Re: Re: Standard gear


Depends on you and if you're looking for any specific ideas. But for things I'd consider to be required personally:-Food, trying to stay heavier on the non-perishable side due to limited fridge space. Extra water in your sleeping area is a good idea if you won't be in the guard house.-Sheet/blanket (ideally both) and a pillow. More blanket than you think you'll need, though that's a bigger issue in the cold than now.-Basic camping problems solutions gear - bug spray, sunscreen if you won't be covered, otc pain meds, 'feminine supplies' for ladies, allergy meds if you take any, an extra inhaler if possible if you have asthma, any other meds you take or may need due to personal medical conditions obviously. -Pajamas. Unless you have 2 or 3 of the same article of costuming you're going to be wearing clothes more than one day, and if you also sleep in them all weekend in the summer that is gross, omg, don't do it, take those things off while you sleep and try to find a place to hang them so they air out a bit and don't smell as terrible by sunday.-Lantern or flashlight if you aren't planning to stay in a cabin.-Anything your character will need based on their skills - spell packets if you're a caster, bandages if you have first, aid, a lockpicking 'kit' for lockpicking, etc.-Package of baby wipes. Handy for random things.-Toothbrush/toothpaste. Or at least mouthwash.-Clean regular clothes for sunday.Most of those are repeats of what is listed here -'ll learn over time if there are other things you feel you need to bring for yourself, but for now, that list covers all the important things.