Re: Re: Thinking of sept


Don't get the wrong idea...even though we aren't heavy contact that doesn't mean are battles don't get intense. Trust me come Monday you will feel like you ran a marathon every day the entire weekend. ;D

Oh im not worried bout that in the least, not that im knocking you folks way of fighting but I know my body.  Im gonna hit up some of the local fighting groups and knock off some of the rust, im kind of working on my character now.   im looking forward to the change of pace, my knees could use the break of mailled romans tackling me to the ground lol.  btw i have some questions ...  Campfires are they allowed ? Do I need to bring my tent or can I get a cabin ? Is it cool if I camp alone ?Hookah allowed ? Alcohol ? How close to period do I need to be ? Armour and weapon weight ?