Plot Events

Storm on the Horizon

All of the following is effective as of 08-09-16 at 8:00 AM, and ALL characters would be aware of the situation as it currently stands.


Storm on the Horizon

In the last day or so, reports have been coming in that soldiers have formed a large perimeter around the New Calendale area.  When asked, they claim direct loyalty to either King Leopold, Marquis Artenian, or Marquis Fontaine.  They inform any who would cross their border to leave that they are heading into a blockade of Inquisitorial troops.  All who approach them from the New Calendale side of their blockade are advised not to leave, lest they find themselves immediately arrested and imprisoned by the inquisitorial soldiers waiting beyond their perimeter.  The soldiers have not been letting anyone enter their perimeter from the outside, and also have not allowed anyone to join their forces from the inside, fearing potential spies.

At the docks, there are troops loyal to Leopold, Artenian, and Fontaine, but the only presence of the Inquisition is that of the sight of their ships at anchor, blockading any potential reinforcement by sea.

Within the perimeter, all orders of the nobility still seem to stand as they were before the blockade, in an attempt to keep order.

It is clear the Inquisition, as well as the military and nobility loyal to King Regent Dalton are preparing to drop a very heavy hammer onto New Calendale and its inhabitants.  Escape seems impossible.  All that is left now is to wait.

NOTE: ALL between-game skills shall function normally.  The local libraries as well as the marketplace are well within the borders of the friendly perimeter, even if their atmosphere is extremely tense.  Unfortunately, the main waystation for the courier’s guild is outside of the blockade, and letters will only be delivered locally.


Turquoise Cuff of the Metalweaver (WCATSP Item 2, August 2016)

Turquoise Cuff of the Metalweaver

Hello all! All who attend this upcoming event shall be eligible for a drawing in order to win a magic item. This item will be auto-attuned, and ready to use for the next event you attend.

Turquoise Cuff of the Metalweaver


There is a small Dwarven Village in the Dragonspine Mountains that tells the legend of those they call “Metalweavers”.  They believe that once in a generation, a Dwarf is born with such natural skill in working metal, that it is akin to a skilled tailor weaving cloth.  There are some that do not believe that such individuals exist, and generally chalk it up to the talk of a small town trying to sell the quality of their smiths.


This cuff is said to have been created by one of those Metalweavers, a grizzled Dwarf by the name of Tordras Fardram.  Tordras was a worshipper of Gundar, and it is said that the joy he felt at smithing was second only to his raw skill. Tordras was most skilled in the forging of weapons.  But it is said he most loved repairing a beloved broken weapon, for there was not much more beauty to him than the eyes of someone who had something they thought lost, fixed.


Tordras created this bracelet so that it could help those who did not feel the blessing of Gundar as he did, and so that they might feel the same sort of joy.


At least, that’s what the merchant told you.


This item grants you the following abilities:

– Mend Weapon (“I mend this weapon”) 1x/Period,

– Enhance Weapon (“I make this weapon strike for magic, and immune to all shatter attemps for the next 10 minutes.”) 2x/Period

– Mighty Blade “I grant you/myself a slay until used.” 1x/Period.

– This item is soulbound.



Rules Changes

Deafness, Knockback, and Sixth Sense

Hey guys, we’ve got a few changes that are going to be coming into effect this event.


Deafness will be modified in the following way:

• Whenever an individual is struck with the deafness effect, they will be automatically susceptible to ANY stealth attack they are struck with from BEHIND, even if they are not blinded or diverted, EVEN IF THEY ARE AWARE OF THE TARGET’S PRESENCE.  Stealth skills taking advantage of the deafness effect must be delivered from the target’s back arc.  Stealth skills may only be delivered every 3 seconds in this way.  You may still resist a stealth attack with Sixth Sense as if you were not deafened.


Added “Knockback” as a keyword:

• Knockback may be delivered via a weapon skill, or as part of a spell effect.  It causes the target to move in the opposite direction of the user up to a certain amount that is stated along with the delivery of the keyword. Example: “Knockback 5 feet.” this would cause the target to be forced to step back 5 feet.  Knockback may also be combined with other keywords, such as “Slay, Knockback 5 feet.”  One Parry is all that would be needed to counter such an effect.  Kelonians are susceptible to this as it is not a Sweep or Knockdown effect.


Sixth Sense will be modified in the following way:

• Instead of being consumed on the FIRST stealth skill that Is used, the target may instead CHOOSE when to activate it.  This also means that Sixth sense will no longer work while unconscious (which never made much sense anyway)