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Mod Descriptions and Mod Survey for September Digital Event

The Mod Survey is posted at the bottom of this post!

You can find the link to the Mod Descriptions here: 

Below you will find the mod descriptions you can choose from. Being that it is realms night, we will be allowing you to choose 2 mods from the list below that you are most interested in, AND then there will be a third mod that will count toward the results of Realms Night: Will the infernals have the upper hand for the next 4 years or will the Celestials take the win? Help your chosen side! You will be placed on a Realms Night competition mod by staff based on what team you choose to compete for in your survey. Everyone will get their 2 chosen mods and 1 competition mod. As a friendly reminder if you plan to play your alt character for any of these mods then you must have paid for the Alt Fee found on the registration pages of the website. Here are the mods:


Into the woods 

The Druid Aryanna is looking for assistance in reclaiming an object of  importance to the wood elves and other druids that were stolen. The mission is expected to involve tracking and fighting, but the plan is to whittle down the enemy as much as possible with “creative problem solving.”


Temple of Doom

A cleric of Drevaria is looking for help. The ruins of an old Drevarrain Temple/Tomb was just excavated nearby. He is looking for able-bodied adventurers to explore, map, and find out who is entombed in this place. Sounds like a simple enough task…how dangerous could this really be…


Judgement Day

Due to the preparation of the upcoming moving of many individuals of New Calendale, there have been some lapses in guard patrols and the dealing of legal matters. The nobles are looking to deputize a group of literate citizens in good standing as temporary Legal Judges. There will be a thorough check into anyone willing to be of service. These individuals will be tasked with presiding over cases, determining the guilt or innocence of those involved, and determining the penalty.


 Security Think Tank

Sarano Thillyk has a business providing security services to private residences and businesses. Sarano is looking to hire individuals with knowledge of thievery and the art of crime to give him insight into how to protect his patrons and to best arrange his security systems and utilize his resources. This is a consulting job to help Sarano theory craft defences to help protect his customers.


House of the Lost

A disheveled, but well-dressed woman has come to you for aid. Her brother was dared to go into the abandoned mansion by the edge of the woods, and has yet to come back. She fears that he has gotten himself lost inside or injured. Are you brave enough to go inside and find him?


Devil’s in the Details

In the spirit of Realms Night, a devil drops you a hint that some Goblinoids have kidnapped innocent folk and are preparing to sacrifice them… to it. The Devil suggests you go and stop that. Expect to spill a lot of greenskin blood, and hope they don’t spill yours. 


Falling Skies

A failed ritual has torn a portal into the elemental realm of Air dragging innocent people into it. You are tasked with venturing into the realm to recover the innocent people and close the portal. Expect lighting, wind and danger!

Ghost Busters

A merchant has been having trouble with ghosts. Every few months the same spirits manifest causing trouble for the merchant. Once more they need these ghosts dealt with and will pay well for them to be dispelled, and more if they can be dealt with permanently.


A Bug’s Life (On the line) 

While exploring a mine, an unexpected cave-in separates an explorer from her hiveborn companion. To make matters worse, the hiveborn’s trained insect guards are agitated and making it difficult to rescue the hiveborn. The explorer comes to town begging for help, horrified that her friend is going to bleed out, the cave is going to collapse, and her friend’s insects are going to run amok! 


Cove-ert Operation

After a night of drinking, a sailor of dubious origins has approached you with a deal. The Sea Elf explained to you that their captain discovered some kind of relic in a temple, but turned on his crew and left them for dead as the temple sunk. The Sea Elf escaped, and has promised the Captain’s treasure for assistance in stealing back the relic. A frontal assault would be suicide, but there is a back entrance to the pirate’s hideou. With a little bit of stealth, they say, you can be in and out before anyone knows you were ever there. 


The Necromancer’s Family

A concerned citizen approaches you for help. Having discovered that her brother’s wife is a necromancer, she is very concerned for his safety and the safety of her young nephew. She hasn’t heard from her brother since he made the discovery, and she fears the worst. Help her investigate the fate of her family, and maybe bop a few zombies along the way. 


Nomadic Negotiations 

A forester has approached the town looking for help with a group of displaced barbarians who have settled on land reserved for the nobility. The forester would rather the group not come to harm, but  knows that if the nobility finds out about the squatters they could be in a lot of danger. The forester has expressed that the people of New Calendale are the last chance they have of tracking and relocating the barbarians peacefully. 


 Put your Soul in Jeopardy!

Come be a Contestant for the hottest Game Show being transmitted to scrying orbs across all of Adravath! Your Knowledge of a wide variety of categories will be put to the Test. First place will take home a Fabulous Prize while Last place may regret they even tried… (Disclaimer: This Mod is Light Hearted and borderline silly)


Lair of the Infernalist

You’re approached by a cloaked figure under the cover of night, who hands you a letter. When you look up, the figure has vanished. The letter reads, “In the spirit of Realms of Night, I extend to you an invitation. One of my students no longer lives, and so I invite you to our realm to explore his refuge. Should you survive the experience, you may take with you whatever you find. Do not make light of this, your wit and strength will be pushed to their very limits. If you feel yourself sufficient, I will collect you upon the appointed night.”


This is a little embarrassing…

An infernal approaches you asking for help.  He explains that he has an extremely embarrassing problem, and he can’t go to help for anyone with it other than mortals because if other Infernals find out about it, he’s pretty sure he’ll be laughed out of the Infernal Realm and lose his job (a fate far worse than death.)


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