Re: Re: sorry bout it


You play the same characters in multiple game settings?

More or less yea.  Sometimes we change it up.  But we are mostly the same everywhere we go.  To better understand what it is we do and what we are.  We are a independant group of people who spend most of our time in full contact combat games, where there is nothing but war.  Some games have more rp then others but mostly we are only there to fight.  Most of the time we are paid, varies from case of gatorade or lunch to event fees, belly dance performance etc.  For our skills in fighting and ability to "get the job done" .  Our "characters" are largely just extensions of who we are.  We frequently under go large turnovers in the ranks, most only staying on a season some longer.  Thats us The Dreadnoks...also known as The Vistani ( some games we have to change our name)