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Guild Laws

Guild and Sanctioned Organization Law


No guild or sanctioned organization shall operate without an official guild/organization charter signed off by a reigning noble of the area in which the guild performs activities of a rank no less than Baron. Any organization attempting to operate as a guild or sanctioned organization without a charter and noble approval will be subject to harsh punishment.


A guild master or organization leader is the only person with the authority to recruit and remove members from a guild or organization they are in charge of save for instances of noble decree. When any persons are brought into or expelled from the ranks of a guild, the noble presiding over your guild charter must be informed immediately.  


Only guild requests that have been issued and approved by the nobility will be deemed official guild activities and increase standings of the guild or organization within the Twin Kingdoms. When accepting any job request the Guild Master must inform the nobility which members of the guild will be tasked with the job.


If non-guild members or non-organization members are participating in a job that has been accepted by the guild, the guild will receive no benefits save for any agreed upon payment for completing the job.


Guild masters and organization leaders are held to the highest standards of the law and will be punished more severely for breaking any laws within the areas that they are active in. A Guild Master is responsible for all of their guild members and may be called upon to pay for any debts and fines incurred by their members during their membership within the guild or organization if they are unable to pay.


All guilds or organizations must pay off all taxes, dues, and fines by the first official local court during Harvest Moon of a given year. Failure to do so may result in penalties up to and including, but not limited to, additional fines, punishment, and dissolution of the guild.  The local Reigning Baron shall decide all action in this matter.

Laws governing the creation of Guilds and Sanctioned Organizations


In order to create a guild or sanctioned organization, the following requirements must be met: A guild charter including the aims, goals, and general ideals of the guild or organization shall be drafted, as well as signed by no less than five founding members, among whom one shall be considered Guild Master or Leader.  Illiterate members may place a mark representing their signature, but it shall be required that a note is added specifying the name of said member. It is to be understood that the illiterate individual has had the charter explained to them by a literate member before affixing their mark.  A judge or town scribe must witness these signatures and affix their own signature.  All five individuals must meet the requirements of membership listed below.  This charter shall be supplied to the highest ranking noble present at a local court proceeding in order for final approval by a noble of at least Baron rank or above.


Any individual may only be a member of and receive the benefits of a single local guild or organization. If a person has been removed from or has left a guild of their own free will they shall not be eligible to receive the benefits of any guild they become affiliated with for three moons time.  This delay in benefits shall not apply to those who are joining an organization for the first time, and have no previous local affiliations with any guild or organization.  These restrictions shall NOT apply to those limited and specific guilds that have been declared to be a public service.  This currently applies to The Mages’ Guild, Courier’s Guild, Bardic Guild, Gemology Guild, Appraisal Guild, Alchemist Guild, and other similar organizations.


Upon creation, a guild or organization must provide an order of succession no less than two members past the Guild Master or Organization Leader.  Should all three members disappear for a period of greater than one full year’s time, the remaining members of that organization shall be eligible to decide upon a new Guild Master or Organization Leader in a matter they see fit.


Guilds and Sanctioned Organizations may make amendments to their guild charter at any time with the permission of a noble of the rank of Baron or above. Guilds drastically changing their guild’s stated purpose and benefits shall potentially accrue fees.


Should a Guild Master or Organization Leader decide to pass their title on to another member, they are required to inform the highest ranking noble at a session of local court, and present their candidate to the ranking noble.


Once all of the above conditions have been met, the Guild Master or Organization Leader shall be provided with an official document stating the recognition of the Guild or Organization by The Twin Kingdoms.  This document should be protected closely, and should be presented during the conduction of any guild business the Guild Master takes part in.  Even if this document is not carried on their person, the document should still be in an easily accessible location nearby.

The State of New Calendale

The State of New Calendale

During a vicious battle with Dark Fae in the town of New Calendale, the mysterious blind creatures appeared.  They tore through townsfolk and dark fae alike, devouring all magic they could get their claws upon.  Much of the town was killed or routed, but all Dark Fae forces committed to the encounter were completely eradicated.


A Scarlet Scarves scouting group led by Magister Cadrel appeared shortly after the attack, having heard rumors of the creatures in the area.  They issued an immediate quarantine of the area over the past few days.


This morning, the same scouting group of Scarlet Scarves entered the Town Proper and noted something unusual.  The creatures, seemingly unaware of the mages’ presence, gathered in a small area near the field in front of The Scroll and Dragon.


The creatures stirred suddenly, seeming to sniff the air.  One by one the creatures extended claws into the space in front of them and seemed to tear a hole in the air itself.  The mages on scene described it similar to a portal, though no incantations were heard.  Each of the creatures stepped through the holes it had made and disappeared.  The holes closed behind them.


Townsfolk were allowed back into the area after each nearby building was cleared.


((OOG NOTE: You may use the tavern chat as normal, and all access to the town itself has been restored to normal.))


News from Kell: The Storm Continues Unabated

Traders hailing from Kell have been asked about what is going on in the north, and have generally had the following to say:

While the storm in the north has stopped growing, the conflict between the Romani and the Barbarian tribes of the north seems to continue daily.

There has been no word of outright war, especially since occasionally the Romani have been seen walking alongside Elementals themselves.  The skirmishes that have occurred have been fairly even in their matching.  Despite the Romani’s unscrupulous tactic of having some elemental support, the tribesmen of the north are known for their tenacity.  No ground seems to have been given.

A map has been circulating, showing the rough borders of the storm.  But one thing is clear: ONLY the Romani have been able to get anywhere near the walls of the storm.  Even fewer select Romani have supposedly walked through the walls of it.  Travel anywhere near by non-Romani is not only ill-advised, but considered undoubtedly fatal.  Anyone travelling near or around Kell has been strongly advised to travel no further.


Elemental Storm in the North

The Long Night

The Long Night

For as long as anyone can remember, as dusk begins to set in on the 31st Day of The Spirit Moon, a night of true terror begins for the inhabitants of Adraveth.

Dark horrors stalk the woods and those of faith find their connections severed from their respective Gods or Goddesses.  Those who follow the Spirits find themselves seemingly abandoned as well.  Curiously, those who follow the God of Lies find themselves with a connection still in place.

Many have called this night The Deity’s Eclipse while the tribesmen have called it Spiritsdeath.

None seem to know why their connections to the Divine and Spirits falter, but all can agree that tonight, perhaps more than any other night, is a time for people to come together and protect one another.  It is not unheard of for several families to spend the eve together under a single roof, with their doors locked and barred, and the sounds of unspeakable horrors wailing outside.

Nothing one sees during the Eclipse can be trusted, and travel during the eve should be seriously limited for the safety of oneself and others.

The Scroll and Dragon has been officially offered as a place of respite for those seeking to gather together during this Deity’s Eclipse, in the hopes that those without a place for safe haven might find some there.  Those seeking shelter may freely spend the night within her walls.

(Directive:  If you are a DEDICATED Cleric or Shaman, from 5:30PM EST October 31st, you will find yourself completely severed from any Divine or Spirit connections, and will be unable to cast any spells, or use any abilities that rely on Divine or Shamanic connection.  This will leave you feeling truly awful, since such a large portion of who you are has been effectively severed.  Should you choose to attend Tavern Chat at any point, please roleplay these effects accordingly.  These effects end at 7:00 AM November 1st.

Please feel free to elaborate on any odd sightings your character may have had during this time while roleplaying in Tavern Chat, within reason of course.  It’s a night of horror.  Please remember, however, there is NO COMBAT ALLOWED within the Tavern Chat without SPECIFIC cast direction.)



Remember, you may not enter unless your Character has attended at least one live in-game event at our campsite in Sparta, New Jersey.

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The Spirit of Realms Night

The High Librarian of Viralee has made an appeal to King Dalton:

Every 4 years, on Realms Night, mortals side with either the infernal or celestial realms.  Those who side with the Celestials are able to discuss strategies for winning their various games and contests, yet those who side with the Infernals are not.  Is this truly balanced?  In the interest of maintaining what is the spirit of this day, the ban on speaking with extraplanar beings of an infernal nature should be lifted.

King Dalton has agreed with the High Librarian, and has seen fit to lift the ban with speaking with Infernals for Realms Night ONLY.  HOWEVER, he maintains that making deals with them, or attempting to learn their magics is still strictly forbidden by law.

The War of the Realms: A Tale of Realms Night

Here’s a little something we thought those who are celebrating their First Realms Night would find interesting.  Special thanks to Meira Maynard for putting this together for the 2016 Realms Night Celebration!

(You may treat the following as information you’ve heard in-game, and should consider the following when preparing your costuming for Realms Night!)


The War of the Realms: A Tale of Realms Night
By: Clarissa Golan


A long time ago, before Adraveth stood, Viralee created two types of creatures. She created celestials from stars in the sky, beings of purity and light. She also created infernals from the fires of the earth, fearsome creatures filled with fury. She loved both of her creations, but realized that they could not live in peace together.

Viralee created two realms, one slightly greater than the other. She asked her brother, Ethali, and her sister, Elantrai, for advice on how to divide the power among her creations. Ethali insisted that the infernals deserved to have the greater realm and the most power, but Viralee was unsure of his advice. Elantrai proposed that Viralee take two marbles, one white and one black, and place them in a bag. She told Viralee to have an infernal and a celestial each pull a marble out of the bag. Whoever took out the white marble would have the greater realm. They would then place the marbles back in the bag and each draw out a marble again. This time the white marble would determine who would have more power. Viralee liked this game of chance to decide the fate of her creatures so she followed Elantrai’s advice. The celestials drew the white marble first and gained the greater realm. The Infernals drew the white marble the second time and gained more power. There are rumors that Ethali tampered with the marbles in order to gain more power for the infernals.

Even with each of Viralee’s creations designated certain realms, they still warred. Their war overflowed onto the mortal realms, and the people of this world suffered greatly. Eventually Viralee knew she must do something to protect the mortal realms so she created the Nether between the realms. The Nether was made of everything that was or wasn’t. It was nothing and it was everything. And it provided the perfect barrier to divide all the realms and stop the war.

Every four years on Realms Night we celebrate the creation of the two realms and of the protective Nether. Everyone chooses a team, celestial or infernal. The celestial colors are white and silver. The infernal colors are red and gold. It is not considered specifically “good” to be on the celestial team or “bad” to be on the infernal team. Many people simply switch teams every Realms Night. Others will flip a coin to choose their team, in homage to Elantrai and her advice to Viralee. There are games and festivities between the two teams and a tally of points is kept. Sometimes infernals and celestials will come visit to see the games and support their team. Whichever team wins dictates whether the infernals or the celestials will be more powerful for the next four years. Four years ago, the celestials won. Eight years ago, the infernals won. It is the result of our belief in them, that we give them more power.