Re: Re: Tenative New Player


I've heard that the inn's closed off for the game?I was wondering if there was like assigned sleeping places or if we were just allowed to go where we could get to.If everyone can make it, there might be about ten of us now... (My pixie has all the friends I guess)Also, is it alright if some of us just NPC like... all of Friday night? We have more than a few make-up roles coming in and it'd be easier to just get it out of the way/learn the rules at first I'd think.Just let me know so I can spread the word.Thank you ^_^

Sleeping - the bedrooms in the inn/main building are closed off to players (the large main room is open as the tavern). Players also can't sleep in the barn side-room. All other cabins and tents are available though, and the player base is small enough that if you want a bed in a building, you can find one, it just may be further down the road than you want. Last event I stayed in a cabin that was just myself and one other person because people are lazy and don't wanna walk 4 minutes to bed, heh.The cabin closest to the main building (with the full kitchen) is the guard house for this game, so folks whose characters are on the town guard have first dibs on beds in there. But again, small player base, small guard, there are always tons of beds left in there. Besides that, sleeping locations are all first come first serve.NPC shifts - someone in charge can answer what the situation is with new make up characters and friday night NPC shifts. There are shifts both in the morning at game on and before game off on sat and sunday though, so one of those might work for them if they really can't do friday night. Cast is generally pretty understanding, if there are issues talk to someone and they can probably work something out with you.Don't worry about rules learning too much. You'll be going to a "new player meeting" on friday before game where all important skills are covered, and the reason new players usually can't do friday NPC shifts is because you'll be going on a mod just for new characters at the start of the event to ease you into things. 🙂