging spell they are struck with and convert the amount of damage that would have been dealt into any one Casting Resource of their choice.  If this exceeds their maximum capacity, they fall asleep for 10 minutes.  (Call, “Absorb.”)
    • Reactive Spell Shield: 1x/period.
    • Circle of Protection: 1x/period.
    • Fae Shield: 1x/period.  “I grant you/myself a shield, immunity to physical attacks 1 minute.  If you/I attack the shield dissipates.”
  • This item is Soulbound.


2)  Medal of the True War Hero

During the Solinarian War, the Hero and Founder of Dunkalter, Horatio Dunkalter, was famed as an unparalleled leader who led a slave rebellion in Solinaria.  It was through his close bonds he made with each and every person who fought alongside him, his clever strategies, and unorthodox methods, that he was able to lead the slaves through countless battles with the Solinarians, make peace with Wood Elves who shared their hatred for Solinaria, and found the free slave settlement of Dunkalter in the lands North of the Whispering Woods.  After settling the town, many runaway slaves sought refuge there and spread the story of Horatio Dunkalter throughout the Twin Kingdoms on their way.  These stories eventually made their way to Queen Calithandra who wished to meet with him.

He was invited to Vondara and came with just five of his allies, as he did not want to leave his new home unguarded.  On his way there, he was ambushed by a platoon of thirty Solinarians.  Like many attempts on his life before, this one failed as his small band made quick work of the soldiers.  They arrived in Vondara and had an audience with the Queen.  Calithandra offered to bring them into the Twin Kingdoms and offer them all the protection that came with that.  Horatio respectfully declined, saying that he and his people wished to be free from any masters.  The nobles in court called him arrogant but the Queen silenced them and wished to offer some support regardless.  She awarded Horatio with a Star of the Twin Kingdoms, one the highest military honors one can receive, along with sending food and building supplies to the new city and a promise of trade in the future.  After his death roughly thirty years ago, he wanted all of his possessions sold and the profit used to aid the people of Dunkalter.

  • The Medal allows the user to cast:
    • Mark Comrade: 5x per period. “I mark you as a comrade until the end of the period.”
      (This ability marks someone as your comrade for the period. Any effects that are cast from this item that affect comrades, also affect the owner of this item. You may not mark a person who is incapacitated, bleeding out, or dead as a comrade.)
    • Intercept: 8x/period.
    • Resist the first fear effect, then become resistant to all fear effects for 10 minutes. 1x per period.
    • The user may sacrifice maximum health from their maximum health pool, until the period ends, to use these effects, to a maximum of 10 health. This health CANNOT be healed or restored until the end of the period.
      • Spend 1 Health: “I release all comrades within the sound of my voice from their magical binding.”
      • Spend 2 Health: Unlimited intercepts to any marked comrade for 10 minutes. “I invoke the spirit of the hero.” (These intercepts will also work on spells)
      • Spend 3 Health: Heal 5. “All comrades within the sound of my voice, I heal your body 5 health.”
      • Spend 4 Health: Regain Senses. “All comrades within the sound of my voice, I remove your magical blindness/deafness/fear.”
      • Spend 5 Health: “I grant all comrades within the sound of my voice 3 health per 30 seconds for 10 minutes.”
      • Spend 6 Health: Comrade’s Protection. “I grant all comrades within the sound of my voice 10 Magic Armor and 10 Magic Health.”
      • Spend 7 Health: Grant Smite. “I grant all comrades within the sound of my voice one smite until used.”
      • Spend 8 Health: Shield of Honor. “I grant all comrades within the sound of my voice a shield of honor, resist one physical attack or magical spell.”  (Note: this single resist WILL stack with an attack or spell shield already on your person.)
      • Spend 9 Health: Free Action. “I grant all comrades within the sound of my voice free action, 10 minutes.”
      • Spend 10 Health: Full Assault. “I make all comrades within the sound of my voice immune to physical attacks, 1 minute.”  (Those affected may still attack while under the effects of this spell.)
  • This item is Soulbound.


3)  Roopsingh’s Gift

The Manasarwati people have a long and storied history.  One of the many figures from these tales is about a man named Khavi Roopsingh and his beloved husband Sahan Dalvi.  Khavi and Sahan were nearly completely opposite.  Khavi was a  great warrior, while Sahan was a mage beyond compare.  Khavi was constantly worried about Sahan’s well-being, as through his many years, he had amassed many enemies.  Roopsingh commissioned the most powerful mages to create this necklace, so he could gift it to Sahan to wear to protect him in honor of the 10 year anniversary of their marriage.

Khavi was killed the night before he was to give this necklace to Sahan.  Sahan went insane, and became a brutal monster to his people (whom he blamed for allowing this to happen).  A rebellion against his rule in his region took root.  Once the rebels had reached the inner sanctum, they found Sahan’s corpse; dead from a self-inflicted wound, clutching this necklace.

  • This necklace grants the user the following effects:
    • Reactive Attack Shield: 1x/period.
    • Nourish: 2x/period.  “I nourish your/my body, 10 magical health.”
    • Improved State of Stone: 1x/period.  “Improved State of Stone.”
    • Killing Blow Protection: 1x/event.  (Resist the first killing blow, then become resistant to killing blow for 10 minutes.)
  • This item is Soulbound.


4)  Tarnished Silver Ring of the Forgotten Clan

No mortals, especially surface-dwellers, truly understand precisely how vast the underground expanse truly is. Miles and miles of caverns, tunnels, darkness, and terrifying creatures await those foolish enough to dig deep enough.  Dwarven history is quite comprehensive, but there are absolutely cases where Dwarven Settlements might disappear due to cave-ins or else.  Generally, the mystery is solved on another dig.  Skeletons or artifacts of lost individuals and towns can be found as digs continue.

This ring was found alone deep within the darkness.  No clues to its origin were found near it.  It was as if this ring was simply left in the dark.  Dwarven craftsmen and scholars universally agree that the ring is of Dwarven Make and that it dates back to ancient Dwarven history.  None were able to determine what the symbol etched upon the ring means, and it is likely none ever shall.  Whoever created this ring may have been very powerful, but they are surely long dead.

  • This item grants the following effects:
    • Starmetal Skin: 2x/period.  “I turn your/my skin hard as starmetal, 20 magic armor.”
    • Reactive Spell Shield: 1x/period.
    • Smite: 2x/period.
    • Nerves of Stone: 1x/period.  “I grant you/myself Nerves of Stone, one courage until used.”
  • This item is Soulbound.


5)  Magic Weapon / Shield

The winner of this auction will be entitled to choose one of the following items:


a)  A.X.E. Axe

Fonrick Bunkzig Shadaran is a legendary crafter among the children of the God of Crafting.  Before his sudden disappearance, his works were known far and wide.  While Fonrick is known for his advances in weaponry and his skill in alchemy, what many do not know is that Fonrick was never a man to shy away from a bet.  The story goes like this:  One day, a Sindaran wandered into Fonrick’s shop as Fonrick was working on his latest creation that deals death.  The Sindaran insisted that Fonrick couldn’t create something other than instruments of destruction.  Fonrick at first ignored this jab, and went back to his work.  However, the Sindaran knew of Fonrick’s vice; he placed a wager on whether or not Fonrick could make it happen.  So, Fonrick set about the creation of a craftsman’s tool better than any the world had seen before.

When the smoke cleared, Fonrick had won his bet.  Fonrick presented the A.X.E. (Adaptive Xanthic Extension) Axe.  He made it yellow because, gods damnit, it’s hard to find a good word to hold the place of X in an acronym.  He showed the Sindaran what he had created, and the Sindaran marvelled at all the item was capable of.  Ever the wiseass, Fonrick noted that you could easily kill the hell out of someone with it despite its many uses, and that he did NOT in fact know how to make items that ONLY killed.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Disarm and Shatter
    • This weapon strikes for Magic.
    • Efficient Crafting: 1x/crafting period.  Reduce the cost of any one recipe performed by 1 tier 3 or lower resource. The recipe will still require a minimum of 1 of the highest tier resource required in the recipe.
    • Extend Benefit: 2x/event.  This ability allows the user to extend an event long crafting buff into the next event. (Note: this may only be done once to a crafting buff per buff, and cannot be used to extend a buff longer than one additional event.)
    • Time Reduction: 1 minute reduction on all Crafting and Gathering attempts.
    • Presentation is Everything: 2x/event.  When administering a crafted food or drink to another person, they may choose to double the duration of the benefit.
  • This item is Soulbound.


b) Sword of the Disgraced Noble

This sword once accompanied a great noble commander into the field of battle.  Pride was this man’s sin.  After going his own way, betraying those who were once his allies and countrymen in the process, and disobeying orders from his superiors that led to the massacre of many of his men, his noble title was taken from him and he was forced into exile.  As he fled the field from his final battle as a noble, he dropped this weapon.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Disarm and Shatter
    • This weapon strikes for Magic.
    • Slay: 2x/period
    • Wound: 5 2x/period
    • Pain Strike: 2x/period.
  • This item is Soulbound.


c) Spear of the Impostor

Two thousand years ago, a pretender to the Kingdom of Sekhem had a spear identical to that of the one wielded by historic rulers of Sekhem created.  With this spear, and his unwavering charisma, he managed to convince a sizable portion of the standing military at the time to join his cause in taking the throne.  After his armies were defeated by the true ruler of Sekhem, he simply disappeared, leaving this Spear behind.  His sudden disappearance is completely unexplained to this day, though many historians have wildly varying theories.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Shatter
    • This weapon strikes for Dark.
    • Strike for the following poisons twice per period:  Blade, Paralyze, Pain, Feeblemind.  (There is a 1 minute cooldown between each use of poison.  Each time a target is successfully poisoned, the wielder of this spear heals 3 health.  The poison must have come from the spear’s effect, not applied poison.)
  • This item is Soulbound.


d) Dagger of the Wandering Romani

This weapon was the signature weapon of a Romani known to most as Milosh.  Milosh would wander from town to town, drinking as he went.  Each town he went to he would inevitably be run out from.  Milosh even had trouble amongst his own people and would often find himself alone.  The Romani are a tough, proud people, and Milosh would never let this treatment get him down.  He wandered for years and years (impossibly, Milosh was rumored to have wandered for over 200 years, though most consider this a typical stretch of the truth).  In his time, he traveled all over the world, learning of new people and angering them.  It is believed that the shifting nature of Milosh and the places he visited imprinted themselves upon this dagger.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Disarm and Shatter
    • Reactive Absorb: 2x/period. (On damage type spell only, allows the user to then cast a spell with the damage type and amount doubled.  Ex: If hit with Flame Blast, Damage 5, you would call absorb, then later throw a packet stating “Fire Damage 10!”)
    • Elemental Ward: x2/period.
    • Element Strike: At the start of each event, pick a single element from the following: Stone, Ice, Lightning, or Fire. Strike for that damage type for the whole event.
  • This item is Soulbound.

e) Cover of the Mage Hunter (Shield)

This buckler once belonged to an organization that was tasked with the dangerous and often sad duty of hunting down those mages who turned against society and law.  The buckler was constructed on the small side to guarantee the freedom of movement that would be required when chasing down unarmored foes as well as presenting a smaller target to spells.  His name has been lost to time, but fortunately his shield was not.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This shield is immune to Shatter
    • Reactive Spell Shield: 1x/period
    • Spell Damage Reduction: 1x/period.  (Reduce the damage of a spell by 20.  If this would reduce damage below zero, simply call “resist.”)
    • Free Action: 1x/period. “I grant myself Free Action.” (Free Action provides immunity to ALL movement impairing effects including root, bind, spin, sweep, slow, entangle, pin. Anything that would hinder movement.  This does NOT protect against paralysis.)
  • This item is Soulbound.
  • NOTE: This shield, as mentioned in the description, may not be created at maximum size. While “Buckler” generally isn’t a classification of shield at Realms of Adventure, we trust that the spirit of what’s meant here will be followed.

f) Smithing Hammer of the Bountiful Forge (1H Blunt)

Found deep within the earth on an expedition, this hammer was once wielded by an ancient and fabled Dwarven Smith named Eltek Thofik.  Those who viewed his works often said he must have been favored by Gundar himself.  Eltek crafted many beautiful works with this weapon.  When his Dwarven Hold called upon him in times of war, he fought on the front lines.  Unfortunately, he was struck down.  Fortunately, his smithing hammer remains as a reminder of his legacy.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Disarm and Shatter
    • This weapon strikes for Stone.
    • Silence Strike: 2x/period. “Silence, 5 minutes.”  (Delivered via melee strike.)
    • Daze: (1 Minute) x2/period
    • Slay: x2/period
    • The first two times this item is used in a repair attempt, no materials are consumed.
  • This item is Soulbound.

g) Staff of Brotherhood

This staff was crafted by a Dwarven smith for a gnome he was very close friends with.  They had grown up together and had a relationship that was very similar to that of Gundar and Hafur themselves.  The Dwarf was always looking out for the little gnome.  Unfortunately, the Dwarf took ill.  He was not given long to live with his illness.  One night he snuck from his home and forged this staff.  He passed away the night he crafted it, at the very forge he had crafted it at.  He had left a note to his Gnome friend along with this staff.  The note that was found spoke of how the Dwarf would always be there to protect the Gnome.  For the rest of that Gnome’s life the Dwarf protected him in his own way.  It is believed by some that the spirit of that Dwarf inhabits this staff, protecting those who would wield it.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune Shatter
    • This weapon strikes for Magic.
    • Casting Resource Battery: 14/period (type Determined at creation)
    • Attack Shield: 2x/period
    • Parry: x4/period
  • This item is Soulbound.

h) Greatsword of the Ice Giant (2H Sword)

This sword was created within the unimaginably cold realms of the Elemental Plane of Ice.  Its creator is said to have trapped the very essence of the creature this weapon is named after within the sword itself.  The fury and strength of the giant can be felt by the wielder whenever they draw upon its effects.  It almost feels as though this weapon is glad to inflict harm upon others.

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Disarm and Shatter
    • This weapon strikes for Ice.
    • Arc Knockdown: 2x/period. “All in front of me, knockdown!”
    • Pin Weapon: x2/period. “Pin Weapon, 10 minutes.” (Weapon strike)
    • Pin Shield: x2/period. “Pin Shield, 10 minutes.” (Weapon Strike)
    • Smite: x1/period
  • This item is Soulbound.

i) Bow/Crossbow of the Betrayed

The story that hangs upon this item’s history is one of strife and pain.  From its very inception, this weapon has been at the center of many terrible betrayals.  The smith who created the weapon was killed by his apprentice.  The apprentice was killed by his lover.  The lover was killed by her sister, and so on, for the past 300 years.   Some say this weapon is cursed.  Will you take the risk?

  • The wielder of this item gains the following effects:
    • This weapon is immune to Shatter
    • Every bolt/arrow this weapon fires strikes for Magic.
    • Pierce Poison: 2x/period
    • Pain 30 seconds: 2x/period
    • Wound 8: 2x/period
  • This item is Soulbound.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you choose this item, and have the game provide the physrep, it will be a nerf crossbow. You are free, however, to create your own physrep.


Voting for 2017 Winter Dinner


It’s time to vote for the recipients of the 2016 Season Awards, to be unveiled at the 2017 Winter Awards Dinner celebration!

Lets get those votes in! Remember, these categories are decided by YOU, the RoA community. As we have seen in the past, EVERY vote counts!


***** VOTING HAS ENDED. *****

***** Official polling will end Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 11:59pm. *****



    • You may only select ONE person for each category so select the person you feel fits best. If you select more than one person your vote will not count for that category.
    • You can vote for yourself.
    • You may vote for the same person in more than one category, such as “Best Roleplayer” and “Best Costume.”
    • ALL PCs, NPCs, AND STAFF may vote.
    • Each person only gets to vote once.
    • You must select your choices from PLAYERS who attended this season.  List provided below.  (If there are any errors or we forgot someone, please let us know.)
    • Once submitted you may not change your vote.
    • Use the Voting Submission Form below.


• Categories •

1) Rookie of the Year – This award goes to the best overall new player for the year. This should be the person you think really made a positive impact on the game in their first year. This award is open only to players who started at RoA in the 2016 season (newbies are denoted in Green Text in the list below).

2) Best Racial Portrayal (Pixie, Kelonian, Elf, Dwarf, Barbarian, Gypsy etc.) – Person who best portrays the race/culture their character is supposed to be from. This can be any human culture or other race.

3) Best Costume – Person who has the best overall costume.

4) Best Hero – Person who you feel is the best personification of a hero. Note that this can be anyone YOU feel this way about. If you feel that a person who most people think is evil was the most heroic, then put his/her name down!

5) Best Villain – Person who you feel is the best personification of a villain. Note that this can be anyone YOU feel this way about. If you feel that a person who most people think is a good guy was the most villainous, then put his/her name down!

6) Best Role Player (Male) – Male who was the best overall roleplayer.

7) Best Role Player (Female) – Female who was the best overall roleplayer.

8) Best Portrayal of Faith – The person who you feel most accurately portrayed and adhered to the tenants and beliefs of an in-game church. NOTE: This is not meant to be a “Best Cleric” award. Remember, though the overwhelming majority of Adraveth’s denizens are unable to channel divine magic, many are still deeply religious and choose to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of one of the world’s many faiths.

• Regarding “Campaigning” •

The act of “campaigning” for oneself or others (even if the disclaimer “not intended to sway the voting” or anything similar is added) has caused issues and controversy in the past so we ask that people avoid doing so. The awards are not meant to be a popularity contest or a political race, so please just vote for who YOU feel is a good candidate for an award. The awards is a happy and fun part of the end of one year and beginning of a new one. Let’s keep it that way and drama free! Further posts of that type will be removed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

– Dave


2016 Player Roster
(new players listed in green)

Last Name First Name Character Name (Main) Alt
Abbruscato Elyse Maggie
Adams Kevin Kale
Allen Luca Dirthera
Armstrong Cher Xenia Foxtrot
Asulin Jordan Jischa
Babcock Laura Cyd
Binns Brian I’neach
Binns Tim Tarba
Bodenschatz Brett  Hadriel Eydrisia
Brinckerhoff Laurynn Wynlee
Brinckerhoff Tyler Able
Broderick Michael Sirus Reheim
Brtalik Daniel Khalarinth Sigismund
Carrol Christopher Tobias Malkin
Cavalier Kelly Kitara
Champion Andrew Vayne Mistral Willow
Cottone Victoria Eleanora D’Espoir
Cruz Stefanie Theone Lighthart Nyxalura Everdark
Cruz  Daniel Akira
Cubi Alexander Gunnar
Dansereau Elaine Elira
Dolan Matthew Xandis
Donadio Franz Faarooq
Dunn Victor Sarineo Ezra
Estela Gabriel Ray Hardstone
Fletcher Jillian Sezja Bijou
Garrett Jeremy Thorn
Geronimo Dominick Eravander
Goldstein Gabriel Aiden Durst
Gomez Raven Nevari Tanaleth
Hall Tristan Ban
Hanif Uriah Gabriel
Harris Louise Victoria
Homer Danielle Mythian
Johnson Doug William
Jones Michael Tarquin Munitorus
Kammerer Walter Nelthasion Rilynetyr
Kennedy Sarah Luna Evergreen
Kilic Lisa Lily Goldsworthy Anya
Lamencusa Carmen Etzli
Linz Phil Captain Rhaz
Longo Brian Dielon
Loughlin Brian Teridan, “The Gameskeeper”
Luttinger Ryan Rory Pangur Ban
MacKinnon Daryl Rus Icebadger
Maldonado Greg Tridaine Maylock
Maldonado Joseph Alexander Maylock
Malichek Francine Hathala Milza
Mann Corey Skrinn
Mavrommatis Constantinos Gabranth
Maynard Meira Clarissa Golan
McDonald Michaela Lucina Kairos
McGrath Kristin Rhiannon Mudee Paws Priscilla Cecelia Beatriz Reye
McGuire Shannon Drustan
McNulty Alex Ragnar IronBeard
McNulty Chris Davven Nasser
Menite Jennifer Onyx TigerEye
Meredith Elliott Mr. Kitty
Miller Brittany Arlidene Isduriel
Molina Thomas Zodimar S Qudjkx  Tiberius
Mooney Olivia Raziya Neferet
Nasta Dominick Agnate
Nolan Russell Rehan Standing Elk  Trogos
Olanick Lisa Asri
Palmer William Kallan Maddoch
Pavone Anthony Jigen
Pearce Kyle Sebastion Wright
Perrera Ally Yarah
Polichetti Joseph Dibble Goodbody
Popke Tiffany Alecia  Tala
Prinz Jonathan Rath
Prinz Michael Zelos Arquetius
Quimby Eric Ulv  Kodlak
Ramirez Ashley Kaira
Raponi Lacey Skyla Corrin
Raponi Melanie Luca
Rivera Chris Phoenix Black  Marr
Rogers William Snogard Lamienas Zahhak
Schreiner Steven Aster Yanzi
Shoblock Michael Mylith Oria
Sideris Alex William of the North
Sideris Matthew Barrabus
Siegelman Michael Baldric Baldomar
Skalski Tyler Tristendel  Bodaway
Steigerwald Jourdan Florian
Stumpf Alexandra Liann Mercer  Abe
Sukhoo Brian Rizhak
Suri Matthew Makyalo White Feather
Taylor Jourdan Eko
Taylor Katherine Caillean
Thomas Maria CriCri
Tumminello Giuseppina Selene
Valverde Michael Raphael De La Rosa Espina
Valverde Sara-Megan Valeria Trio  Zoey
Wagner Emma Nen
Wallace Stephen Negocoutle Ujarak, “Stone”
White Eddie Issac Eydrisia
Wilson Robert Brandon Lachlan



• Submit Your Vote! •

– Please look over the categories and vote ONCE for each.
– If you do not want to vote for a particular category, just place an “x” in the field.
– Be sure to read the descriptions so you understand what each award is!


Winter Dinner 2017

Realms of Adventure Winter Awards Dinner 2017!

Parkside Christian’s Cafe, Grill & Garden
48 Motor Avenue
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Saturday, January 14th
7pm – 11:00pm

If you want to come to the dinner, YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER!  You CANNOT pay at the door because we have to give a head-count to the restaurant.

***** PRE-REG DEADLINE: Friday, January 6, 2017, 11:59pm *****

Preregistration link:

In the notes field, please make sure that you write in the name(s) of who the pre-reg is for. That way our attendance list will be accurate. Thanks!

< < < Event Details > > >

H.R. Singletons is now out of business and we are building relations with a new venue, Parkside Christian’s. The chef/manager, Eric, is a really cool guy who prides himself on delicious food and is excited to host our event. We definitely want to make a good first impression. The restaurant is on the smaller side this year (next year they will be enclosing their patio so we will have more space), but the entire venue is ours. There will be tables and bar seating available.

The cost for the dinner is $50 per person (menu is posted below). It is a delicious hot buffet in a private room. Anyone is welcome to come – players, friends, cast, staff, family, and loved ones. This is a great time to bring someone who is thinking about coming to game so they can meet our Family in a fun and social Out of Game setting!

Each person that currently attends or any person that is planning to attend a future game will get 3 character points and 7 tickets for the Door Prize Auction. Points and tickets will ONLY be given to current players and to new players who plan on attending in the upcoming season.

We do not have a dress code, but we ask that you please dress respectably and be mindful of other patrons. Dress pants or skirts, nice jeans, dresses, and even ties are all acceptable. (This is an Out of Game event so please do not wear your costume.)

Character Points

Since this is an official RoA event, if you attend you will receive 3 Character Points! These points are non-transferable and will ONLY be given to current players and to new players who plan on attending in the upcoming season. Normally a new player starts the game with 55 (or 60 with a background) Character Points but if you attend the dinner, you will have 58 (or 63) Character Points to spend!


This is our Annual Awards Dinner and that means awards! Each award won is worth 2 Character Points! Two types of awards will be given out:

1) The first group of awards are those voted on by you, our dedicated players (instructions on voting will be posted soon). Please follow these instructions as any votes that do not follow the rules will not be counted. You can only vote ONCE. Only people who have attended RoA can vote in the provided categories.

2) The second group of awards is granted by cast and staff to those players who have done memorable things over the past season. These are things that even the player who receives the award might not even realize made such an impact. You never know what we’ll come up with!

< < < Auctions > > >

Here’s how they work. There will be a number of In Game items up for auction. Staff will present and read a description of each item in the auctions. After they are done, the items and a printed description will be placed in front of their own ticket containers. Separate your tickets and hold onto the ones that say “KEEP THIS COUPON.” You can place the ones that say “TICKET” into any bowl or bowls that you want. The tickets will be shuffled and one drawn at random. If your ticket number is called, you win! Specific details follow for each auction.  (We may be switching to different tickets – stay tuned.)

Door Prize Auction

Open to all, there will be a number of In Game items up for auction. These could include scrolls, powerful potions, magic items, and even a mystery bundle!

The 7 tickets for the Door prize Auction will ONLY be given to current players or those who are planning to attend RoA in the upcoming season. You place as many tickets as you want into each container, but you can only win ONE item from this auction. If you win more than one item, you can pick which one you would like to keep and another ticket will be drawn for the other.

Gift of Elantrai Auction

This auction is ONLY open to players and upcoming players who have NO magic items. This is specific to the PLAYER, not if you have an Alt Character without any magic items. Each entrant will receive one ticket to be used in this special auction.

The Elantrai Auction drawing shall take place before the other auctions, so anyone walking into the dinner without a magic item shall be eligible for the Elantrai Auction.

Premium Auction

This auction is completely optional. Unlike the Door Prize auction, you can win up to two items in this auction. Tickets will be available for purchase at the dinner. Tickets are not very expensive so everyone has a chance to participate. The details of the Premium items will be revealed before tickets are sold so everyone can think about what items they might want to try for. The items in this auction are considered rare and exceptional and even include a magic weapon!

If you can’t make it to the dinner but still want to participate in the Premium Auction, you can make arrangements with someone else to purchase tickets on your behalf and participate for you. Do not ask Cast or Staff members to do so.

< < < Menu > > >

* Rolls and Butter
* Garden Salad
* Rosemary Potatoes
* Vegetable Medley
* Penne ala Vodka
* Stuffed Shells
* Chicken Parmigiana
* Marinated Skirt Steak
* Glazed Salmon
* Pulled Pork

* Coffee, Tea, Cake
* Unlimited Soda

Open Bar (New for 2017!)

For an additional $15 per person, paid in cash at the bar, you will receive a bracelet for the open bar. This is completely optional and is the responsibility of the drinker. You must be 21 years of age; make sure you have your license to present to the bartender.

* House Tap Beer, House Wine, House Liquor

< < < Important Note > > >

Since this is an official RoA function, all are expected to follow our usual policies, especially those concerning drugs. Those who break this policy by bringing or using illegal drugs (or misusing legal ones) on the premises, parking lot, or any nearby areas will face serious consequences. We ask that you please keep this in mind so everyone can enjoy themselves.

< < < If you pay for the dinner, EVEN IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND > > >

If you plan to do this, you MUST LET US KNOW when pre-regging for the dinner.  Put “NO DINNER” in the box after your name on the pre-reg link.  We need to give the restaurant an accurate headcount.  (Example: Hayley Princeton – NO DINNER)

You will receive the following:
• 3 Character Points
• 7 Tickets for the Door Prize Auction
• 3 Tickets for the Elantrai Auction (If eligible for this Auction)
• Ability to participate in the Premium Auction (Ticket prices are $5 for 3 Tickets)

You must make arrangements with a player (not Cast or Staff members) to distribute your tickets in the auctions. You must inform BOTH Ryan and Dave R who has been designated.

If you do NOT pay for the dinner, but still want to participate in the Premium Auction, you can make arrangements with someone else to purchase tickets on your behalf and participate for you. Do not ask Cast or Staff members to do so. You must inform BOTH Ryan and Dave R who has been designated.

As said above, the Elantrai Auction drawing shall take place before the other auctions, so anyone walking into the dinner without a magic item shall be eligible for the Elantrai Auction.

< < < Premium Auction Stretch Goals > > >

Based on player feedback, we agreed that all those who put into the Premium Auction deserve something, even if they don’t end up winning an item directly.  After all, everything you put into that auction goes to making the game as a whole better.  It is with that in mind that we are pleased to introduce the following new system:

ALL players that put in at least $5 into the Premium Auction shall receive an amount of character points based upon goals that we’re going to set for the total. (NOTE: This includes players that haven’t pre-regged/aren’t able to attend, as long as they are able to find someone to handle their tickets and money.)

In the end, we will be awarding *1-4 character points* based on internal goals that we have set.

The points above are considered ACTIVE (the same category as the points gained from the dinner).  So, you may spend them without worry on your next update.  Should you not spend them, they will be banked.


We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!