Re: Re: Hello all


However I don't think I'm crafty enough to choose Drevarria and not get myself killed on a regular basis.

Worshiping Drevarria ain't !@#$%, it's worshiping Ethali that's the hard one. I speak from personal experience.

I think you missed the whole "disguising yourself as a follower of another god" part.

This:)The number one problem with people who want to worship Ethali is they miss the fact it is supposed to be kept a secret.  They tell two friends, and they tell two friends...If you want to worship Ethali the BEST advice I can give you is tell NO ONE IG or OOG.  Also be crafty.  Simply knifing people you come across does not say "Ethali" it says "Idiot".  The church has survived as long as it has because of guile.

Yeah, just ask Raile =P