Plot Events

The State of New Calendale

The State of New Calendale

During a vicious battle with Dark Fae in the town of New Calendale, the mysterious blind creatures appeared.  They tore through townsfolk and dark fae alike, devouring all magic they could get their claws upon.  Much of the town was killed or routed, but all Dark Fae forces committed to the encounter were completely eradicated.


A Scarlet Scarves scouting group led by Magister Cadrel appeared shortly after the attack, having heard rumors of the creatures in the area.  They issued an immediate quarantine of the area over the past few days.


This morning, the same scouting group of Scarlet Scarves entered the Town Proper and noted something unusual.  The creatures, seemingly unaware of the mages’ presence, gathered in a small area near the field in front of The Scroll and Dragon.


The creatures stirred suddenly, seeming to sniff the air.  One by one the creatures extended claws into the space in front of them and seemed to tear a hole in the air itself.  The mages on scene described it similar to a portal, though no incantations were heard.  Each of the creatures stepped through the holes it had made and disappeared.  The holes closed behind them.


Townsfolk were allowed back into the area after each nearby building was cleared.


((OOG NOTE: You may use the tavern chat as normal, and all access to the town itself has been restored to normal.))


News from Kell: The Storm Continues Unabated

Traders hailing from Kell have been asked about what is going on in the north, and have generally had the following to say:

While the storm in the north has stopped growing, the conflict between the Romani and the Barbarian tribes of the north seems to continue daily.

There has been no word of outright war, especially since occasionally the Romani have been seen walking alongside Elementals themselves.  The skirmishes that have occurred have been fairly even in their matching.  Despite the Romani’s unscrupulous tactic of having some elemental support, the tribesmen of the north are known for their tenacity.  No ground seems to have been given.

A map has been circulating, showing the rough borders of the storm.  But one thing is clear: ONLY the Romani have been able to get anywhere near the walls of the storm.  Even fewer select Romani have supposedly walked through the walls of it.  Travel anywhere near by non-Romani is not only ill-advised, but considered undoubtedly fatal.  Anyone travelling near or around Kell has been strongly advised to travel no further.


Elemental Storm in the North

The Long Night

The Long Night

For as long as anyone can remember, as dusk begins to set in on the 31st Day of The Spirit Moon, a night of true terror begins for the inhabitants of Adraveth.

Dark horrors stalk the woods and those of faith find their connections severed from their respective Gods or Goddesses.  Those who follow the Spirits find themselves seemingly abandoned as well.  Curiously, those who follow the God of Lies find themselves with a connection still in place.

Many have called this night The Deity’s Eclipse while the tribesmen have called it Spiritsdeath.

None seem to know why their connections to the Divine and Spirits falter, but all can agree that tonight, perhaps more than any other night, is a time for people to come together and protect one another.  It is not unheard of for several families to spend the eve together under a single roof, with their doors locked and barred, and the sounds of unspeakable horrors wailing outside.

Nothing one sees during the Eclipse can be trusted, and travel during the eve should be seriously limited for the safety of oneself and others.

The Scroll and Dragon has been officially offered as a place of respite for those seeking to gather together during this Deity’s Eclipse, in the hopes that those without a place for safe haven might find some there.  Those seeking shelter may freely spend the night within her walls.

(Directive:  If you are a DEDICATED Cleric or Shaman, from 5:30PM EST October 31st, you will find yourself completely severed from any Divine or Spirit connections, and will be unable to cast any spells, or use any abilities that rely on Divine or Shamanic connection.  This will leave you feeling truly awful, since such a large portion of who you are has been effectively severed.  Should you choose to attend Tavern Chat at any point, please roleplay these effects accordingly.  These effects end at 7:00 AM November 1st.

Please feel free to elaborate on any odd sightings your character may have had during this time while roleplaying in Tavern Chat, within reason of course.  It’s a night of horror.  Please remember, however, there is NO COMBAT ALLOWED within the Tavern Chat without SPECIFIC cast direction.)



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All characters have the option of being aware of the following situation as it stands and continues to unfold.
(As represented by scattered reports or messengers, the situation is clearly being widely spread.)

(Updated 10/13/16)

4th Day of the Spirit Moon, 1116

It has been over two weeks since Inquisition forces attacked the New Calendale area.  It is believed that the Inquisition took advantage of the hole in the blockade caused by a large wraith presence in the evening before their attack.

Following their defeat in the New Calendale area by forces led by King Leopold himself, the forces loyal to the Inquisition began their retreat towards Vondara.  Leopold and his forces followed them east, either taking them down or accepting the surrender of those who would listen to reason.

Leopold’s forces continued to move east, directly through the Whispering Woods.  Fortunately, due to the good relations forged during the Solinarian conflict, King Finvara granted Leopold and his forces safe passage.

Once they had cleared the deepest parts of the woods, they were met by a large portion of the Twin Kingdoms Mages’ Guild.  Those mages began creating portals on a scale not seen since the emergency evacuation of Old Calendale.  The whereabouts of Leopold’s forces are currently unknown.


8th Day of the Spirit Moon, 1116

It appears that the portals Leopold and the bulk of his forces took transported them to Breckendorf, where a small battle occurred with those forces loyal to the inquisition. Leopold’s forces were not met with heavy resistance.

Since the advent of the Holy War several years ago, the Inquisition’s forces are limited in number, and many within the Inquisition were relegated to the position as acting officers over the military. A very large portion of the soldiers under the command of the remaining Inquisitors balked terribly at the idea of fighting against other Twin Kingdoms soldiers or noble forces. If any place in the Twin Kingdoms remembers the horrors that came of the Civil War, it is those who reside in Breckendorf.

King Leopold and his forces have regained complete control of Breckendorf itself. It is apparent to anyone that Leopold is preparing his forces for a final push to Vondara, to secure both the crown and his son, who is currently a hostage of Dalton.


13th Day of the Spirit Moon, 1116

King Leopold’s forces departed Breckendorf shortly after its retaking, making an obvious beeline for Vondara itself.  Interestingly, several Jeredithians have joined Leopold’s army, many former inquisitors.

Judging by the sheer amount of defense set around Vondara, It is readily apparent that the seat of the Inquisition’s power and influence lies in Vondara.  All inquisitors siding with Dalton have retreated behind her walls.

The sounds of fighting can be heard for miles around, as powerful magics crack through the air and light up the dark night sky.

Some rumors speak of Leopold falling in battle, others insist that he’s breached the walls of the city. Some say that the gates were opened for him, and the fighting is taking place in the city streets, with only the shimmering dome protecting the castle preventing his progress.

It is apparent that the next few days shall decide the fate of The Twin Kingdoms.

Storm on the Horizon

All of the following is effective as of 08-09-16 at 8:00 AM, and ALL characters would be aware of the situation as it currently stands.


Storm on the Horizon

In the last day or so, reports have been coming in that soldiers have formed a large perimeter around the New Calendale area.  When asked, they claim direct loyalty to either King Leopold, Marquis Artenian, or Marquis Fontaine.  They inform any who would cross their border to leave that they are heading into a blockade of Inquisitorial troops.  All who approach them from the New Calendale side of their blockade are advised not to leave, lest they find themselves immediately arrested and imprisoned by the inquisitorial soldiers waiting beyond their perimeter.  The soldiers have not been letting anyone enter their perimeter from the outside, and also have not allowed anyone to join their forces from the inside, fearing potential spies.

At the docks, there are troops loyal to Leopold, Artenian, and Fontaine, but the only presence of the Inquisition is that of the sight of their ships at anchor, blockading any potential reinforcement by sea.

Within the perimeter, all orders of the nobility still seem to stand as they were before the blockade, in an attempt to keep order.

It is clear the Inquisition, as well as the military and nobility loyal to King Regent Dalton are preparing to drop a very heavy hammer onto New Calendale and its inhabitants.  Escape seems impossible.  All that is left now is to wait.

NOTE: ALL between-game skills shall function normally.  The local libraries as well as the marketplace are well within the borders of the friendly perimeter, even if their atmosphere is extremely tense.  Unfortunately, the main waystation for the courier’s guild is outside of the blockade, and letters will only be delivered locally.

The Spirit of Realms Night

The High Librarian of Viralee has made an appeal to King Dalton:

Every 4 years, on Realms Night, mortals side with either the infernal or celestial realms.  Those who side with the Celestials are able to discuss strategies for winning their various games and contests, yet those who side with the Infernals are not.  Is this truly balanced?  In the interest of maintaining what is the spirit of this day, the ban on speaking with extraplanar beings of an infernal nature should be lifted.

King Dalton has agreed with the High Librarian, and has seen fit to lift the ban with speaking with Infernals for Realms Night ONLY.  HOWEVER, he maintains that making deals with them, or attempting to learn their magics is still strictly forbidden by law.

The War of the Realms: A Tale of Realms Night

Here’s a little something we thought those who are celebrating their First Realms Night would find interesting.  Special thanks to Meira Maynard for putting this together for the 2016 Realms Night Celebration!

(You may treat the following as information you’ve heard in-game, and should consider the following when preparing your costuming for Realms Night!)


The War of the Realms: A Tale of Realms Night
By: Clarissa Golan


A long time ago, before Adraveth stood, Viralee created two types of creatures. She created celestials from stars in the sky, beings of purity and light. She also created infernals from the fires of the earth, fearsome creatures filled with fury. She loved both of her creations, but realized that they could not live in peace together.

Viralee created two realms, one slightly greater than the other. She asked her brother, Ethali, and her sister, Elantrai, for advice on how to divide the power among her creations. Ethali insisted that the infernals deserved to have the greater realm and the most power, but Viralee was unsure of his advice. Elantrai proposed that Viralee take two marbles, one white and one black, and place them in a bag. She told Viralee to have an infernal and a celestial each pull a marble out of the bag. Whoever took out the white marble would have the greater realm. They would then place the marbles back in the bag and each draw out a marble again. This time the white marble would determine who would have more power. Viralee liked this game of chance to decide the fate of her creatures so she followed Elantrai’s advice. The celestials drew the white marble first and gained the greater realm. The Infernals drew the white marble the second time and gained more power. There are rumors that Ethali tampered with the marbles in order to gain more power for the infernals.

Even with each of Viralee’s creations designated certain realms, they still warred. Their war overflowed onto the mortal realms, and the people of this world suffered greatly. Eventually Viralee knew she must do something to protect the mortal realms so she created the Nether between the realms. The Nether was made of everything that was or wasn’t. It was nothing and it was everything. And it provided the perfect barrier to divide all the realms and stop the war.

Every four years on Realms Night we celebrate the creation of the two realms and of the protective Nether. Everyone chooses a team, celestial or infernal. The celestial colors are white and silver. The infernal colors are red and gold. It is not considered specifically “good” to be on the celestial team or “bad” to be on the infernal team. Many people simply switch teams every Realms Night. Others will flip a coin to choose their team, in homage to Elantrai and her advice to Viralee. There are games and festivities between the two teams and a tally of points is kept. Sometimes infernals and celestials will come visit to see the games and support their team. Whichever team wins dictates whether the infernals or the celestials will be more powerful for the next four years. Four years ago, the celestials won. Eight years ago, the infernals won. It is the result of our belief in them, that we give them more power.


Long Live the King

The following has been posted onto the in-game message boards, as well as any other public message boards in the surrounding area.  All of the below may be considered as in-game knowledge by any character travelling through or residing in the area.


By Order of Baron Alexavier Ravenholm

By Order of Baron Alexavier Ravenholm



The following pieces of parchment have begun to circulate in the areas and towns surrounding New Calendale.  Hundreds upon hundreds of copies are being distributed by the couriers guild to as many homes as they can get to.  It is clear that this information is meant to be given to everyone.  All character are considered to have access to this information.


Vondara - The Capital City Herald 23rd Day of the Elder's Moon, 1116

Vondara – The Capital City Herald 23rd Day of the Elder’s Moon, 1116






What happened (and is happening) in Larigmoore


Tavern - Larigmoore Lucky Swordfish

The brave citizens of New Calendale met upon the field of battle with the forces of the occupying necromancers and their horrific creations. At first, it seemed as though the plan to destroy the necromantic artifacts went completely awry, as the artifact was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, the artifact was eventually found upon the corpse of a Reaper.

Wave after wave of undead fell upon the forces of New Calendale as the ritual to destroy the artifact began. Undead the likes of which have never been seen, including the new and terrifying horror that officials have taken to naming “Executioners.”

Partway through the ritual to destroy them, Master Aramel discovered something interesting. The ritual was intended to force all of the energy of these artifacts outward at once to destroy them. However, Aramel realized that if he focused these energies into another vessel (ie, himself) he could take complete control of the undead within the area and use them to fight alongside Twin Kingdoms and Solinarian forces in an attempt to minimize the loss of life. As the chaos of battle rang around the ritual circle, a field decision was made by the highest-ranking official present. The necromantic energy would be refocused into Aramel so that he could control the undead.

After a small power struggle between the last surviving Necromancer on the battlefield and Aramel himself, Aramel had complete control over the remaining undead. With confidence of the sort born after a great victory, Aramel announced his intentions to spearhead the assault into previously lost areas of the city immediately.

With the citizens of New Calendale at his back, Aramel led the undead forces under his control as a vanguard aimed towards the docks, intending on slicing the occupying force’s territory in half. New Calendale’s citizens lived up to their hard-won reputation as a people of strong will and heart. Aramel and the forces of New Calendale cut a path to the allied-occupied docks. Strangely, the undead that Aramel controlled were completely immune to the effects of control from enemy Necromancers (a fact they would often learn at the expense of their lives).

After contact had been made with the Twin Kingdoms and Solinarian forces stationed there, a huge push was made to completely destroy the enemy undead and their controllers in an expanding radius outward from the docks.

The Twin Kingdoms and Solinarian forces were incredibly uneasy about fighting alongside the undead and many spoke out against it. However, once it became clear that lives would be saved by using them, the dissenting soldiers trusted in their commanders and did their job.

With the momentum gained by this great victory in the war that this had become, the fighting went on throughout the night and into most of the next day.

With the sun beginning to set, and exhaustion setting in, Aramel commanded all of his undead to follow the orders of certain specific members of the military and then he collapsed. He was brought back from the front lines in order to recuperate.

With undead sentries guarding the safety of the perimeter alongside living ones, a constant guard could be set up with minimal personnel.

All non-military personnel (and ALL those from New Calendale who were part of the battle) were sent back to the Dock areas to rest and manage supplies. There are rumors that the Twin Kingdoms and Solinarian forces have decided to marshal up and completely control the territories retaken before making a final push to destroy what is likely the heart of this infestation.

After the dust of the initial assault had settled, those from New Calendale were thanked personally by General Averitt (leader of the Twin Kingdoms forces there) and Commander Atrius (the ranking Solinarian Military leader).

At the end of their thanks, the military leaders asked the following of those from New Calendale: if those from New Calendale would lend their strength in assisting in stabilizing Larigmoore and assisting in the assault planned in less than three weeks time. They were confident all present would agree to the request.

Over the next few weeks, the following will be occurring:

  • All who arrived from New Calendale shall be granted temporary board within the buildings still around and near the (miraculously still standing) inn and bar named: The Lucky Swordfish.
  • Refugees are returning to the city via ship and beginning to rebuild the infrastructure needed to support so many people and troops in one area.
  • Those from New Calendale will not be expected to assist in preparations for the assault (such as unloading supplies from incoming ships) or in rebuilding the area, but the help would not go unnoticed.
  • Several Trading vessels led by clerics of Virajar will make their way to the area, not only bringing supplies, but attempting to set up a small market place in order to get the flow of goods back into the city. (Merchanting, including via contacts shall function as normal)
  • The Church of Viralee has sent several librarians and many books to assist in any sort of research that may need to take place, or to simply occupy the mind and keep morale up in the process. (You may use the Research skill as normal, including all unlocked libraries)
  • All other between-game skills may be used as normal
  • Marquis Artenian and Fontaine arrive a few days after the initial fighting in order to assist wherever they can.

For those that remained in New Calendale

News of the victory in Larigmoore returned to you quickly via an emergency court session held by Baron Ravenholm, Marquis Artenian, and Marquis Fontaine. Those few that were left were NOT chastised for leaving and, in fact, were thanked for taking upon the arduous task of remaining behind to manage and defend such a dangerous place with such a small amount of people. The upcoming assault was explained somewhat and the nobility once again thanked those who remained to keep the peace within New Calendale.

  • The Scroll and Dragon Tavern chat remains open (if a little quiet).
  • Merchanting, Research, and all other between-game skills may be used as normal.