Winter Dinner

Voting for Winter Dinner 2019!

It’s time to vote for the recipients of the 2018 Season Awards, to be unveiled at the 2019 Winter Awards Dinner celebration!

Lets get those votes in! Remember, these categories are decided by YOU, the RoA community. As we have seen in the past, EVERY vote counts!

***** Official polling will end Friday, January 18th, 2019 at 11:59pm. *****



  • You may only select ONE person for each category so select the person you feel fits best. If you select more than one person your vote will not count for that category.
  • You can vote for yourself.
  • You may vote for the same person in more than one category, such as “Best Roleplayer” and “Best Costume.”
  • ALL PCs, NPCs, AND STAFF may vote.
  • Each person only gets to vote once.
  • You must select your choices from PLAYERS who attended this season.  List provided below. (If there are any errors or we forgot someone, please let us know.)
  • Once submitted you may not change your vote.
  • Email your votes to in the following format:
  • Subject: Voting for 2019 Winter Awards Dinner
  • Body:
    Player Name: Fill in your Out of Game Name here

    1) Rookie of the Year –  Player Name – Character Name
    2) Best Racial Portrayal (Pixie, Kelonian, Elf, Dwarf, Barbarian, Gypsy etc.) – Player Name – Character Name
    3) Best Costume – Player Name – Character Name
    4) Best Hero – Player Name – Character Name
    5) Best Villain – Player Name – Character Name
    6) Best Role Player (Male) – Player Name – Character Name
    7) Best Role Player (Female) – Player Name – Character Name
    8) Best Portrayal of Faith – Player Name – Character Name


  • Categories •

1) Rookie of the Year – This award goes to the best overall new player for the year. This should be the person you think really made a positive impact on the game in their first year. This award is open only to players who started at RoA in the 2017 season (newbies are denoted in Green Text in the list below).

2) Best Racial Portrayal (Pixie, Kelonian, Elf, Dwarf, Barbarian, Gypsy etc.) – Person who best portrays the race/culture their character is supposed to be from. This can be any human culture or other race.

3) Best Costume – Person who has the best overall costume.

4) Best Hero – Person who you feel is the best personification of a hero. Note that this can be anyone YOU feel this way about. If you feel that a person who most people think is evil was the most heroic, then put his/her name down!

5) Best Villain – Person who you feel is the best personification of a villain. Note that this can be anyone YOU feel this way about. If you feel that a person who most people think is a good guy was the most villainous, then put his/her name down!

6) Best Role Player (Male) – Male who was the best overall roleplayer.

7) Best Role Player (Female) – Female who was the best overall roleplayer.

8) Best Portrayal of Faith – The person who you feel most accurately portrayed and adhered to the tenants and beliefs of an in-game church. NOTE: This is not meant to be a “Best Cleric” award. Remember, though the overwhelming majority of Adraveth’s denizens are unable to channel divine magic, many are still deeply religious and choose to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of one of the world’s many faiths.


  • Regarding “Campaigning” •

The act of “campaigning” for oneself or others (even if the disclaimer “not intended to sway the voting” or anything similar is added) has caused issues and controversy in the past so we ask that people avoid doing so. The awards are not meant to be a popularity contest or a political race, so please just vote for who YOU feel is a good candidate for an award. The awards is a happy and fun part of the end of one year and beginning of a new one. Let’s keep it that way and drama free! Further posts of that type will be removed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

– Dave

2018 Player Roster

(new players listed in green)



Last Name First Name Character Name (Main) Alt
Ahner Casey Aberran Empher
Ahner Cassandra Rem Shadowfang
Armstrong Cher Xenia Foxtrot
Asulin Jordan Jischa Efashu
Babcock Laura Cyd
Binnes Alex Dr. Tamsin Vulter
Binns Brian I’neauch
Binns Tomothy Tarba
Broderick Michael Sirus Rahim
Brown Scott Aribjorn Haackinson
Brown Daniel Gyr Falcon
Brown Kirsten Amarynth Feldspar
Brtalik Daniel Khalarinth Sigusmund
Bryant Jonathan Rugen Res’sen-bah
Cavalier Kelly Kitara Darnash Nessa Laforeze
Cid Alexandra Sephia Faunteli
Clemente Tom Arturo Scipio
Cottone Victoria Eleanora D’Espoir
Coulter Christina Anska
Cruz Stefanie Theone Lighthart Nyxalura Everdark
Dinolfo Michael Shago
Dolan Matthew Xandis Vergeant
Dromglitring Francis Faarooq bin Fahad bin Numair Al-Abbas
Dunn Victor Sarineo Ezra Troullifrou
Fletcher Jillian Sezja Bijou
Freytag Robert Sparrow
Gabriel James Dima
Goldstein Gabriel Aiden Durst
Green William Garret Gromson
Green Collin Marko Dottus
Hahn Joshua Tacitus Of Anglesey Aristeia
Hanif Uriah Gabriol Corikus
Homer Danielle Mythian Zoric Octavia “Aria”
Hooper Carol Ezmora Marshsinger
Johnson Doug William Samiel Sabreson III
Kammerer Walter Nelthasion Rilynetyr
Kline Jemma Ivy Blackburn
Kline Ezra Kaidin Thelcar
Kumagai Leona Ruby Stonehart
Leach David Knutr of Anglesey
Lee Jason Sorairo
Longo Brian Dielon
Loughlin Brian Teridan Cerydian
Luttinger Ryan Rory Pangur Ban
Maccaro Marissa
Mackinnon Daryl Rus Icebadger
Maldonado Joe Alexander Maylock
Malichek Francine Hathala Milza
Mancine Lewis Fennrik Elrikson
Mann Corey Skrinsneed Gnarlwood
Maynard Meira Clarissa Golan
Menite Jennifer Onyx Tigereye
McCray Kwalin Cryisis Amenti
Mezzapesa Tim Mezoroth
Miller Bonni Ellowin
Molina Thomas Zodimar Chavanes Lumna
Mooney Olivia Raziya
Nasta Domenick Agnate
Pearce Kyle Sebastion Wright
Polichetti Joseph Dibble Goodbody
Popke Tiffany Alecia Tala
Quimby Erik Ulv Shadow-Walker
Ramirez Ashley Ara Glenwood
Raponi Lacey Skyla Corrin
Raponi Melanie Luca Entropy
Rich Nathan (Riva) Kolmia Diluvo-Takso
Rogers William Snogard
Rosas Stephanie Magpie
Sanchez Nico/Robert Tonatiu Atloca
Schaller Jeff Kadjat Talseya
Sideris Alex William Dorn
Siegelman Michael Baldric Baldomar
Skalski Tyler Tristendel Bodaway
Speicker Tara Xiraxa
Steinberg Christopher Gunthr “Havstorm” Jornson
Stiegerwald Jordan Florian
Sukhoo Brian Rizhak
Tarnoczy David Creft’hash Krakgor
Taylor Katherine Caillean Mac Aodha
Taylor Jourdan Eko Kuyama
Valverde Michael Rafael De La Rosa Espina Diego Martin Raul de Milazza
Valverde Sara Valeria Trio Christianna Isabella no Millazza
Wagner Emma Nen
Wallace Stephen Negocoatl Ujarack/Stone
Wilson Robert Branden Lachlan
  • Submit Your Vote! •

– Please look over the categories and vote ONCE for each.

– Be sure to read the descriptions so you understand what each award is!

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