Winter Dinner

Winter Dinner 2017 Winners


Awards Winners – Winter Dinner 2017


Vote Awards

1) Rookie of the Year – Brian Loughlin / Teridan

2) Best Racial Portrayal – Corey Mann / Skrinn

3) Best Costume Corey Mann / Skrinn

4) Best Hero Matt Dolan / Xandis

5) Best Villain Brian Longo / Dielon •• Gabe Goldstein / Aiden

6) Best Role Player (Male) Victor Dunn / Sarineo & Ezra

7) Best Role Player (Female) Steffy Cruz / Theone Lighthart & Nyxalura Everdark

8) Best Portrayal of Faith Dan Brtalik / Khalarinth Sigismund •• Kyle Pearce / Sebastion Wright


Cast Given Awards

1) Soul of Realms Night – Katherine Taylor / Caillean •• Shannon McGuire / Drustan •• Meira Maynard / Clarissa Golan

2) It’s Always Hardest to Say Goodbye – Elliott Meredith / Mr. Kitty

3) Gold Medal in Impnastics – Tim Binns / Tarba

4) Setup God – Joe Maldonaldo / Alexander Maylock

5) Survivor of The Most Dangerous Game – Dominick Nasta / Agnate

6) Spirit of RoA – Kyle Pierce / Sebastion Wright


The Oracle has spoken: 1117 shall be known as The Year of Mischief

A few major systems are receiving direct attention over this break.  Rituals and Player-Owned Organizations/Guilds are a large focus of this break.  We are continuing to streamline the weapon skills both that have been deployed, and have yet to be discovered by players.  The Craft System is getting the attention is deserves as well, and we’re pleased to see the initiative that many players have taken by delving into it.  Certain systems still need a bit of love, but we have a committed Development team and cast structure in place in order to facilitate these developments.

We’ll be going into this year with more cast members than we’ve had in a very long time, including many new faces.  We intend on making this year amazing! Thank you for continuing to Live the Magic with us.