Re: Re: Thinking of sept


btw i have some questions ...  Campfires are they allowed ? Do I need to bring my tent or can I get a cabin ? Is it cool if I camp alone ?Hookah allowed ? Alcohol ? How close to period do I need to be ? Armour and weapon weight ?

Lets see....1. Yes campfires but there must be a designated fire marshal overseeing the campfire at all times. The marshal can be anyone but once you are designated you CANNOT leave the fire unless you hand off responsibility to someone else. So if your watching the fire and Orcs decide you look like an easy squishy to kill you can't run away from them (please do not fight close to fires ever SAFETY FIRST).2. You can bring a tent, or use one of the tents already on site (if they are set up still) or you can sleep in one of the many cabins all are options and none are strictly closed off to player use besides the bunks in the tavern building, these are cast only.3. You can camp alone if you wish.4. Hookah as far as I'm aware isn't against the rules but I would wait for a ruling since the device itself uses hot coals and could potentially run a slight safety hazard when compared to pipes and cigars etc.5. Alcohol and illegal drugs are in no way allowed during the event. If you are found in possession of either of these things then you will be..  A. Asked to leave the game and may be suspended from the game for a period of time all the way up to banned forever.  B. If you are under age or have illegal drugs we are required to call the local police and have them deal with the matter. Please note even if you are 21 Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED.6. Costume can be as simple as black sweat pants and a tabard or as complicated as a full suit of armor. It is really up to you! Also the photo galleries on the site can give you an idea of what most of us do. (The people of Calendale section has a large percentage of the characters in game both players and NPC's.)7. Armor can be as heavy as you want, even an actual suit if you are willing to do ALOT of walking in it all weekend. As for weapons I will hold off and let some of our seasoned boffer smiths answer that. If you need a weapon and have a little cash to throw around check out the OOG market place as some of our players do custom orders (and are extremely good at what they do).Keep in mind that these are the rules as far as I know and i can be incorrect on somethings so please wait for Mike R. (the owner of the game) to weigh in as he has the final say on all rule clarifications.