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Seems like folks have most everything covered, but I wanted to touch on a few points.As Shelly said, casting your first event is not recommended. Others can provide a lot more detail, but a few points stick out. For instance you WILL be excluded from major plot discussions and this WILL lead to isolation at various points. This is not a punishment or done for any reason other than protecting the secrets of the game. Cast has layers and the longer and more invested you become the more you learn. Additionally, casting is a completely different experience from playing as many can attest. Once you peek behind the curtain, some of the magic is lost. You can never have back the magic of your first event.As to First aid and medical needs, Franz/Farooq is right on the money. We do have supplies for dealing with scrapes and cuts, sprains, tick removal and the like. If you have some chronic condition (IE - You know EVERY time you run around you will need ice packs) it is suggested you bring your own. Additionally, legally, we are not allowed to give out any medications including something as simple as aspirin or tylenol. We don't deny these medications to be jerks, it is a matter of the litigious society in which we live. I am not saying if you have a screaming headache no one at the camp will consider helping you, I am just saying "officially" the "game" cannot. Read that as you will;)Last but certainly not least WELCOME!