Re: Re: Tenative New Player


Actually Scott, you are wrong.  This is why official clarifies come only from me.  You MUST have Small weapon in order to learn Florentine I.  And you MUST have Florentine I to learn Florentine II.  Matt is correct.  You cannot just go straight to Florentine II and ignore small weapon as a pre req for Florentine I.While Florentine I lists pre req as none it is fairly self evident that without a weapon, you couldn't use the skill and since one of the weapons used in the skill must be a small weapon, you obviously need that.And Patty sorry I misunderstood her question.  Thanks for clearing that up.*Edit - I'm nopt sure why this didn't carry through to the new site, but I looked at my old files and I had actually had "Small Weapon AND 1H Edged OR 1H Blunt" listed as pre reqs for Florentine I since some folks didn't realize it.