Re: Re: Thinking of sept


Hello, welcome to Realms of Adventure! It looks like Xandis already answered the majority of questions, but for the weapons and armor just reference here for construction/what counts as what: close to time period is always good, although it's not completely necessary as long as it doesn't look glaringly modern, such as in the case of white sneakers or jeans.On a side note added to what was said about alcohol, people are also not allowed to leave the camp, go drinking, and then come back inebriated.If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

We are very strict on our people's kits for medievalism. I was just asking to double check so thank you.  Lol my next question was bout leaving camp and coming back, we have been to this location before.  This will be discussed at the 'Noks meeting tonite.