Touching: Consensual or Otherwise


Since RoA’s inception, it has had a no touching rule.  This past event, we heard a few reports that it was being violated in some places.  In the reports we heard, people were physically restraining or grabbing others.  This should never have occurred.

Effective immediately, and going forward, touching shall only occur at the game by explicit consent. The ONLY physical contact that should occur is with express prior consent of both individuals, and this consent may be revoked at any time whatsoever. The standard should be assumed that consent is NOT given, unless a specific verbal consent for a specified action or event is given.

Effects that have been permitted per the rules in the past, such as bandaging with first aid, intercept with a light touch on the shoulder, or standard boffer combat, are not affected by this ruling. This ruling is only applicable to anything further or beyond that. As always, if one cannot be struck with a boffer weapon or anything else, then the yellow arm band rule would apply here instead.


Consent may be gained by saying “Clarify: Consent?” (With a response of “Clarify: Yes/No”)  and revoked by saying “Clarify: Revoked.”  

Nobody should be made to feel pressured to say yes in this situation, and should absolutely not be pressured to change their decision should it be no.


We have added the above ruling to allow consensual physical roleplaying to happen, such as a checking a pulse with mundane healing by touching an individual’s wrist along with the action.

We wish to reiterate however, that the incidents that happened this previous game constitute non-consensual physical role playing, an unacceptable practice, and one we are expecting our members of the community to avoid going forward.

We understand that often in the heat of the moment and roleplay these things may be hard to avoid, but this rule must be adhered to.  It is our community’s responsibility (and therefore the responsibility of EVERYONE that attends) to ensure that nobody is made to feel unsafe, and given the dedication and consideration I have seen from our player base in the past, I am confident that this previous behavior will be corrected going forward.



Addendum: Clarifications – 07/06/17

Implied Consent

If you offer someone a hand or a high five, and they accept that hand, there is implied consent because they have accepted the gesture. If someone offers you a hand for a handshake and you shake it, there is unspoken consent for that action. There is no need to break the RP to Clarify something as simple as that. If they want to not shake your hand, they won’t, nor are they obligated to. If you offer to help them up off the ground, it is their choice to accept it or not. If they don’t, you should not take it personally.

To be clear: If someone offers you a hand to help you up from the ground, if they offer you a hand for a handshake, if they open up their arms for a hug, etc., then if you do not feel comfortable, you are under no obligation to engage in these actions nor should you feel pressured to. Also, it is against the spirit of these rules to give implied consent and then turn around and accuse the other person of breaking the rules. If you feel uncomfortable with the contact, then do not engage in it.



If you know someone well and have an understanding with them prior, you do not need to Clarify: Consent each and every time since the two of you have already spoken of it. However, if they tell you Clarify: Consent Revoked, regardless of your previous arrangement, you must respect that. Any further contact past that without regaining consent is in violation of the contact rules.

If you see two people engaging in RP and you did not see them ask for Consent, it is not your place to call them out or break their RP. Consent is between persons A & B and they may already have a standing agreement. The Consent rule is not in place for people to start policing casual contact between consenting individuals.


Final Notes

You are NOT going to get in trouble for being friendly with your significant others and friends.

The rule is clearly meant to extend rather than restrict. It is not meant to take away anything already there.

Selling OOG Food For IG Money

After a lengthy discussion, it is the decision of the Development group that selling FOOD OR DRINK items ONLY acquired out of game  for in-game currency is acceptable.  Food or Drink items that do not have an in-game effect are NOT considered to be lootable items in or out of game.  In the case of a oog food as a physrep to accompany a food slip, the slip is lootable, but the food itself is not. (For Example, if you have a chunk of real life bread, and a slip for Hearty Bread, only the slip is lootable, not the actual bread. Should you loot the slip, the SLIP will still have the full effect, but not the physrep bread)

During the discussion about this situation, concern over whether people could turn around and buy out of game props came up.  We’d like to emphasize above that the ruling applies ONLY to food and drink items.  You may NOT bring props (including costume jewelry, boffer weapons, pouches, etc.) to game to sell for in-game currency.

We understand that there will likely be questions as to why we came to this ruling, so we’ll attempt to list our reasoning here:  We are of the firm belief that creating an environment where players are encouraged to prepare food and drink for the enhancement of the game and its atmosphere is a good thing.  The benefit, we believe, is that the currency wouldn’t be created from nothing.  It would in nearly all but the most minimal of cases be money flowing from player to player.  No new money is being introduced into the economy. The increased flow of currency doesn’t take away from what someone would already buy from a merchant, and the seller of that food now has disposable income to spend on things that other people would be selling.

As with all major rulings we make, we will be closely monitoring the situation to determine if a reversal or change needs to be made.

Crafting Drop Off / Pick Up Times and Crafting Rundown

Session 1

  •   12 pm Noon Saturday – Drop Off
  •   2 pm Saturday – Pick up at Moriarty’s

 Session 2

  •   10 pm Saturday – Drop Off
  •   12 am Midnight – Pick up at Moriarty’s

Session 3

  •   By End of Game – Drop Off
  •   Pick up Following Event at Check-in



Each purchase of tier 1 gathering (up to an initial max of 10; exception being Merchant/Artisan) makes up your gathering times per crafting period. Costs for Each skill are as such:


Skill Bard Cleric Fighter Mage Merchant/
Monk Rogue Scholar Shaman Self- Taught Max
Gathering: Farmer 4 3 4 4 3 3 4 3 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Fisher 3 4 4 3 3 3 4 4 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Harvesting 4 3 4 3 3 4 4 3 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Hunter 4 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Logger 4 4 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Miner 4 3 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Naturalist 3 4 4 3 3 4 3 3 3 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/
Gathering: Scrounger 3 4 4 4 3 4 3 4 4 Yes 10, 15 if Merchant/


Gathering : Tier 2

Requirement: 10 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 1 level.

Max Purchases: 4

At first purchase, this will turn your tier 1 gathering into a pool. This allows you to spend 5 purchases of tier 1 gathering to gather a single tier 2 resource. Additional purchases after the first purchase of this skill reduce that number by 1 to a minimum of 2 uses consumed per tier 2 resource gathered. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.


Gathering : Tier 3

Requirement: 4 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 2 level.

Max Purchases: 4

This allows you to spend 6 purchases of tier 1 gathering to gather a single tier 3 resource. Additional purchases after the first purchase of this skill reduce that number by 1 to a minimum of 3 uses consumed per tier 3 resource gathered. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.


Gathering : Tier 4

Requirement: 4 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 3 level, and 15 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 1 level.

Max Purchases: 4

This allows you to spend 7 purchases of tier 1 gathering to gather a single tier 4 resource. Additional purchases after the first purchase of this skill reduce that number by 1 to a minimum of 4 uses consumed per tier 4 resource gathered. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.


Gathering : Tier 5

Requirement: 4 purchases of a single gathering skill at the tier 4 level.

Max Purchases: 1

Unlike previous tier gathering, tier 5 is a single purchase skill that allows the player to gather from tier 5 nodes and caches. It cannot be used to go out and roleplay gathering tier 5 resources. As an added bonus, the first purchase will reduce your gathering time by 1 minute for all gathering per tier 1 gathering skill consumed.


How nodes and caches work:

The tier indicates what tier of gathering the character MUST possess in order to gather from that node or cache. If the tier is higher than what your character has access to, they may not gather from that cache or node regardless of how many purchases of tier 1 gathering the character possesses.

The level indicates how many purchases of tier 1 gathering the character must possess to even access the node or cache at all. This number will vary anywhere from 1 to 20. If you have 10 purchases of tier 1 gathering and access to tier 3 gathering, but come across a node that requires tier 1 gathering but level 15, you would not be able to gather the node or cache.

Skilled Gatherer (single purchase, requires 15 purchases of tier 1 gathering and 4 purchases of tier 3 gathering for merchant artisans, OR for non-merchant artisans requires 10 purchases of tier 1 gathering and 4 purchases of tier 3 gathering) – This will allow you to purchase up to an additional 5 tier 1 gathering skills. If you are a merchant artisan, this means your cap is raised to 20. If you are not a merchant-artisan, then your cap is raised to 15 instead. 5 points for merchant artisan, 8 points for non-merchant artisans.

Gathering costs: +1 per tier, so if your gathering skill costs 4 per tier 1 purchase, it would be 5 for tier 2, 6 for tier 3, and 7 for tier 4. If your gathering skill costs 3 per tier 1 purchase, it would be 4 for tier 2, 5 for tier 3, and 6 for tier 4.

Gathering tier 5 is single purchase, and costs 8 for tier 5 for merchant artisans, and 14 for non-merchant artisans.



If an item is being enhanced, it does not need to be noted on the crafting/gathering sheet, and can be done as often as you have the resources to do so. Ordinarily, these effects will ONLY last until the end of the event it’s done in. The resources used still must be handed in when you hand in your crafting/gathering folder and sheet. Examples of this are weapon and armor improvements through weaponsmith and armorsmith, as well as room effects such as room traps and room improvements from trapcrafter and carpentry.

If an item is being created, then it must be noted on your crafting/gathering sheet, and the resources must be turned in with the folder. You will then receive the items created at the pickup point. Examples of this are food and drink created with chef or brewer, as well as tools made by carpentry and blacksmithing.


Starting on Time

As for those of you present at the post-game meeting from our most recent event know, we have made a promise to you that we will seriously step up our game when it comes to the matter of start times.

In accordance with that, we are going to be presenting the following time line that it is our intention to follow strictly:


5:30 PM: On site to the camp (Due to day camp delay)

6:00 PM: Check-in

9:00 PM: Newbie Meeting

9:30 PM: Front Gate Closed

10:00 PM: General Meeting

10:30 PM: Game On (EDIT: To note, check-in will still be accepted after game on starts or the gate is closed.  We’re just asking anyone who arrives after this time to check in at logistics, and get changed in the mod building, which we’re setting aside specifically for this purpose.  We just don’t want a bunch of people walking through the game carting their stuff in their normal oog clothes.)


One of the best points we’ve heard is that the game should be treated as a theater.  The curtain rises at a certain time, and that is that.

The above being said, we want to try and accommodate late arrivals better than previously.  We’re going to be making the main mod building area a place where people can get changed privately and get themselves ready to go into game.  We are asking that people be as quiet as they can when utilizing this location to get ready for game.  (This also goes for transporting stuff there.)

If you come across the gate closed, DO NOT open it to allow your car to go through “just for a minute” or for any other reason.  We will have to treat this situation harshly as it could endanger others. (EDIT: There was a bit of confusion here: If you find yourself on the inside of the gate after it has been closed, you MAY open the gate to let yourself out, but you MUST close it behind your car immediately after passing through.)

The general meeting attendance is MANDATORY.  Important pre-game announcements including identification of current yellow arm band players as well as clarifications or entirely new keywords/systems have been announced there.  Seasoned players must still attend.


Rumors for the Elder’s Moon, 1117


    • A graveyard a few towns over was ransacked.  Bodies were dug up and remains were strewn about.  The oddest part though?  When they gathered the remains back together, all of the skulls seemed to be missing.
    • Scarlet Scarves have been seen leading expeditions into the Whispering Woods in the direction of what is believed to be the source of the infernal attacks.
    • Two more Agorians were found hanging in the woods outside of the Oake’s Farmstead.  The Oakes are not suspected of being involved.
    • There will not be a New Calendale Chronicle printed for the Elder’s Moon due to a series of unfortunate accidents culminating in the main printing center of the New Calendale Chronicle burning down.  Mary Beth Charity has been seen apologizing to the owner of the building, Lorton Ranite.
    • King Leopold is considering cancelling The Tournament of the Two Rulers, which is supposed to take place during The Solstice Moon.
    • The investigators into those responsible for the murder of the late Baron Orsiv Istivan have recently unearthed important and potentially damning information.
    • A noble from Vondara has reportedly bought the late Baron Istivan’s land from his remaining heirs.
    • Lonnie Lester has been tasked with tracking down the Red-haired pirate captain of The Wife’s Fury.
    • Several townsfolk claim to have been attacked by a large brown-furred creature as they walked along the roads.
    • Local Romani suspected in string of thefts.  It is believed that there is a Kelonian with red fur leading this group.
    • The Collective of Krev is in final talks with King Leopold to begin operating in an official capacity managing legitimate bounties and the hunters thereof.
    • A traveller, who had arrived from the northwest, claimed to have been saved from orcs by a large creature made of some sort of metal.



2017 Event Dates

Event Dates for 2017

Feb 24 – 26, 2017
April 7 – 9, 2017
May 19 – 21, 2017
June 16 – 18, 2017
July 7 – 9, 2017
August 18 – 20, 2017
September 22 – 24, 2017
October 27 – 29, 2017

Rumors for the Laughing Moon, 1117


    • Former inquisitors have begun disappearing.  Some believe they are planning another attempt at takeover, others believe they are being killed in retaliation by those who lost loved ones to the Inquisition.
    • The Wife’s Fury was seen once again off the coast of Dunford Bay, freshly repaired after the damage she took during the conflict with the former inquisition.
    • Followers of Erathal have been growing in number.  As word of his legitimacy spreads, a group of monks appear to be among his most devout followers.
    • Mary Beth Charity has been seen joining the cause of those defending Kobolds but was quickly expelled after she accidentally fed one chocolate, killing it. (And simultaneously discovering that some Kobolds are violently allergic to chocolate.)
    • Agorian body found hung in town square with a parchment pinned to his shirt bearing a symbol of a dead lizard missing its tail.
    • King Leopold reportedly furious that Erathal’s legitimacy was confirmed.  Anyone among his staff who begins to follow him is being immediately dismissed from their duties.
    • Some local Mages’ Guilds have been hiring local groups to assist in the defense against mysterious blind creatures that have unparalleled control over magic.
    • Lonnie Lester, recipient of a Shield of the Twin Kingdoms, recently saved two children from a house fire that claimed the lives of their parents.  Lonnie has agreed to take the children under his care and intends to raise them as his own.
    • There has been much going on in the estate of recently deceased Baron Orsiv Istivan. Many members of the local carpentry guilds have been seen working on the estate.
    • Magistrate from next town over offering reward for vandals that drew untoward things about him in paint on the side of his home. (Apparently, the subject matter was about the size of his arse!  Frankly, I’m surprised they got it all on one side!)
    • New Calendale will be host to Solinarian Senator in preparation for the Tournament of the Two Rulers which will take place this summer.
    • The Dwarves of Khazram Modam have recently forged a treaty with the Orcs ending their long disputes and paving a new era of peace.
    • Day of Wishes respected as a single day of peace between the Dark and Light Fae as the respective soldiers of each group met together to take part in brief festivities.  Hostilities resumed at midnight.
    • There have been several mysterious, but savage, murders committed within the barony of Dunford Bay. One woman who claims to have escaped from one of the murder scenes says that a man wearing a sack over his head committed the crime.
    • During a recent mining expedition, a large set of tunnels and caverns were unearthed.  The mining group in charge of the expedition is rumored to be looking for the assistance of several groups in clearing them of any hazards.
    • The Storm up north has finally calmed. Some claim to see the outline of towers where the storm once raged.  The skirmishes have not shown any sign of letting up.


Guild Laws

Guild and Sanctioned Organization Law


No guild or sanctioned organization shall operate without an official guild/organization charter signed off by a reigning noble of the area in which the guild performs activities of a rank no less than Baron. Any organization attempting to operate as a guild or sanctioned organization without a charter and noble approval will be subject to harsh punishment.


A guild master or organization leader is the only person with the authority to recruit and remove members from a guild or organization they are in charge of save for instances of noble decree. When any persons are brought into or expelled from the ranks of a guild, the noble presiding over your guild charter must be informed immediately.  


Only guild requests that have been issued and approved by the nobility will be deemed official guild activities and increase standings of the guild or organization within the Twin Kingdoms. When accepting any job request the Guild Master must inform the nobility which members of the guild will be tasked with the job.


If non-guild members or non-organization members are participating in a job that has been accepted by the guild, the guild will receive no benefits save for any agreed upon payment for completing the job.


Guild masters and organization leaders are held to the highest standards of the law and will be punished more severely for breaking any laws within the areas that they are active in. A Guild Master is responsible for all of their guild members and may be called upon to pay for any debts and fines incurred by their members during their membership within the guild or organization if they are unable to pay.


All guilds or organizations must pay off all taxes, dues, and fines by the first official local court during Harvest Moon of a given year. Failure to do so may result in penalties up to and including, but not limited to, additional fines, punishment, and dissolution of the guild.  The local Reigning Baron shall decide all action in this matter.

Laws governing the creation of Guilds and Sanctioned Organizations


In order to create a guild or sanctioned organization, the following requirements must be met: A guild charter including the aims, goals, and general ideals of the guild or organization shall be drafted, as well as signed by no less than five founding members, among whom one shall be considered Guild Master or Leader.  Illiterate members may place a mark representing their signature, but it shall be required that a note is added specifying the name of said member. It is to be understood that the illiterate individual has had the charter explained to them by a literate member before affixing their mark.  A judge or town scribe must witness these signatures and affix their own signature.  All five individuals must meet the requirements of membership listed below.  This charter shall be supplied to the highest ranking noble present at a local court proceeding in order for final approval by a noble of at least Baron rank or above.


Any individual may only be a member of and receive the benefits of a single local guild or organization. If a person has been removed from or has left a guild of their own free will they shall not be eligible to receive the benefits of any guild they become affiliated with for three moons time.  This delay in benefits shall not apply to those who are joining an organization for the first time, and have no previous local affiliations with any guild or organization.  These restrictions shall NOT apply to those limited and specific guilds that have been declared to be a public service.  This currently applies to The Mages’ Guild, Courier’s Guild, Bardic Guild, Gemology Guild, Appraisal Guild, Alchemist Guild, and other similar organizations.


Upon creation, a guild or organization must provide an order of succession no less than two members past the Guild Master or Organization Leader.  Should all three members disappear for a period of greater than one full year’s time, the remaining members of that organization shall be eligible to decide upon a new Guild Master or Organization Leader in a matter they see fit.


Guilds and Sanctioned Organizations may make amendments to their guild charter at any time with the permission of a noble of the rank of Baron or above. Guilds drastically changing their guild’s stated purpose and benefits shall potentially accrue fees.


Should a Guild Master or Organization Leader decide to pass their title on to another member, they are required to inform the highest ranking noble at a session of local court, and present their candidate to the ranking noble.


Once all of the above conditions have been met, the Guild Master or Organization Leader shall be provided with an official document stating the recognition of the Guild or Organization by The Twin Kingdoms.  This document should be protected closely, and should be presented during the conduction of any guild business the Guild Master takes part in.  Even if this document is not carried on their person, the document should still be in an easily accessible location nearby.

Items Missing Out-Of-Game

Hello Everyone, we just wanted to address something that occurred over this past weekend and to reiterate what was spoken about at the post-game meeting.

Several items were taken from two separate cabins (the two story cabin near totem pole hill had a shield, prop bones, a silver mask and an owl statue taken from it) and the cabin commonly referred to as “The Mages’ Guild.” (A boffer staff, a boffer shovel, several pieces of prop armor, a single shoe, and a cloak that had a distinctive clasp attached to it were taken.)

We have reason to believe these items were taken Friday Night or perhaps early Saturday Morning. Several individuals not associated with our player base or cast were sighted during this time period as well. (These sightings were also confirmed by Ranger Ron). In the future, should you see any individual on the property of Camp Sacajawea you do not recognize and who obviously does not belong, make a direct line to logistics immediately to inform us, and we shall investigate.

At the end of last game, upon speaking to Ranger Ron, he informed us that a woman living in the housing developments north of the campsite delivered a black backpack containing a single piece of the several armor pieces that were missing along with a shield (Brian Longo’s Gorvaakian shield) saying that she’d found these items in the development, and figured they belonged to the camp. Unfortunately, none of the other items have turned up.

We currently do not have any official suspicion towards any individuals that attended our game this past event.

It is our official stance that should the items be returned, no questions shall be asked, and the removal of the items will simply be chalked up to a misunderstanding of the rules regarding the searching of in-game versus out of game areas. We’re not looking to punish here, merely looking to return items that have a serious sentimental value to their owners. We have spoken to both James (The owner of the camp) and Ron about the situation, and they shall be on the lookout should any items turn up.

We are further asking that no accusations be thrown around. We find that this will only make the situation more difficult for everyone involved, and will only lead to making things worse. We’ll be treating instances of this in accordance with our harassment policy.

Our promise to you: We shall be far more diligent about reinforcing the rules regarding searching and looting both at the newbie meeting and pre-game meeting, so as to avoid any potential rules misunderstanding in the future.

Further, any players directly affected by this situation (direct ownership of said items that were taken) shall be entitled to attend their next three weekend events without charge. While we understand that those of you affected are not holding us responsible, and we do not consider ourselves as such, it is our belief that this situation should not have occurred at all.

We hope that we can put this situation behind us. It is the first time something like this has occurred on this scale since the game’s inception. We do not expect this will occur in the future, and with an amount of increased diligence on all sides, we do not expect this shall happen again. Thank you again for being part of The Adventure.

The State of New Calendale

The State of New Calendale

During a vicious battle with Dark Fae in the town of New Calendale, the mysterious blind creatures appeared.  They tore through townsfolk and dark fae alike, devouring all magic they could get their claws upon.  Much of the town was killed or routed, but all Dark Fae forces committed to the encounter were completely eradicated.


A Scarlet Scarves scouting group led by Magister Cadrel appeared shortly after the attack, having heard rumors of the creatures in the area.  They issued an immediate quarantine of the area over the past few days.


This morning, the same scouting group of Scarlet Scarves entered the Town Proper and noted something unusual.  The creatures, seemingly unaware of the mages’ presence, gathered in a small area near the field in front of The Scroll and Dragon.


The creatures stirred suddenly, seeming to sniff the air.  One by one the creatures extended claws into the space in front of them and seemed to tear a hole in the air itself.  The mages on scene described it similar to a portal, though no incantations were heard.  Each of the creatures stepped through the holes it had made and disappeared.  The holes closed behind them.


Townsfolk were allowed back into the area after each nearby building was cleared.


((OOG NOTE: You may use the tavern chat as normal, and all access to the town itself has been restored to normal.))